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Saving Money Is Awesome

Saving Money Is Awesome

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Saving Money Is Awesome

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Sep 30, 2019


The author has written this book on saving money in response to the current global economic climate, and due to the astonishing fact that many (well over 75%) of Americans and Australians have less than $1,000 in emergency savings available at any point in time. This book will enable readers (even for those of you who are already savvy savers) to save more money, and therefore have a larger financial buffer for when mishaps happen (which they will, lets be honest), and to achieve those dreams and ambitions of yours, of which are possible with cash behind you. This book also illustrates that having money in the bank is the highest form of self love and kindness you can give yourself. The author goes into what types of savings accounts you need to make this magic happen, and the author also shares with you her savings diary; that's right, exactly HOW MUCH the author saved on a daily basis to be able to save $26.786.34 in a twelve month period, despite living in one of the world's most expensive cities on an average income as a full-time entrepreneur while having to pay high rent. If she can do it, so can you. The author also delves further into the benefits of saving money, and aims to banish those excuses that many people have for not being able to save money. Even if you're down to your last penny, you can still save.

Sep 30, 2019

Sobre el autor

Previously a full-time freelance writer with an online presence, and started writing books on helping people manifest more abundance and prosperity in their world back in early 2012 - when Justine first became a full-time freelance writer within only a few months of entering the freelance writing profession. Today, Justine is an independent/self employed business consultant where she focuses on account management, freelance writing (predominantly a PR focus for client companies, and writing/publishing her own books) and counselling. Justine has also just become a qualified nutritionist, and has recently been conferred with a Cert IV in Nutrition and Food Coaching. As a result, Justine has written and published two nutrition books as shown herein, and is now thinking through some future nutrition projects, one of which involves Matcha. Justine is also doing some illustration work in positive thinking, goal achievement and abundance. Justine also holds a Doctor of Psychology Degree. If you've been in business for yourself for at least ten years straight, you will have some ideas as to what abundance is all about. After eight years of researching and discovering different strategies, thoughts and techniques for manifesting abundance; Justine has written these books to share these concepts with you to serve and add value into your world and life, first and foremost. If every single human being (remember, we are all connected) began to learn about the necessary (yet simple and inspiring) steps to manifest more abundance and prosperity into their world; the world as a whole would be a happier and more empowering place to live in. Justine lives a life of abundance on a daily basis. It is easy to integrate the mind, body and soul once you know how. Your creator wants you to enjoy health, happiness and fulfilling relationships in this precious life of yours, and simultaneously too. On this journey you will be tested, and every problem can be seen as a challenge necessary for your growth. These books displayed herein are gems of gold designed to assist you to break through mediocrity, and to enjoy happiness and be at peace with any outcomes that arise on a daily basis. From eating the right foods to meditating, and cultivating an attitude of gratitude to only name a few abundance and prosperity principles covered in these books by the author; you will shine, and you will suddenly discover how easy it is to live a truly abundant and authentic life. Whether you enjoy spending time alone, or with others; abundance is definitely attainable, possible and experienced. These books provide you with the tools, inspiration and strategies to change your thinking to that of abundance, and being open minded for abundance and prosperity to manifest step by step. Abundance is yours, irrespective as to what the economy and/or your country is doing etc. Justine would like to thank each and every customer, client and patient she has been fortunate to serve over the last ten years in business, as of the start of 2016. Justine would also like to thank each and every individual who she has interacted with, and who has supported her as an entrepreneur over these last ten years. Abundance is a journey, and growth may seem uncomfortable at first, yet you evolve to higher levels of being. Life is short. Live in abundance. Justine has also taken an interest in learning how to code, and has applied some of this to her consulting work to date. HTML and CSS - Front End Web Development thus far.

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Saving Money Is Awesome - Justine Crowley

Saving Money Is Awesome

Justine Crowley

Copyright 2019 by Justine Crowley

This eBook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only; then please purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author. The author is not responsible and liable for any loss, additional bank fees, and/or injury as a result of taking on any of the strategies that have brought success for the author in saving money and building wealth; and/or in taking on any additional side hustles in order to save more money/build more wealth. This book is not a substitute for professional financial, investment and life advice and/or counseling.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Why saving money is awesome…and necessary.

Chapter 1: Firstly…in case of an emergency.

Chapter 2: Kindness rules. Would you like a savings account with that?

Chapter 3: Watching those Credit Cards (just like watching that waistline). Cut the ties if the relationship with them sucks.

Chapter 4: How I have been able to save $26,786.34 in a 12-month period during tough economic times, while living in the worlds (if not one of the worlds) most expensive city on an average income. Tracked for the very first time (between April 2018 to March 2019, for the record.)

Chapter 5: Yes you, reap the benefits of saving money.

Conclusion: no excuses, you have to save money.


Why saving money is awesome…and necessary.

As you may have already noticed, life is becoming more and more expensive. (Yours truly lives in Sydney, Australia, and therefore can agree with this school of thought.) Yet (on the other hand) we’ve been in an income recession (world wide) for 12 years now (as at the time of writing this in June 2019. And that very same week, the Reserve Bank of Australia finally cut the cash rate down another 0.25% with barely any wriggle room to do so as it is.) Yes, the world is in trouble right now, yet it isn’t all doom and gloom.

In the information age, we have more access to financial resources on saving money and building wealth as it is. Therefore I don’t want this book to just be ‘another old book’ on saving money. This is to imply that the masses out there do not have a knowledge problem when it comes to saving money, but more so an ‘implementation’ problem. There is a difference. As I’ve learnt in my psychology training; to know and not to do is not to know.

If you knew how to save money (even $26,786.34 in a 12-month period) - you would already be doing it; rather than throwing your last few cents out on the street.

This book comprises of 13 years of jam packed wisdom from being a business owner, and most importantly, an anti-guru in the personal finance field, of who took some wisdom on, and head on too.

I know it can be overwhelming and off putting, this saving money game. Yes, it’s a game. How you save money is a reflection of no differently to how you play Scrabble and/or Monopoly in your life. This is a game you wanna win.

No-one else is going to look after you. I am sure you know that already; but what is stopping you from getting ahead financially?

It’s simple. No clear coherence on how to implement financially. Saving money is a feeling. Success in saving money is all about how it feels when you have a small amount in the bank, to then even larger amounts. It also feels great to accomplish your goals. For example, when it comes to buying your own place; the satisfaction that comes from having a pet and hanging items on the wall without seeking anyone else’s permission; to even being secure in the comfort that you’ll never get moved on, provided your relevant financial obligations are not neglected. It’s super cool to

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