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Coalescent Management of Diverse Operations

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Coalescent Management of Diverse Operations

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This book outlines a very effective system to bring an organization with many diverse activities into a cohesive team all working together. It uses broad expectation statements under which individual departments can use to plan and implement improvements that will benefit their joint customers. It also utilizes an annual rating system completed by the end-users to provide feedback on the levels of service provided in each component of that service. Although this process is equally applicable in private sector organizations, it is most effective in managing public sector organizations where customer care is sometimes less responsive.

The five general expectations advanced are a call for those departments in an organization to be innovative and proactive; responsive and flexible; efficient and cost-effective; Informative and analytical; as well as capable and committed. The system also provides information on how to utilize an annual rating system that will provide feedback from the customer on all the services provided. The book also addresses how these components of the system can be combined to motivate departmental managers to become a vital part of the system and further enlist the support of all members of their team.

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