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A Mystical Autobio For Seers

A Mystical Autobio For Seers

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A Mystical Autobio For Seers

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Sep 24, 2019


This book is mystical, and just like some who write with “auto-writing” which you can research, by a spirit, we can do such by THE GREAT SPIRIT, that some people of various time and age even now worship and I have. This Spirit is The Creator, and GAVE Creative Gifts to many of His makings, such as angels. It is not written like ordinary auto bios to challenge your perspective.

Sep 24, 2019

Sobre el autor

The author is an Anointed Apostle-Prophet working hidden within the Body of Christ and the world at large as an End Time Prophet contemporary (says Jesus in we who have Faith) to Jeremiah and Ezekiel. As with all the internal organs of the Body of Christ, his identity is as at 9th July 2019 partially hidden and therefore not openly shared. His background is in astrophysical research and software development and revelatory seeking of God. He has a number of inventions in store and some previous inventive ideas. He has a wife and children, and they are as symbols in Israel, as all His People who are in the Body of Christ Jesus.The Jesus Reveals His Holy Love book series and most of the other series written and published here are written as an entirely symbolic work, the result of much meditation and prayer. This is so with all books written by this author up till at least the end of 2019. The entire book series is written from the perspective of the author Marek, that is Jesus in His vessel, but for those I Marek have been but Shadow Writer for. The Jesus Reveals His Holy Love book series is with prophetic symbolic times and dates, not actual ones.The books stowed on this URL under Author Name "Marek A Benjamite" where originating from I with Holy Spirit are prophecy; in that they are a peg and hammer blow to the tent pegs of my tent, God's Divine Prophet Mantle, to each of 14 Foundational Nation, and for times they were lost, and other works thereafter to represent the non-literal and letter words of the faithful, into the Glory, even the Global Glory believed to Manifest, 2021. Pax.Author's comment: Those seeking End Time prophecy that regards the natural realm and the here and the now, such as when the millennial reign shall occur, which in the Spirit can be seen as symbolically was and currently is in the 2nd Heaven and in the natural will occur after the Gt. Tribulation which will end long before with the return of the king Jesus with the end trouble, should consult the work of rare prophets like prophetess Billye Brim (there are other sources, the purposes of the ages can be found in the back of the Newberry reference bible, for example) and the prophetic and dream interpreting work of Faith that comes from the late great prophet John Paul Jackson and the revelations from heaven of prophetess Kat Kerr (such as the Lord has directed me to in these matters); with the proviso that each prophet has his or her Seer Realm in which they see or hear or otherwise sense things that relate to the ear|t|h and may not be directly so. These prophets are searchable, the Holy Spirit confirms them to me and many others that have Faith, and their online Ministries, on-line. There are other Ministries worth following, but these are three of they. I suggest godshealer7 and Kurt Juergens on YouTube and blue heaven for example, for back of the church or middle of the church currently NON-LITERAL as are most prophetic voices pre-the Greater Glory. I believe the Greater Glory will strike in 2020 onward with a Mother Load Crash into ear't'h, particularly earth, in 2021. My Ministry here is symbolic-prophetic not natural world literal in general and should be treated as such. It is the highest level of prophecy to prophecy in the non-literal, for the literal is fed and forms from it and the positive. Also, it is, though loved by heaven and verified by signs where asked for in faith, absolutely humbling.As part of that humbling experience the Lord has had me not correct every typo; these in themselves are in symbol.

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A Mystical Autobio For Seers - Marek A Benjamite

A Mystical Autobio For Seers

By Marek A Benjamite

Copyright Marek A Benjamite Smashwords 2019

Chapter 0: Introduction, About this Book

This book is mystical, because the old prophets that sought and saw the Face of God were Mystics and I am (as God will confirm if you ask and as you will become if You Seek The Holy Face) a Mystic and write from that Place before His Face; further, because just like some write with auto-writing which you can research, by a spirit, we can do such by THE GREAT SPIRIT, that some people of various time and age even now worship. This Spirit is The Creator, and GAVE Creative Gifts to many of His makings, such as angels. It is not written like ordinary auto bios to challenge your perspective.

Angel People, Seers

Many people who read this book may know that they or some person(s) they know see, have seen, or think they are, angels, and I will discuss this here in this Introduction. But first let me strongly reiterate who this auto biography of a sort, a mystical one is principally for; SEERS. Yes! Those who see, or hear or smell or feel or even taste in the realms of the unseen, detecting spirits, angels, revelations, dreams that are meaning secret words and stories, and those that experience being a seraphic, that is a type of angel, soul. The Catholic Church recognises God created the unseen meaning to most unseen not to seers completely unseen (or partly unseen) and the Seraphic soul; victim souls (see and read the Diary of St. Faustina, available from Divine Mercy Publications for example). Seraphic souls. That’s in their words. But of course, not all do at time of writing recognise such, so talk to these things no but people like me who are Seer and know the Gift Giver Who Made them, The Great Spirit. He is known to me by private names, but publicly as His real Name, JESUS-JEHOVAH. THE LORD. If you the reader do not yet believe in God (though secretly, inside, all do at least there where they know such things are real), not to worry. Just say with as much respect and seriousness as you should muster;

"Creator of Heaven and Earth, Great Spirit, TEACH me about Jesus, about the Cross, about Life, my purpose, and your call on me, Grace me with Faith."

He surely, surely, in a dream or vision or by some chaplain or whatever WILL encounter with you! Peace! He is encountering with you with this book, so read on, especially if you are a seer/ angel!

I speak PEACE, SHALOM (a Hebrew Word meaning peace, health, nothing missing, nothing broken, completeness) to you! I speak health and healing to any part of you needing it!

IF you are an Angel

If you are an angel or believe you are, you may well be so as I will explain and you are not, despite what some negative assumers may think without evidence to base their assumptions in truth or anything, MAD. You are, if you sense and see you are an angel, a special creature, and Jesus the MAD called by the world but SANE by the ALL KNOWING INFINITELTY WISE AND INFINITELY INTELLIGENT ALL KNOWING, YES ALL KNOWING, GREAT SPIRIT JEHOVAH, IS YOUR TRUE KING. HE IS A GOOD, BENEVOLENT, AND KIND, AND infinitely WISE king, so ask Him to teach you everything. Pax. That means, Peace. I speak peace because HE is the KING of PEACE. SO, speak with that king and ask Him to fill you up with peace.

Say; Great Spirit, HAVE YOUR KING for ME, JESUS, YEHOVAH, FILL ME! Amen. Now know Him as Blesser. Say Jesus, bless me, look after me! YOU will know PEACE! Also, know His Mother, Mary, as carer and Intercessor, because She is there, not as GOD, but a powerful One. Say; "Mary and you holy (always address holy, as there are un holy) Angels bless me and lift me to God!"

Praise to His GREAT SPIRIT!

Now, you know I want to talk about angels. God said once after teaching me on Angels 43 years that I am the most knowledgeable of men on Earth about angels. SO I do know something. HE also said I am the most love filled and most humble. Go ahead- ASK the ALL KNOWING. HE, THE GREAT SPIRIT will confirm these Words, so will Mary, IF you ask Her. SO, do so.

In Genesis 6 in the Holy Bible, it is recorded some angels came down amongst men (some of them were watcher angels that have flesh on) and took women and had offspring with them. The children of these unsanctioned unions brought great evil, in general, and are referred to as the Nephilim. Later, in the book of Numbers, giants in the land are noted (you can look up archaeological finds of giants and humanoids that had horns or Lion faces or cone heads with different neck to skull joins to us, God will confirm these if you ask as existing). Some rebel (to God) angels had offspring. But God lets me know also holy angels, some, with flesh on, were allowed to marry on the ear’t’h (note the Lord prefer I call our Terra Firma or planet as it were ear't'h as the Lord is particular about HIS creation).

Some women and men are particularly angelic because of inherited angelic spirit. Sometimes, God let me know, He just sows angel souls of certain class, human headed and bodied Seraphs (there are Eagle, Lion and Bull-headed Seraphs) into the ear’t’h to be conceived there. When it suits His Infinitely complex Divine Providential Plan.


Now, you know I mean good only (if you asked Jesus about that- ask the Creator God, ask Jesus). You know, Moses was told by God to write on text no but papyrus (I believe) the Word. And that Word included this; And God chose Moses because he was the most humble of men. If God says to say or write you are humble, fine, else in humility you lift up others before you, but real obedience is humbleness when its obedience to Jehovah. Ask Him. He will explain. Ask why. He will explain. GOD talks to every creature. We just have to be serious about hearing to get Him. Then because there is a war between good and evil (have you sensed that?) He requires like agents in war that we test its Him or a holy angel or saint. We use this test Do you say Jesus Is LORD? Say so! A holy Angel or Saint or GOD, has NO problem saying that. But a demon will start cursing or go silent or some such. With that just say to Jesus to take it to hell, where it, an evil entity, has its home, and cast it down there. Pax.


Now God once said to me (yes God, speak to Him) He MADE YOU to speak to Him, that any creature of man sort or kind He made, had no choice over its gender, but did choose whether to be Angel or Male that is the race of Man. So, there are some with angelic blood lines, from demon or angel, that God reveals. And we, as angel, may have flesh on, but we are nonetheless angel. There are many tribes of angel. Some with flesh on. There are Watchers, prophets, seers, Guardians. There are many kinds. The First Angels had flesh on. The wings of One tribe were taken, because of sin, but are turned to them as wings they can put on and off. In general angel wings are seen or invisible, can be damaged in the world if we are in the flesh and spiritual war, restored by God as He bind healing, and are not always seen, even by fellow angel seer. The wings can be as of a great eagle, dove, falcon or be like butterfly or fairy wings or wings of light, depending on tribe. Feathers can be of various colour, for various tribe, and shape and size, for the current or spiritual air they move in differ. Gabriel the Archangel has feathers white or grey like a cross between a Dove and a Pigeon, as a Dove is a harbinger of Peace and a Pygeon Of Judgement and Gabriel and his messenger warriors may bring any of these types of message.

The wings are not always accompanied by a halo. They are spiritual. The halo is the aura you see about some people, if you are a seer, which is meant to be the crown Jesus gives that soul, and is for communication with The Great Spirit. And spiritual authority.


A whole tribe of Seraph angels God told me, have flesh on, and many are born on Earth, even without angelic descendancy; just as their spirit is knit, coming from holy heaven, to the little, little bit of flesh where a bright flash of light occurs, seen in the womb, at conception.

Is that not interesting?

Also, you should know, originating in heaven, if you did (those that did not regarding their soul/ spirit SAY JESUS BUMP ME, MAKE ME NEW, SAVE My SORRY BUTT!) you wrote books of your life before you began it on earth, and mystically are still writing it With The Great Spirit. So, this Auto BIO is really a great part of that book, and I am writing more of it when I get to be REALLY OLD (in terms of earth years, our souls and spirits go back WAY FARTHER THAN OUR EARTH YEARS CAN SPEAK OF, IN MANY CASES) and have done way more for GOD. Also, I will write of my bio, a supernatural bio, if you will, in the heavens and worlds to come. All of THEM GOD STORES, IN HIS SPIRIT, and IN the ARCHIVES of HEAVEN, so even if they are lost, say a library with the one copy burnt up, then surely, surely, they are kept. So, write! BUT AUTO-WRITE from the GREAT SPIRIT, for it will be (somehow if non-literal) TRUTH! SAY its art, don’t tell fools that it’s a Voice of God lead or prophetic work, release to and from Him, but say its spiritual art, and trust God!


Speak with the right people about these things, not physicians or whatever that wrongly assume spiritual is mad etc. Indeed, if you ask Jesus, The Great Spirit, for a sign or positive Word to confirm what you get from Him as from Holy God, WHAM! YOU WILL GET ONE. I have had countless signs, and always peace to write, such as I have in writing this.

Speak with The Great Spirit, for He is True. Remember what He gives may be a non-literal parable, so speak with very wise folk about the keys to understand it or just ask God. Or speak with the Holy Spirit in a saint like Mary Who gives literal revelation, directly, but remember if you are a mostly non-literal prophet, it will be translated to that quite possibly. If so, just stay with the peace and know from God what is right, what is not right, testing the Spirits as I wrote to, as I have writing this book.

The Holy Words of the GREAT SPIRIT say that we should not trust science falsely so called. SO, ASK GOD IF A ‘SCIENCE" is TRUE SCIENCE, and what is TRUE! EVEN IF IT SEEMS TRUE! LET HIM TELL YOU, not YOUR (so to speak) PEA BRAIN!


THE way this auto bio is written is as many pieces of a fractured story. Because it is as the Spirit, Who move with me in time, from past to future, and back, would make it as I find it, as He SOW it! And it’s a story, or adventure, that is worth praying to the Great Spirit, that is talking with us, about! Many talks TO the Great Spirit, but YOU will talk WITH HIM, because that is what He wants! FAMILY! HIS CREATURES EQUALS HIS FAMILY, AND FAMILY OF THIS KIND TALKS!


In the prophet’s writing of Daniel, it is in the second chapter that it is written a great evil is smashed by the Rock Jesus in His Disciple THROUGH TIME, so the battle between good and evil is really in and through the time we are in, not just linearly, that is past to future, or present to future, but as God is in Past, Present and Future (THE GREAT SPIRIRT IS IN ALL TIMES AND PLACES) He expects us to work with Him in it all. Once all is made right to do so, He will fix all. Past to Future.

MANY TIMES prophets (including myself), that had Faith to do so, prayed or prophesied regarding the PAST and things altered, here in the present, and I believe in the future. Even people’s record of the past! Isn’t that something to think about! BUT AS and when HE wills to change or fix something, FEAR NOT!

The seeds must be sown though, and you’re a sower, so sow HIM, then we get all fixed! In time!


This auto bio and all my books are auto-writes if you will, BUT of the Spirit. I pray, get Words in the book I have been told by the Great Spirit to prophecy, note them, and when ready, all of that goes on the page; then God gives Word to write with and make a flow, with these gold nugget turning into golden sun lit portions of the river of the book! SO, see that! And receive it!

Grace! More grace! Amen!

DO the same when you write! Sometimes you may need to write by your natural mind, for work or whatever, but practice writing by the Great Spirit!


THIS AUTO BIO IS THE GREAT SPIRIT, IN FORM, AND IS HIS MASTERPIECE. How can I say all that? Because, like the Bible, its written with Him, by Him, is therefore His Word, He is His Word, Jesus, and IT LIVE! So, it’s from Him! So perfect! Despite typo or other error, the Logos, or Spirit of Word, is in it as every Word of God writing, auto writ or no!!!

It is given me as a picture that my, and your, lives were as ornate, exquisite, and priceless bowls, lifted up by a wretched devil and hurled to the floor. IN my case (and yours if you, if not already, ask The Great Spirit for such a work) a wind of the Spirit flew through the debris and remade it , in exquisite fine detail,, as a fine statue of I (you get an exquisite and perfect statue of you, do understand, not I), robed and as an apostle of Him; The Book (the story of my life) in one hand and the staff He gave me (from the supernatural) in another, a sign of my martyrdom on one side; not a graven, that is worshipped image, but a glory of God in Presence meaning He is in the statue and live. Ask the same service of God. The auto bio I write here is stuck together, from such fragments as an Angel of time would, led by the Spirit.

Such may be your story.


In this auto bio my use of Words is with the dictionary of Words the Lord has given, not men, but you should be able to get the gist. For example, the Word Faith with a capital F, I use to mean Jesus, with us, as HE promised to be with us until the end; thus the Holy Spirit, at Pentecost, came to the Church and the Church Age can be said to have begun (we are now in the kingdom age). Belief is then the Motion of Him, and Love the Movement, or vice versa, and Hope Him, in the Future, waiting with gifts. One has to ask to know what the Gifts are sometimes, but they are there. The Word Christian is here used not as the Catholic definition or some protestant definition sometimes is but simply to mean anointed, those Jesus put His Spirit, in some way, on. There is all manner of Christian, with all sorts of situation, and I do not deny them being called Christian, unless Jesus and Mary do. Semantics sometimes needlessly argue over who is and who is not defined as Christian.

I do not think so called Jehovah Witnesses are Christian simply because I do not see the ANOINTING on them, as a rule, except the dark anointing perhaps, of the demon. Such is not by me called Christian, though I have no doubt many Christian will argue such should be called Christian and I compassionately understand what they are saying, but must be truthful to the Spirit. Many used the word, not all are yet of The WORD. If you are a Jehovah Witness, or friend or family of some, please do not take offense. Rather ask Jehovah about these things and trust in Him.


In this auto bio it is imperative to Seek The Great Spirit, Jehovah, in the Secret Place. Many places might be secret, between you and He. But seek His choice location, in His Spirit. Close your eyes and ask for the image of a good secret place in heaven. Then ask the Spirit to take you there, and repent of any sin of commission or omission, known or unknown, praise Him till He comes (you will feel His Presence), and ask Him if Jesus Is Lord. He, if the One, will say so. IF not send the spirit no but ask for Jesus to defend you thrice, of The Spirit till the wrong presence is gone, and try again, this time it will surely be Him; unless the Spirit greatly test you (for greater rulership in ages to come), in which case ask to be taken to the Third Heaven, to a secret place, evil will not come there. Then speak, ask the questions as they are dropped in your soul. Ask for prayer, question, and Word, and use them, speaking them with your spirit if not out loud. This is an

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