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The New Manager’s Maze

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The New Manager’s Maze

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A definite must-read for new

or wannabe managers.

This organisational leadership book places its emphasis on new managers. It points out common challenges they may encounter and offers possible solutions. This is a peek preview of what lies in store for individuals who are considering joining management.

Management principles are laid out in a simple and easy-to-grasp manner with accompanying real-life articles and illustrations. It takes a bottom-up approach that most new and experienced managers can relate to.

In this book, author Thabo Moalusi brings out his management experience through his entertaining and incisive writing. His area of expertise is in retailing, however he believes that broad management principles are the same everywhere, whether you lead a family unit, a church, a school or a corporation.

about the author

Thabo Moalusi is an entrepreneur and freelance writer whose articles have been published by The Star newspaper. He has twenty years management experience, having worked himself up from being a union shop steward to middle management positions in the retail industry.

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