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Artificial Intelligence: Evolution and Revolution

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Artificial Intelligence: Evolution and Revolution

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Throughout history, machines have been introduced to society to help automate tasks, improve productivity, and reduce costs. And, in just a few years, computers have evolved from centralized, number-crunching monoliths to separate, miniaturized systems that can be found in billions of interconnected items such as cellphones, wearable devices, automobiles, home appliances, and more.From humble evolutions in research papers and labs, artificial intelligence (AI)—which encompasses Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL)—has matured in its many forms, infused in applications that can learn on their own and become progressively smarter with each interaction and transaction. Coupled with immense stores of data, maturity in CPU and GPU hardware, the invention of new, open source deep learning algorithms, and cloud technologies, operational AI has become available to the masses, setting the wheels in motion for a worldwide AI revolution that has never been seen before.This book attempts to help the reader on their AI journey by covering the concepts of AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning in its many forms; key ML and DL algorithms data scientists should learn; ethical challenges for the use of AI; how AI is being used across industries; possible future outlook for AI, and an AI Ladder to help accelerate the AI journey.
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