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Turn, Turn, Turn

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Turn, Turn, Turn

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Each of us, as we move thru childhood and reach adulthood are shaped by our experiences and our individual makeup. This probably provides the reason why some take one route or the other. There are those that appear to be brave and resilient while others are clearly more cautious and apprehensive. Some are confident while others are challenged by change and uncertainty. We all approach the journey with our strengths, fears, weaknesses, abilities, limitations and phobias. These differences are what make us all unique and in some way explains why given the same opportunities; our decisions lead us on our separate journeys.
This is the story of one young man's' journey who was able to go around the unknown corners with curiosity, but with little fear of what might lie beyond. Perhaps it was the result of naiveté, perhaps of overconfidence, an innate intelligence, or stupidly; but likely there is some of each. As each experience revealed itself and the reality unfolded, he remained intact, changed by it, wounded in some ways and enlightened in others. But always remaining curious. driven to see what would come next. This is hopefully more than just a “coming of age” story. The chronology is indeed a sort of travelogue of the events as seen from the eyes of a bewildered Long Island Jewish boy. There were some lessons learned, some very hard to take, but none the less important to acknowledge and learn from, and hopefully share insights that may be of value to others. The journey is as a journalist compelled to cover dangerous assignments, not as the soldier who fights the battle, but as the observer who wanted to experience the emotion, wanted to feel what the soldier felt, but was only willing to go so far as to not risk everything. The closeness was there, the experience real but the danger was mitigated and the commitment was only momentary. The vision and understanding was enhanced but never really changed, as the next episode was always waiting on the horizon. There was an undeniably rare and exceptionally unique historical significance about being a teenager and young man during the late 60s and early seventies. The time and circumstance afforded us an opportunity to be involved, to experience and to absorb a range of events, emotions, and life’s lessons, which were unique to this time, and likely may never be present again. The intensity of the time and the freedom to explore seemed almost without end. Yet as with all things, time has a way of bringing an end to one journey and returning us to another.

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