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Destiny Changers Vol. 01+02

Destiny Changers Vol. 01+02

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Destiny Changers Vol. 01+02

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Jul 20, 2019


This Psychological Fantasy novel is an English translation from Spanish made by its own author.
Subconscious all over the world emit voices yet few actually listen to them; they murmur about how in this very world a special kind of cheaters exist, people bearing the power to choose and change the reality that confine them.

After visiting the Liahona, those individuals must gather and use all resources available, such as lucid dreams, strategy, teamwork and personally chosen superpowers to fight against monster-like entities known as “Guardians” on a fantastic battle inside a hybrid dimension. This story focuses on one of those “Destiny Changers”.

Everything starts with Wyatt, a youth who just moved to Little Venetia. To mitigate his not so recent loneliness he follows the local Legend, leading him to Sara; a pleasant yet extremely lonely girl, who’ll be both his friend, confidant and guide throughout the city.

After many mishaps, a time comes when desperation overpowers him, and as if he had been waiting for the right time; a stranger pulls him into a parallel plane and makes an offer Wyatt won’t reject, even if it means risking his own life.

Jul 20, 2019

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Destiny Changers Vol. 01+02 - Trevor Rex


[Foreword] 001: To wander through the city

002: A long night

003: Creepy eyes on us

004: Sadly, this isn't a Rom-Com

005: The Necklace

006: S.O.S. 007:

The plan 008: Preparation & Execution

009: Blah blah blah and more blah

010: Destiny Change

011: Involuntary lucidness


[Community Credits]

Vol. 1


Greetings dear reader, Trevor Rex here, sorry to interrupt you but there’s something I need to tell you before you go on.

As you may already know, this book was fully translated by me, and while I did my best to not make you suffer through Engrish, there simply might be instances where I didn’t (and still don’t) know better, and the first chapter starts with one of those… Yeah…

The first page starts with a chat session, but it lacks something that IS present in the OG Spanish version, or rather, it is still there, I just don’t know how to properly localize it. The character currently known as "XxXJoeXxX" SHOULD be writing very differently, basically like a 13-16yo girl that uses social networks A LOT, and it SHOULD be over the top (by the way, this is a one-time joke, so you don’t need to be afraid of reading that kind of jargon all the time on this book).

Problem is, I’ve absolutely no idea how they write in English (heck, the Spanish version is based on how they used to do it back in 2006-2010ish, so even that is very outdated), and I couldn’t find a reliable reference that wasn’t overloaded with emojis (not very practical for monochromatic physical books, or even ebooks).

Ok now that I’m done with the excuses, here’s the deal, I need your help. If anybody reading this is willing to give me a hand, please send me (under de subject Chatbox) your version of the chat to trevorrexfanmail@gmail.com (feel free to casually write any kind of fan letter over here too!). Just bear in mind it should be text-based only, emoticons/emojis that require images of any sort are a big NO, and the end-result should be over the top and cringe-compilation worthy.

Also, send me your name/nickname/handle so I can credit you in the Community Credits page at the end of the book. Whoa, Community Credits!? Is he for real!? You may be wondering now, yes, I plan to properly (and non-monetarily, sorry) credit anybody that’s willing to give me a hand.

You see, while I believe I did a pretty decent job out of it, I’m very much aware it’s not a perfect translation (although it may actually be better written than the Spanish version as I did cut out a lot of fluff in the translation process), and this is my very first translation project (0 formal education btw); so I’m willing to accept any good suggestions (Subject: Typo). This also why there’s no paperback version on release; it would be unfair to early adopters (bear in mind that the Community Credits will also appear in the paperback version).

Anyway, I won’t take any more of your time; I hope you enjoy Destiny Changers!


To wander through the city

XxXJoeXxX: Hiiiiiiiii, If you’re online already, does that mean you’re done moving?

Wyatt Almennt: Hello Joe, yes, we’ve already moved in, well, kind of.

Wyatt Almennt: We’ll be staying at the house one of my parent’s friend while we establish over here.

XxXJoeXxX: I see…

XxXJoeXxX: and how’s life in the new big city? Made any new friends? or maybe chatted with old ones? Tell me =D

Wyatt Almennt: Actually, none of them added me, I even gave them my new address…

Wyatt Almennt: And I don’t know why you tell me that as if you were from the countryside, you live in the neighboring city, you know way better than me how it is in the big city.

XxXJoeXxX: don’t be like that Wyatt :( you know what I’m talking about


XxXJoeXxX: did you just say that none of your old friends even bothered to add you? D=

Wyatt Almennt: Yup, not a single one. I guess they were happy to see me go away, since they don’t even want to chat with me.

XxXJoeXxX: again with that…

XxXJoeXxX: I know you’ve always felt as if everyone fears you without any reason.

XxXJoeXxX: but I’m sure it’s all in your mind

XxXJoeXxX: I, for example, don’t fear you at all=D

Wyatt Almennt: Actually I’d already noticed that the little pattern, for some reason it seems to only affect the people I know in person

XxXJoeXxX: ok ok whatever you say… And what about new friends? You didn’t answer that

Wyatt Almennt: I didn’t because I thought it was self-explanatory. I just finished moving in; therefore I haven’t been able to meet anybody yet.

XxXJoeXxX: =(

XxXJoeXxX: well, go out then

XxXJoeXxX: I’ve always heard from the girls that over there, you will always find something interesting if you wander around

Wyatt Almennt: talking about girls Joe… Why the heck do you write like some illiterate 15YO-girl that just discovered social networks?

Wyatt Almennt: it’s been bothering me for a while and just four days ago you were writing like a normal person.

Wyatt Almennt: is it some ruse to charm yet another girlfriend?

XxXJoeXxX: YET ANOTHER? How many times do I’ve to tell you that I am not some kind of womanizer!?

XxXJoeXxX: I’ve never had more than one girlfriend at a time >= (

XxXJoeXxX: it’s just that I never last long with any of them because they bore me very quickly.

XxXJoeXxX: >=((((((((((((((((((((((

Wyatt Almennt: yeah right, whatever you say.

XxXJoeXxX: >=(

Wyatt Almennt: anyway you didn’t explain to me the whole writing thing.

XxXJoeXxX: that?

XxXJoeXxX: it simply happened because the last five ones I went out with wrote like this, and it kinda stuck with me, just like that O:

Wyatt Almennt: …

Wyatt Almennt: Meh, I already got a headache from trying to read you in between all the garbage… Thank you anyway, I believe that right now you might be my only and last friend, even if you’re only an Internet friend.

XxXJoeXxX: that’s what friends are for =D xiao!

Wyatt Almennt: Bye

XxXJoeXxX: btw, if you need some company

XxXJoeXxX: call me

XxXJoeXxX: We now live at just 1 hour of distance =D

Wyatt Almennt: Thanks really but nah.

Wyatt Almennt: I wouldn’t’ want to depend on you for the things I should solve by myself.

Wyatt Almennt: But I appreciate it, really.

. . .

And… I log out. I better make some friends and soon, or else I’ll have to endure these headaches every time I need to fill my human interaction quota…

I get up from the armchair just to see my empty bedroom. I know it’s kind of my fault for not decorating it; the sheer idea of taking away posters and repacking furniture in three months doesn’t make it very encouraging. At least I have the very minimum to please my needs, a window with a nice view to the west, so I don’t have to wake up early during the vacations; a computer to entertain myself until either we move to our future home or classes begin again, whichever happens first. There is also a closet to store the very few clothes I’ve bothered to unpack, finally, a comfy bed covered by guest’s sheets and bedclothes.

To be honest, if it wasn’t for the fact that there isn’t too many people to talk to, I would peacefully for the vacations to end, but mom and dad are working overtime the whole day; all to finish saving up the money for the new house. On the other hand, Mr. Hussie’s mind games become tiresome quickly.

—Wyatt! —Yelled Mr. Hussie from downstairs. —Lunch is ready! Come down!

—Understood! —I exclaimed apathetically. I suppose I should not spend way too much time gazing at an empty room, it’s affecting my mood more than it should.

Leaving behind my white cotton pajamas, I dress up to go outside. I begin with a dark red sweater, then my dark blue jeans and over the sweater I sport my favorite long-sleeved black shirt; leaving unbuttoned its big and opaque golden buttons. By the way, I better pull up the sleeves up to the elbow so I can feel fresher on the summer heat. Finally I put on my black shoes and check myself out in the mirror.

Yep, that’s me, not leaving home all that much left my skin pretty dang pale; at least I make sure to sleep properly, or else the eye-bags would make people go full gossip-mode.

Whenever I see myself on the mirror is hard to not think that despite not being ugly; with my split chin or my almost defect-less nose, somehow my face just feels kind of generic… There only existing a single haircut that looks kind of decent me doesn’t help; basically my light brown hair split on the middle and a few locks of hair on the front. I guess it does look good on me, but added to my brown eyes; it just accentuates how normal my face is. And it’s not like I have any hope of my face to develop any more, I am already 17 years old…

I better hurry up, Mr. Hussie doesn’t like his food reheated; he would rather make another meal from scratch than reheating.

Often times I can’t help but admire my surroundings as I go down the stairs; after all it never ceases to amaze me how the house is furnished. The walls adorned with sculpted paint and the stairs’ wooden handrail flaunts very detailed handmade carves. But this home’s most distracting feature; how it’s filled with paintings and sculptures from unknown artists, though I’m not sure if he bought those just to support them or merely for being cheap.

I mean, the biggest constant is that there is no constant, neither style nor artist. There’s a little bit of everything: classic paintings, realistic sculptures, sculptures made from recycled material, there is even modern art; though I would swear that some of those were bought from little children, not like I can tell the difference though. All I know is that there are far too many styles here; or at least I doubt his taste is so vast to have bought them because he likes them.

I go to the dinner table downstairs; which is located on the lounge near the main door. Apparently Mr. Hussie placed it there quickly answer the door without his meal going cold. I doubt I will ever understand the hot meal obsession but nonetheless, I’ve confirmed firsthand how the dinner table’s positioning certainly is extremely convenient when someone is knocking.

And a few seconds after I sat down, Mr. Hussie arrives with his typical white apron and his very, very warm clothes. I’ve been wondering about his winter clothes fixation for a while, he basically has the air con at max all day just to please it; quite the conflict of interests with his hot meal thing. Hey… I’ve never seen a single bit of his skin, only his head is naked, even his white gloves remain on while cooking.

He’s a 45-year-old man just like my parents, his wavy hair is combed backwards making it look like three tiny mountains; add that to it being light blonde, and it looks just like three vanilla ice cream balls were flattened on his head. His white skin is a bit on the pink side, but look fine along his dark gray eyes, Normally his sharp and accentuated nose would look terrible on his thin face, but his flashy and wide chin cloaks it. He’s pretty tall though; could easily be a little more than 1.90m/6’. While his thick coat won’t let me know for sure; he seldom comments about liking to keep a thin yet strong body type.

Hold on, why am I even bothering to scrutinize his looks? It’s not like it’s the first time I’ve met him. Meh, who cares?

—Taking your sweet time coming down I see, like always. —Said Mr. Hussie in a mix between scolding and joking, I don’t know why, but he’s always kind when he speaks to me. —Don’t forget my no-reheating policy. —He concludes looking at me in the eyes.

How could I possibly forget it, he’s so obsessive about it there isn’t even a microwave oven in the whole house.

—Of course I didn’t forget, the decoration just distracted me, a lot. —I retort trying to sound funny.

He simply chuckles a bit and continues serving today’s menu. At a single look the main dish seems like a simple chicken stew, but I can smell something lacteous; there also seemed to be some mushrooms to the side and white rice as side-dish; very tame and normal for his usual style. Usually, it’s difficult to even know what he has made, experimenting with everyday meals seems to be his hobby; always making sure it’s delicious. I barely have about six days living here, but I already fully trust in whatever he puts on my plate, no matter how funny looking.

When he finally sits on the table it always gets silent, and it’s not like he’s mad or there is a problem; we just don’t have much to talk about. When we do happen to talk about something; it’s always one of his mind games, usually about whether he’s telling the truth or not. He claims it’s to teach me to be less naïve and be able to discern when someone lies since I don’t live in a town anymore.

When I told my parents about it they just agreed with him. Apparently he had graduated with honors as psychiatric doctor and was one of the best; getting a diagnosis from patients who refused to speak or attempted to deceive him to not get in trouble, which is why they insisted that he was the best person to teach me that basic skill.

I guess it’s true that it would be nice to know when someone is lying to me, after all I thought that at least one of my supposed friends appreciated me, but in the end, nobody cared about me leaving, and even told me they would keep in contact with me just to shut me up.

—You look pretty distracted Wyatt, is everything all right? —Mr. Hussie asked with such kindness that he even forgo his manners just to call my attention by pointing at me with his chicken filled fork.

—Nothing happens, I’m all right! —I answered hurriedly. —Maybe I’m just a bit bored, that’s all. —I add to sound more convincing.

Mr. Hussie’s gives a sigh and says:

—You should already know that I can spot a liar even if they won’t talk… —How does that even makes sense?

But the bell rings before I could retort, and Mr. Hussie has to leave his plate at the mercy of the air-con’s icy gales. He abruptly opens the door and finds a child who’s apparently either an orphan or just very poor.

—Mr. Ernst, would you please give me some money this time? I really need it… —Begged the child with a sad face.

First name basis? He must’ve known him for a long time. I bet he’ll give him something; money clearly isn’t a problem after all.

—How many times do I have to tell you that I will give you nothing!?, Now get out of my house! —Yelled Mr. Hussie while he almost literally throws the boy out the door. Uh? Why the heck did he not give him anything? And worse, he did it so forcefully. Did the meal going cold put him in a fool mood? But before I could further process what just happened, Mr. Hussie just sits down like nothing happened and says:

—Them my esteemed Wyatt; what’s bothering you? And don’t even try to lie this time, I can easily notice a fake smile from a mile. —He said with one of the kindest voices I have ever heard.

Oh that’s right… Back when we were on route to this city, my father warned me that his friend, with whom we would live for a while, was an extremely selfish person and isn’t precisely nice to most people, my father and mother being the only exception. I suppose he’s including me on that super exclusive by association. I guess that’s why he’s still single; after all I haven’t seen anybody even visit the house… No time to digress too much, I better answer sincerely so he doesn’t pry too much into it, maybe that way I can escape today’s session of lies or truth.

—Well, I just want some people to talk to. All my friends from my old town decided to ignore me and forget about me, meanwhile, my only online friend… Let’s just say chatting with isn’t very pleasant him right now… —I hope that was honest enough to leave me alone.

But to my surprise, he begins to roar with laughter and says:

—Was that all? —Okay, now that got me mad, I go full honest on him, yet he mocks me… —I’ve got a very simple solution for that problem of yours, and the best part is that you can start immediately. —He exclaimed with enthusiasm, almost like a salesperson. —All you’ve to do is to wander through the city aimlessly and I assure you that either any problem you have will be solved or you’ll find the right idea to crack it. —He declared with total confidence.

—Did we just go into one of your lie or truth tests? —I asked him doubtful of his intentions. I mean it was just… stupid.

—Mmm… You tell me, am I telling you the truth or am I just lying? —Asked Mr. Hussie with a challengingly.

Since the answer is pretty obvious, I answer him victoriously:

—A lie, duh. If all your problems could be solved so easily, everyone would be happy.

—To think you moved to Little Venetia 6 days ago and you still ignore the most famous local legend. —He said with a mocking and disappointed tone. —The rumor says that if you ever are in need of finding something, all you have to do is to aimlessly wander through the city; faithful that you’ll find what you are looking for. I tried it many times in the past, and why I later chose to move here.

Now that’s bizarre, not just Mr. Hussie believing in nonsense like urban legends, but he also fully supports it… And it’s the same one that Joe told me about. Maybe I should give it a chance, is not like I have anything better to do.

—What are you waiting for? It’s already 3 PM, if you linger on any longer the evening catch up with you halfway through, take your cellphone and just call me if you get lost or gets too late! —Declared Mr. Hussie while he pushed me through the door with enthusiasm.

And with that push I end up in front of the house; which now I recall is located on the suburbs’

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