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June 26, 2007 Alan Watt on the Alex Jones Show (Originally Broadcast June 26, 2007 on Genesis Communications Network)

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Alan: This is not a recent takeover, but an upgrading of a system that was never ours.
Ancient Greek Philosophers - Power of Might to Rule - "Illumined Ones" - Study of Nature, Plato's "Republic" - Guardian class - Inbreeding -
Breeding "Lesser" types of humans - Selective Breeding, Normans of Europe - Knights - Funding of Mercenaries - Feudal System from Middle East -
"Domesday Book" - "Little People" (Common People), High Masonic Societies - Eugenics - American Eugenics Society -
Elimination of Disease and "Inferior Types" - Natzi Party German Psychologists - Sterilization - Study of Genetics to "Cure World's Ills",
Illuminati - Weishaupt - Beenan Order - Egypt - Fleur-de-lis - Trinity - Spirit and Soul, Charles Darwin family and intermarriage with Wedgwood Family -
Inbreeding to regain "Pure Intellect", Middle Class for Industrial Era - Roman Equestrian Order, 40th Degree of Freemasonry - Orders of Angels up to Elohim gods,
Taking Oaths, Ordinary People (Plato's "its") - Scholarships for "Brighter Ones" - Psychological Testing in Schools,
9-11: Plan waiting to happen - Project for a New American Century - War against Afghanistan-Iraq-Iran-Syria - "2001" by Arthur C. Clarke,
H.G. Wells - Thomas Huxley - Darwin - Predictive Programming, H.G. Wells book: "History of the World",
Elite "Race" - Economists and Experts in Finance - Red Ties of Masonic Revolution - French Revolution - Culling-off Excess Population,
Communism - Capitalism - Socialism - Bonapartism - Napoleon - Italy - Germany, Internal Military Armies (Police) -
Multi-Jurisdictional Task Forces MJTF - 2010: Unification of the Americas, War on All Necessities - Interdependence - Free Trade -
British Empire - Independence from System will be ILLEGAL (wood-cutting, etc.), Soviet System is HERE - NGO groups (authorized by U.N.),
"Survival of the Fittest" philosophy - Psychopathy - - Psychopathic Deviants - War Video Game Killing, Multi-cultural Global Society - Race Riots - Neutrino Bombs,
HAARP Technology (heard on Short-wave frequencies) - Tesla - Super-heating the Atmosphere - Espanola (Canada) Aerial Spraying -
Stillbirths - Testing on Public and Studying of Long-term Health Effects, BBC Program on Nuclear Missile Submarine workers -
Testing for Psychopathic workers

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