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Ep. 20: A Quickie: Sexual Self-Care For Depression & Other Unsexy Feels: *Episode 20!* In this one, Ev'Yan shares how she'…

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*Episode 20!* In this one, Ev'Yan shares how she's coping through some hard mental health stuff that's been coming up lately which is making her feel disconnected from her sexuality. She talks about the ways she's practicing sexual self-care—that is, a self-care practice that heals and gently acknowledges you as a sexual being—and how you can practice it too if you're in the same boat.Also in this episode: The new moon, erotic muses, non-sexual touch and desire, affirmations, and coconut oil.*CW: Depression.More on this episode (including show notes and links to the articles mentioned) here > Ev'Yan on Instagram: if you want to become a sexually liberated woman, go to and find out how you can work one-on-one with Ev'Yan this year.*Music: Erykah by Otis McDonald

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