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Duncan Autrey - Conflict Transformation and Resolution; Our Role to Play a Part in the Whole: Duncan Autrey - Conflict Transformation and Resolution; Our Role to Play a Part in the Whole

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Download In this episode, Joe interviews Duncan Autrey, a conflict transformation catalyst and educator. He runs a podcast, Fractal Friends, that covers topics of self-similarity across our diversity. During their conversation, Joe and Duncan discuss ways of resolving conflict in our relationships and society. 3 Key Points: Duncan Autrey is a conflict transformation educator, working for peace and cultural change. Conflict happens when one person wants to be heard so much that they stop listening to the other side. It is a product of living in a diverse world. We have more rights than we think we do when facing law enforcement. Support the show Patreon Leave us a review on iTunes Share us with your friends – favorite podcast, etc Join our Facebook group - Psychedelics Today group – Find the others and create community. Navigating Psychedelics Show Notes What is Conflict? Conflict is a product of living in a diverse world Conflict resolution is about how to get different perspectives working together Conflict happens when someone is really passionate about their side of the topic Conflict also happens when one person wants to be heard so much that they stop listening to the other side The ARC of conversation A stands for acknowledge R stands for reflect back C stands for be curious Resolving Conflict Its okay to be certain about your own experiences, but someone might also be certain about their experiences and the key is to find a mutual ground "How do we understand ecological issues better and work with each other to find how to create better conversation around it?" - Joe In a conversation of conflict, the other side may be the antidote to your extreme Interdependent Polarity - each side has something positive and negative, and each side should acknowledge the negative but aim to pull out the positive of the other side Iceers “It's better to find a way to navigate the question, rather than to answer the question” - Duncan In a hierarchy of permanence, laws are really low. Laws come and go 3 ways we resolve conflict over time; power, violence and laws But the interest based model includes everyone and all sides and works through conflict to live in and share the same planet with each other Impressive Resilience in Humans “Shifts happen” People that Duncan works with start thinking to themselves “I'm a good guy facing a bad guy” and the person on the other side of conflict also thinks “I'm a good guy facing a bad guy” Helping guide the people in conflict to just listen to the other person fully is what starts the shift Law Enforcement and Conflict It's important to recognize the difference between the system and the individuals Our whole system of television, movies, everything is all feeding into this There are sociopaths in the world (5% of the population), and they are falling into roles like prison guards and CEO’s Duncan brings up a story where he was in a car with someone who got pulled over, and the car got completely searched He had vitamins on him, and the police assumed it was MDMA, so he was arrested and spent 4 days in jail “This is a place where the people who are on the right side of the law, are being treated like assholes, and where people on the bad side of the law, are on their best behavior” - Duncan This is a systemic issue, where the society says that you are a good person for doing something good, and are a bad person for doing something bad But we shouldn't be defined by what we are ‘caught’ doing, either good or bad People should be able to hold onto their humanity (not be locked up for life) for something like possession of a drug “If we're going to care about our shared humanity and our right for everyone to be here, we have to figure out the path of restoration” - Duncan “Slavery isn't okay, unless someone gets convicted of a crime” Victoria’s Secret has people in prison slavery making lingerie in South Carolina People have to pay off debt from their incarceration, b

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