Elected & Consecrated: Richard Allen's Anvil Vol. 1

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Elected & Consecrated: Richard Allen's Anvil Vol. 1

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This book employs a qualitative method to respond to the following research questions: How do leaders in the AMEC obtain power? Does this method of obtaining power align with biblical principles and sound leadership theory? Are the mental models of non-candidates healthy and do they contribute to the overall success or demise of the church? Is the executive succession plan in the African Methodist Episcopal Church efficient?
While providing a context for the research problem, a relevant literature review will be unearthed, methodologies outlined, and a spirited discussion will be offered around the findings. At the completion of each chapter, a brief "Selah Section" will be sketched for the sole purpose of cultivating deep learning on various constructs, findings and provocative issues. The overall hope of this book is to offer a framework for process improvement and to provoke the reader to embrace a more excellent way.
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