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The Mist Returns

The Mist Returns

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The Mist Returns

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Apr 5, 2019


"The nightmares are back...."

When Kris and Kinsey first got together, they thought they were safe, happy and had a world of good ahead of them. Problem was, all the danger that had gone on over the past months was about to get ten times worse.

Kinsey had finally got what she wanted. She had the guy, the beautiful house and even the future she'd dreamt of. When the nightmares she had started again, she was terrified. Would she make it through? Would they come true again? She knew one thing - whatever it was, she wasn't going to let it destroy them....or so she thought.

Kris had kept every threat, every worry and every scare to himself for the longest time. Kinsey being scared of their future wasn't his choice. Losing every ounce of control to a crazy team of stalkers wasn't his plan either. He had no choice. His happiness had a best before date and it was getting closer and closer every day. Figuring out who was behind them all was the only thing he could do, but if Kinsey's dreams were any inclination, they were about to go through more hell than they'd ever been through.

Would their love survive? Would he lose her? Would the mist destroy their lives? All the answers will be answered.....

Apr 5, 2019

Sobre el autor

Sue Langford started out with a dream. She'd been writing since she was young and always dreamed of seeing her books in a book store. When she finally gave in and got her first novel published, it hit the racks and was snatched up by everyone. When she made her first trip to Nashville, she was completely hooked. From that point on, her books were inspired by country music and the artists she loved.When she took on the topic of Anti-Bullying in her newest series - The Revenge Series - she found even more exposure than she could have imagined. The first of it's kind, she proved that everyone no matter their size, shape, opinions or even career deserves to be bullied. If you think she's stopping there, you will be happily surprised. She takes on a current topic with every book and every series. An author to watch and a bestselling one at that, Sue is a one of a kind author that all of us should check out.

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The Mist Returns - Sue Langford

The Mist Returns

The Mist Series Book 2

Sue Langford

Copyright © 2019 Sue Langford

All rights reserved.


ISBN-13: 978179551244

To Denise

No matter what, I will always wish for a love like theirs

for both of us single ladies.

A beautiful heart can bring things into your life that all the money in the world couldn’t obtain.

Dau Voire

Chapter 1

The blood sat in a pool on the staircase as Kinsey tried walking over it. The closer she got, the larger the pool got. There was no getting around it. She would either be covered in blood or she’d be stuck on the staircase wondering what was at the top. She bit the bullet and stepped through it trying to make her way towards the noise of a gunshot on the upper level. I’m so not living this. This has to be another stupid nightmare. It has to be, Kinsey said as she got to the top step. When the gunshot noise got louder, she walked towards it, but the mist blocked her from getting closer. Just as she thought she’d find a way around, she was wide awake in her bed again, covered in sweat, wrapped up so tight in the covers it was like she was in a cocoon. She tried slowing her racing heartbeat and tried going back to sleep. The problem was, the nightmare started all over again.

* * * *

The house was breathtaking. Now that Kinsey and Kris had everything the way they wanted it and every piece of furniture they dreamed of, there was one room left that neither of them had touched – the smallest bedroom aka the nursery. So, what did you want to do with it, Kris asked. Honestly, I have no idea. Every time I think about doing the renovation or just doing something with it, I keep thinking that it’s like we’re jinxing it if we do something and set it up, Kinsey said. Kinsey, you know that nothing else is gonna happen. We went through all the bad stuff already at the other house. Not a dang thing has happened in months, Kris said. Months being the word, Kinsey said. He shook his head and wrapped his arms around her. Nothing is going to happen here. You know that and so do I. That whole nightmare stuff has passed. Nothing is going to change if we do something with that room, Kris said. Kinsey kissed him. Remember the nightmares? I don’t exactly feel like having more thanks, Kinsey said. You haven’t even had one since we came back from our honeymoon. We’re good, Kris said.

Kinsey had nightmares before they got together and now was no different. Kris had no idea that every time she went into that room that they’d somehow decided on making into a nursery when the time came, she’d had a recurring nightmare about not being able to have a baby. It was as if those nightmares were omens. She knew it and if she had told Kris about them, he would too.

Then we do something else with it. And just what were you planning to do with it there husband, Kinsey asked. Well, two ideas. One, we turn it into a football room so we can watch the Falcons games. The other idea would be a quiet room. A library for you where you an do your writing in peace, he said. You mean like the one we already have, Kinsey asked. And what would you want to do with it, he asked. Guest room, Kinsey said. He kissed her and wrapped his arms around her. We have 3, he said. And what might you be thinking? I mean we could make it a room for the security guys to stay in, Kinsey said. Guest house, he replied. I know there’s something else churning in that mind of yours, Kinsey said. I don’t even want to say it, Kris said. You’re having a fifty shades flashback, Kinsey joked. He nodded. Something like that. It’s a pretty huge room, he joked. Funny, Kinsey replied. He kissed her neck. It is an option, he said. You’re hilarious, Kinsey said. Yoga room, he replied. Already downstairs. We’ll figure it out when the time is right, Kinsey said.

Why do I get the feeling that you’re up to something, Kinsey asked. He slid his hand in hers and walked her down the steps to the massive TV room. What are you up to husband, Kinsey asked. I’m getting you in a mood, he joked. We are not watching them again, Kinsey asked. I was kind of thinking something else, he teased as he pressed play on the apple tv remote. Kris, Kinsey said. The book club, he said. You seriously have a one-track mind husband, Kinsey said. He kissed her and snuggled up on the sofa with her, throwing a blanket over them. When he started to nuzzle her ear, she knew what he was really up to.

Kris, Kinsey said as he nibbled at her neck. What, he said as goosebumps popped up on her arms. I know what you’re up to, Kinsey said. He kissed her and snugged her tight to him. And what’s that, he asked. Kinsey kissed him and his hand slid to her backside. What, she asked. Is it bad that I sort of want to stay with you tomorrow, Kris asked. You have two meetings. It’s not like I’ll be that far away, Kinsey said. Meetings are in Atlanta. Come with me, he asked. We’re flying I gather, Kinsey said. He nodded and kissed her. We can stay at the condo in Atlanta overnight, Kinsey said. And you think it’s safe, Kinsey asked. She’s gone. Nobody else can come near us. We got almost an entire new security staff except for one or two people. We’re safe. The condo there is quite literally fort Knox, Kris said. Then I’ll have to pack, Kinsey said. You realize you have a ton of clothes there, he said. Excuse me, Kinsey asked. Jeans, t-shirts, boots, shoes. All of it. You have stuff there, he said. Kinsey shook her head. I guess we’re staying there tomorrow night, Kinsey said. He kissed her. Never know. We could end up being able to fill that room sooner than later, Kris teased. Kinsey shook her head. And what else did you think we were doing at the condo, Kinsey joked. He snuggled her and nuzzled her neck.

They finished the movie and he didn’t even think about letting go. What’s wrong, Kinsey asked. Remember when we had that first date? I got you back at the house and we were making out like kids on the sofa. I knew then, he said. Knew what, Kinsey asked as she turned to face him. I knew that I was gonna marry you. I knew that we’d make it through all of that, Kris said. Would it be bad timing to tell you that the nightmares are back, Kinsey asked. They’re not about me or you right, he asked. I have no idea, she said. Kinsey, he said. I don’t. They’re just faceless like they’ve always been, she said. He kissed her. Nightmares or happy dreams, he asked. Kinsey kissed him. Not happy, she replied. Just tell me one thing. Does it have anything to do with a wedding, he asked. Kinsey shook her head. Nope. A baby, Kinsey said. He kissed her. He slid her closer and devoured her lips. Then we figure it out when we get there, he said. Kinsey nodded and he picked her up and walked up the stairs with her in his arms.

What are you up to, Kinsey asked. We are going and making sure that nightmare is never ever coming true. Deal, he asked. And just how are you guaranteeing that, Kinsey asked. Because it won’t be. If we have to add extra security then we add it. Nothing is happening to either of us, he said. You know we’ve said that before, Kinsey said. He kissed her. Babe, I promise that nothing is gonna happen, he said. Alright, Kinsey said. Good answer, he teased. I’m not just agreeing with you, Charlotte joked. He shook his head. When are you just going to trust in me, he asked. I never said I didn’t, Kinsey joked. So what did you want to do for Halloween, he asked. As in are we handing out candy or as in a party, he asked. Kinsey kissed him. What would you like to do, Kinsey said. We have a party. Just a few friends. No costumes. Just the masks, he said. Reenacting fifty shades again, she teased. He nodded. But something that will be positive. What do you think, he asked. And what charity are we opting for, Kinsey asked. Breast cancer or something like that, he said. We can figure it out. You realize that’s gonna be a huge thing. We can’t exactly make that place that secure if it’s a ton of people, Kinsey said. You really that worried, he asked. You mean after you were taken hostage and we were never safe in that house? Yeah I’m that worried. We just managed to have a few months without stress, Kinsey said. He kissed her. I’ll triple security, he said. Kinsey nodded. I trust you, she said. He leaned into her arms and devoured her lips.

In his mind, celebrating them being together was the one thing he wanted. Their wedding had been a surprise to everyone who was coming, the house was completely done to their specifications and half of their dating time had been spent being surrounded by security. He wanted her to be able to let her hair down without watching over her shoulder for someone coming after either of them. She hadn’t signed on for a relationship of high security and no privacy moments. He wanted to give her one thing that was only for her.

They curled up in the bed together and he looked in her eyes. What, Kinsey asked. I love you, Kris replied. I love you too, Kinsey said. I know you didn’t sign on for all the security stuff or any of the other stupid stuff, Kris said. Kinsey kissed him. I signed on to be with you. That’s all that matters, Kinsey replied. One kiss and he was falling into her eyes and lost track of time and anything else that was around them. A hurricane could’ve hit and he wouldn’t have noticed at that point. He held her tight to him and barely managed to let her up for air. It was only when he pulled his shirt off that the kiss was broken. You sure you don’t want to just practice, he teased. Kinsey kissed him. Back to normal, she teased. He slid her t-shirt and jeans off and leaned back into her arms.

What, Kinsey asked as he paused. He shook his head and slid his phone from his back pocket. Not answering it, he said. Kinsey kissed him and he kicked his jeans off and tossed them to the chair. When he leaned back into her arms, his phone buzzed again. Just get it, Kinsey said. He shook his head. Kinsey kissed him again and he devoured her lips. When his phone buzzed for the third time, she grabbed it. Babe, he said. Who’s Cassie, Kinsey asked. He grabbed it from her hand. He put it on the counter and slid off what was left of her clothes. You didn’t answer me, she said. Without a word, his lips enveloped hers and he devoured her lips. Her legs wrapped tight around him and she was pinned to the bed. When his phone went off for the fourth time, she had almost tuned the ringer out. He kicked his boxers to the floor and his phone went off again. He grabbed the phone and threw it into the laundry bin.

He made love to her until neither of them even remembered where they were. When he collapsed into her arms, his phone went off again then there was a knock at the bedroom door. He wrapped them up in blankets. Yes, Kris said. Sir, your mother has been trying to contact you. She was worried, his security man said. I’ll call her in a little while, Kris said. She’s actually here, his security guy said. Kinsey smirked. Go, she said. He kissed her and devoured her lips. Then you’re coming. Get dressed, he teased. He slid his jeans and t-shirt on and she slid her jeans and sweater on and headed downstairs. Kris caught up to her and they went downstairs to see his mom in the living room.

Long time no see, Kinsey said. I was wondering what happened, his mom teased. We were just going over a few things, Kinsey joked. And what’s the plan, his mom asked. We decided on a masquerade party. No costumes, just fancy masks and we can put all the proceeds into a charity, Kris said. Then we do it at our place. You know that we’re leaving soon anyway. One last big party, his mom said. Kinsey looked at Kris. We could just find a place away from here, Kris said. Up to you, Kinsey said. He kissed her cheek. I’m thinking that y’all need to be able to relax too. We can do dinner at the house just family and have the big party at the venue wherever we’re doing it, Kris said. And where are you thinking for this grand ball, his mom asked. Ford Plantation or we can do it in St. Simons, Kris said. Alright then. If anything changes, y’all know you can have it at the house, his mom said. Kris gave her a hug. So what else is going on that was so important, Kris asked. Well, I was talkin to your dad. We are moving to Isle of Hope. Are y’all alright with us living that close, his mom joked. Mom, as long as the house is safe, hurricane proof and what you want, I’m fine with it, Kris said. I want you to come look at it before we put the final offer in, she said. When, Kris asked. We’re putting the order in tonight, his mom said. I guess that means I’m going, Kris said.

Kinsey kissed him and he headed off. She went back upstairs and cleaned up a bit, going through her closet and attempting to put a bag together for the overnight stay in Atlanta. When her phone went off a few minutes later, she grabbed it on the third ring. Yep, Kinsey said. So what’s going on there sis in law, Anna said. Just getting a few things together. We’re heading to Atlanta tomorrow, Kinsey said. Y’all should’ve gone tonight so you could go to the game, Anna said. It’s not until tomorrow night, Kinsey said. Then y’all have to go to the game, Anna said. I’ll mention it to him, Kinsey joked. We can come with y’all, Anna said. Need a night out that badly, Kinsey joked. Company, Anna said. See you in a little bit, Kinsey replied.

Within a half hour, Anna was coming inside. What’s wrong, Kinsey asked. He took off to go hunting with his buddies. We sorta woke up and ended up in world war three. He’s obviously not happy, Anna said. It’s not a boyfriend thing Anna. Y’all made vows. It isn’t smooth sailing for us either, Kinsey said. What’s going on with y’all, Anna asked. It’s not easy. We still have ups and downs. He wants to just take off and go to Atlanta. He wants to make a baby room when we haven’t even started trying, Kinsey said. Didn’t you tell him about the whole you might not be able to thing, Anna asked. Doesn’t stop him from wanting it. I can’t guarantee anything. He knows. We talked it through. He can still hope, Kinsey said. Girl, if only you knew how many times he’s brought up having a kid. Since I lost the last one, he’s barely said anything else. I asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he said a baby. Like nothing that happened to me matters, Anna said. Do you want me to talk to him, Kinsey asked. Anna shook her head. Nothing is gonna change, she said. Kinsey gave her a hug. I can get Kris to talk to him, Kinsey said. Anna shook her head. There’s no point, Anna said.

No point to what, Kris said as he came in and kissed Kinsey’s neck. Nothing, Anna said. He slid onto the sofa beside Kinsey and wrapped his arm around her. I know something’s wrong. Just say it, Kris said. Kinsey gave Anna a look telling her to just say it. Anna, Kinsey said. I miscarried the baby I was pregnant with. You know that. Harrison keeps bringing up having another baby and he’s not stopping, Anna said. Did you tell him that it upset you, Kris asked. He knows. I told him over and over that bringing it up upsets me but he keeps doing it anyway, Anna said. Tell him it’s out of the question right now, Kris said. Anna’s eyes welled up. My brother can be a bit of an idiot. Honestly, have a heart to heart with him. Just tell him that right now you aren’t up for it period. Practice fine, but no kids yet, Kris said. It’s not gonna be enough for him, Anna said. Says who, Kinsey asked. It just isn’t, Anna said. I’ll talk to him. It’s fine, Kris said. Maybe he just doesn’t understand what you went through after the miscarriage, Kinsey said. He knows. He doesn’t see what the problem is with trying again. That’s the problem, Anna said.

Well, I had an idea that may help get his mind on something else. We’re doing a masquerade. You two can get dressed up and come together and keep your mind off the worrying, Kris said. And where is this gonna be, Anna asked. We’re doing it at my mom’s. I’ll get the car to come pick y’all up, Kris said. And when is this gonna be, Anna asked. Before Thanksgiving and after Halloween, Kris said. Alright. Works for me, Anna said. The stuff with Harrison will work themselves out, Kinsey said. If it doesn’t, I’m staying here, Anna said. Done, Kinsey joked. She gave Kris and Kinsey a hug and headed back to their place.

So now that I get you to myself, Kris said. And that goes double for you, Kinsey said. What, he asked. No babies on the brain for you, Kinsey said. He kissed her and snuggled her to him. Come sit with me, he said. They sat back down on the sofa and curled up together. So, what’s with the bag at the door, Kris asked. Overnight for tomorrow, Kinsey said. You have the stuff you need there, he said. Our toiletries and a few other things, Kinsey said. Pajamas, he teased. Sorta, Kinsey said. I may have to do another meeting the next day, he said. I guess that means I’m shopping and writing, Kinsey said. Oh really, he teased. Kinsey kissed him. Yep, she said. He kissed her, devouring her lips.

Now back to what we were doing before we got interrupted, Kris said as he leaned her flat onto the sofa. He was kissing her neck when Hendricks walked in. Sir, he said. Yep, Kris said. The party planner that you contacted is here, Hendricks said. Kinsey almost laughed. Party planner, Kinsey said as she laughed. You know my mom. Always prepared, he said. The planner headed in and was almost awestruck. Miss Jackie, Kris said. Well hey there stranger, the woman said. Jackie, my wife Kinsey. Kinsey, my old friend Jackie, he said as they sat down. Nice to meet you, Kinsey said. So, what’s the party about, Jackie said. We were thinking about the proceeds going to something local. Hurricane relief or City of Hope or something like that, Kris said. Any ideas on location, she asked. We were thinking either my parent’s plantation house or the Ford plantation. We hadn’t really come up with any ideas yet, but we want it to be a gala, Kris said. It was like she was ignoring that Kinsey was even there. Do you have a guest list yet, Jackie asked. A few ideas. I’m thinking of doing tables. Everyone has to be screened of course, but the proceeds would completely go to whatever charity. We hadn’t chosen one yet, Kris said as his arm wrapped around Kinsey’s waist. Let me see what kind of venue I can find and you can work on your guest list. I assume you have a theme at least, Jackie said. Fall colors including candles etc. Cinnamon etc. Red roses and fall leaves, Kris replied. Alright. I’ll. Get a few ideas together. We can meet up Friday to go over things, Jackie said. Done, Kris replied.

When Jackie left without even an acknowledgement to Kinsey, she shook her head and went upstairs alone. Kris walked back into the TV room and knew that without a doubt…Kinsey was pissed right off. He walked upstairs and saw her getting her guitar out. Kinsey, Kris said. Completely invisible, Kinsey said. I just wanted to get it over with, he said. Done, Kinsey replied. She headed downstairs to the quietest room in the house and tried to write. Kris walked in 10 minutes later with a glass of wine. Can I help you, Kinsey said. He put her wine on the counter and leaned over, kissing her and sliding the guitar from her arms. He picked her up and sat her on the other counter. What are you doing, Kinsey asked. Making up for her being a complete and utter idiot about her, Kris said. Kris, Kinsey said. She wasn’t exactly paying attention when I introduced you, he said. Is it bad that I really don’t want her as the planner, Kinsey asked. He kissed her. I get it, he replied. Just as he was leaning in for another kiss, his phone buzzed. He took one look and handed it to Kinsey.

What can I do for you, Kinsey asked. May I speak with Kris, Jackie asked. No. The part where he said that we were doing this together was obviously going on deaf ears, Kinsey said. I just wanted to let him know that I’d booked the venue that he wanted, Jackie said. And which would that be, Kinsey asked as he nuzzled her neck. I’d rather speak with Kris, Jackie said. Kinsey handed him the phone and she went and got her wine, sitting back on the desk where Kris was. If you aren’t going to treat my wife with respect then we’re finding another planner, Kris said. I was told to deal with only you, Jackie said. I’m sure you were. Either you start treating her with respect or don’t come back, Kris said. He could hear Jackie about to lose her marbles. What was the venue that you’d organized, Kris asked. The Ford Plantation, Jackie said. I’ll take it from here then. Consider yourself fired, Kris replied as he hung up.

What did you just do, Kinsey asked. He kissed her. Nobody disrespects you. We can find someone else, Kris said. He kissed her, devouring her lips. Just as he was about to undo his shirt, his phone buzzed again. He looked and shook his head. Yep, Kris said. I just heard that you fired Jackie, his mom said. She disrespected Kinsey. You know that isn’t right, Kris said. Then we can call the woman who does are events. We can do it at the house, his mom said. The estate, he asked. It’s ours, no fees and you know that it can be pretty dang amazing. I’ll get the other planner to get in contact with Kinsey, his mom said. Thank you, Kris replied knowing that fighting his mom was almost pointless. They hung up and he kissed Kinsey again, sliding his shirt off. Kris, Kinsey said. What, he asked as he laid it on the counter. You know I can fight my own battle right, Kinsey asked. And I know that I refuse to let anyone start a problem. This is your event and nobody else’s, he said. Kinsey shook her head and kissed him. We can do it at the house that oddly enough I haven’t even been to. Honestly, if you really want me decorating it and planning it, I am almost thinking a black and white ball, Kinsey said. It’s yours. Whatever you want you have, he said. You sure, Kinsey asked. He kissed her. As long as it’s how you want. I have your back, he said. Kinsey kissed him. I just didn’t want it to cause a problem, Kinsey said. He shook his head, leaning in to devour her lips.

Just as he was peeling her shirt off, her phone buzzed. Not answering it, Kris said. He kissed her again and pulled her legs tight around him. What, she asked. We’re going upstairs, he said. Kinsey shook her head. He grabbed her hand and walked up the steps to the master bedroom, intentionally leaving her phone downstairs. What are you up to, Kinsey asked. He kissed her, devouring her lips and walked her into the bedroom, leaning her onto the bed. No more stupid phone calls. It’s Sunday, Kris said. We could always leave now for Atlanta, Kinsey said. He kissed her and peeled her clothes off little by little. When that kiss turned into the hottest sex they’d ever had, Kinsey wasn’t about to complain. She curled up into his arms afterwards.

When she heard that quiet snore that he always had, she slid quietly from his arms. She put her pajamas on and quietly went downstairs. She got the name of a few people for flowers and food that they’d used at their wedding then came up with ideas for invitations. Once she got everything down, she put her guitar away and grabbed her notebook. Miss Kinsey, Hendricks said. Yes, she said. Is everything alright, he asked. Kinsey nodded. Just had a couple ideas that I needed to write down, Kinsey said. He handed her cell phone to her. It’s been ringing for a half hour, Hendricks replied. Anna, Kinsey asked. Hendricks nodded. She said she was on her way over here, he said. If you can make sure that the guest room is clean, Kinsey asked. Yes ma’am, he said. Anna showed a half hour later.

Are you alright, Kinsey asked. Anna shook her head. Kinsey was on her feet and walked to her wrapping her arms around Anna. What happened, Kinsey said as she walked her to the sofa. I talked to him. I told him what we talked about. That I needed to take a break from talking about it for a while. That I wasn’t over the miscarriage, she said. And he started world war three, Kinsey asked. He started screaming at me like I was doing everything wrong. I can’t be with him like this, Anna said. Kinsey gave her a hug. Then you’re staying here. You can help me plan the party, Kinsey said. Are you sure, Anna said. Kinsey went to help her with her bag and Hendricks took it, following them up the stairs to the guest room. You realize this dang room is the size of our old apartment, Anna joked. Oh I know, Kinsey teased. She helped Anna get settled when she heard someone walking towards the room.

Kris was shirtless, in his jeans and nothing else. He leaned against the door jam. Long time no see, Kris said. I’m sorry about this, Anna said. You’re family. No sorry needed. What’s goin on, Kris asked as he walked over and kissed Kinsey. He’s not listening to anything I say. He’s ignoring me, Anna said. I can talk to him, Kris said. It’s not gonna help. He has his feet dug in. I said that if he wasn’t gonna listen then he wouldn’t care that I was leaving and I came over here, Anna said. Then you can stay as long as you want to, Kris said. You sure, Anna asked. You’re family. You’re new room, Kris joked. Thank you, Anna said. Kris nodded and slid his hand in Kinsey’s. I’m off to bed, Kinsey said. Night y’all, Anna said. Good night Anna. Get some rest, Kinsey said.

Kris closed Anna’s door and walked Kinsey back to the bedroom. What’s wrong, she asked. Where did you go, Kris asked. I went downstairs. I wrote out a few ideas for the party, got my guitar put away and cleaned up a bit, Kinsey said. So how did you know she was coming, Kris asked. She was the one that was calling when you walked me upstairs. Hendricks said that she wasn’t doing well and was on her way over. Maybe 20 minutes after that she showed, Kinsey said. He kissed her. I still think that if I talk to him, he’ll understand, Kris said as he sat down and pulled Kinsey onto his lap. Kris, it’s their relationship. You wouldn’t want them interfering in ours, Kinsey said. He kissed her. You have a point. Now come lay down in bed with me, he said. Kinsey kissed him and he leaned her onto the bed. Missed me, Kinsey joked. He devoured her lips and kicked his jeans off, tossing them to the chair. He curled her tight to him and peeled her pajamas off.

The next morning, he woke up to an empty bed. On the bedside table was a note that she’d gone for a run with Anna. He shook his head and went down and did a workout, cranking up his music. When Kinsey and Anna got back, Anna went to shower and Kinsey went in to do a workout. The minute she was through the door, she saw Kris doing his workout and was almost drooling. When he looked over from doing yoga that Kinsey could only dream about doing, he got a silly grin. Hey beautiful, he said. Hey yourself, Kinsey said as she went to stretch out before breakfast. He smirked and kissed her cheek. Just cleaning up the drool, he teased. She shook her head and did her yoga while he finished his weight workout. So how was your run, he teased. She needed it. I didn’t go on my normal run, but it was good, Kinsey said. He kissed her. And, he asked. And nothing. He didn’t even try to call her, Kinsey said. Kris shook his head. So do you have your stuff together for Atlanta, he asked. Kinsey nodded. You alright if she stays here until we get back, Kinsey asked. Already organized, he said. Kinsey shook her head and finished her yoga. He picked her up afterwards and they went downstairs to have breakfast with Anna.

So what time are y’all heading out, Anna asked. As soon as we eat and get changed probably. You sure you’re gonna be alright here, Kinsey asked. As long as you give me something to do with the party, Anna said. If you want, you can work on ideas for the invites. Plus, you’ll need to figure out a dress for it. I have a few options upstairs that I put aside in my closet, Kinsey said. Alright, what else, Anna asked. You could help us come up with some ideas for entertainment, Kris said attempting to help. Kinsey handed them each their omelets and bacon, sat down with them, bringing her chopped fruit with her. So, when are y’all back, Anna asked. Staying tonight and tomorrow night. There’s tons of security here. You’ll be fine. If you need anything it only takes asking, Kinsey said. So, I keep myself busy, Anna said jokingly. You want to knit, go for it, Kinsey teased. Okay, Anna said. And I got a little surprise for later. Manicure and pedicure do-over, Kinsey joked. Anna gave her a hug. Do you want me to get in touch with the florist, Anna asked. Kinsey shook her head. I’m using the same one from the wedding. I already have a few ideas organized. The food is handled too. There’s just a couple things left to do, Kinsey said. You alright if I go for a swim in your tub, Anna asked. Sure, Kris said.

Kinsey kissed him and everyone headed upstairs to get ready for the day. When Kinsey slid into the shower, Kris wasn’t far behind. He slid in behind her. Hey, Kinsey said. He turned her to face him and devoured her lips. What can I do for you, Kinsey asked. You sure that her staying here is a good idea, Kris asked. Kinsey nodded. I’ve known her forever. It’s fine, Kinsey said. He kissed her and they washed up and hopped out, getting ready to head to Atlanta. Kris was half-finished getting dressed when Harrison called him. Kinsey saw the phone. Go for it, Kris said as he shaved.

Good morning, Kinsey said. Morning. Have you by chance seen my wife, Harrison asked. Kinsey grabbed her boots and went down the stairs to the office, closing the door behind her. Actually, I have. I guess you were having an issue, Kinsey said. It’s kind of between Anna and I, he said. Well, see that’s a problem. You know I don’t get in the middle of things, but you obviously aren’t hearing her. You and Kris are stuck on baby brain for some reason, Kinsey said. We’ve been trying for a long time, Harrison said. So, here’s a question. What’s something other than a baby that you have that you couldn’t imagine living without, Kinsey asked. The house, he said. Alright, so if someone said that you couldn’t have the house unless you jumped through a million hoops, what would you do, Kinsey asked. Fight until I got it, he said. And if they said they still couldn’t give it to you? That you had to wait? Are you getting what I’m saying, Kinsey asked. Just say it, Harrison said. She miscarried. It’s traumatizing. I lost a baby too and Kris finally realized that he had to stop pushing. That it’s not up to him, she said. Doesn’t mean you stop trying. You just keep going, he said. If Kris died and Anna said move on, what would you do, Kinsey said. She wouldn’t, Harrison said. You get what I’m asking? You’d be offended and peeved. Why would you expect her to just move on when she lost a child that was growing in her body? You don’t even see it. Stop treating her like crap because she won’t hurry up and grieve and move on, Kinsey said. I didn’t call for this. Just let me talk to my brother, Harrison said. She came out of the office and handed the phone to Kris while Kinsey went and talked to Anna.

What, Anna asked as she towel-dried her hair. So, I talked to Harrison. I think I managed to get him to understand, Kinsey said. I just don’t want to face him right now. I don’t want to fight anymore, Anna said. Kinsey gave her a hug. Just don’t be surprised if he shows. Harvey or Jackson will be here if you need them, Kinsey said. Anna nodded. I appreciate the help, but I honestly think just being away from him for a few days is the best idea, Anna said. You know I’m only a call away right, Kinsey asked. Anna nodded. Go have some time with Kris. Believe it or not, he came in to check on me, Anna said. He’s a good one, Kinsey said. Yeah he is, Anna said. Kinsey gave her a hug and headed downstairs.

Dude, you tried to make it seem like it was nothing. What did you expect, Kris said. He grabbed

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