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The Happy Potato Diet: Look Slim & Find Bliss!

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The Happy Potato Diet: Look Slim & Find Bliss!

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Potatoes will make you fat? Think again! I myself have lost pounds over pounds by chomping down on crispy french fries. What about mashed potatoes with tablespoons of grassfed butter? I know, it sounds like nothing but a dream – but this dream is real, maybe too real for the diet industry who want to keep this a secret.

Potatoes are not only a comfort food, but tremendously healthy; a nutrient dense superfood.
In this book you will learn how everyones favourite vegetable will help fix your gut, make you happier and ready to rock a slim and sexy body.

What roles do resistant starches play?!
What has happiness to do with weightloss?!
How do i stop binge eating and what does the glycemic index have to do with it?!

If you have an open mind when it comes to weight management, this book will crush preconceptions and get you ready for the 21st century of dieting. I lost weight quick & easy and so can you. Order now to dive into cutting edge science explained in a simple way

… and make it work for you!

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