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Rebel Empire

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This exciting finale to the Rebel Empire series has it all – murder, duels, pirates, cannibals, gunslingers, secret agents, heroes, political intrigue and even Wild West showmen. Confederate Knights is the fourth and final novel in the alternative history series REBEL EMPIRE. It is a collection of previously untold tales based upon characters that appeared in one of the previous three books, as well as outstanding, but unused characters. Featuring historical figures such as Robert E. Lee, James Longstreet, Jubal Early and Jeb Stuart.

Praise for REBEL EMPIRE -The Series

"Excellent alternate history saga woven through with historical characters and plausible scenarios. Stuart can certainly write well as he weaves a common theme through this historical trilogy (with a marvelous fourth book loaded with short stories and scenarios he couldn't work into his main three books) following a half-century of service, intrigue, betrayals, obsessions, strategies, wins and losses. He primarily follows one family through it all; it is fascinating and unlike anything I've ever read. It certainly turns history upside down. Stuart develops characters exceedingly well and makes you love, hate, admire or fear them. It was what I call a really fun read (admittedly, it helps to have a basic knowledge or our history so that one can see the "divergences", understand and delight it them)." – Larry Thompson

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