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Baking without Sugar

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Baking without Sugar

Calificar: 4 de 5 estrellas4/5 (1 calificación)
Longitud: 138 página41 minutos


From an award-winning UK chef, author and Iron Chef guest judge, comes a sugar-free baking guide to satisfy any sweet tooth—includes photos.
For food lovers looking to avoid sugar—whether for preference, health needs, or because of an intolerance—giving up desserts and beloved baked treats may seem like a sad necessity. And for people living with diabetes, even natural sugars like honey, dates, and agave are items to avoid. But in Baking Without Sugar, acclaimed chef Sophie Mitchell shows you how to make decadent desserts that are totally sugar-free. From cookies, cakes, and bars to pudding and pies, Sophie shares mouthwatering recipes that prove you can go without sugar and still indulge your sweet tooth.
Featuring more than 40 recipes, Baking Without Sugar is the perfect addition to any health-conscious baker’s library.
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