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International Reporting: The War in Iraq

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The in-depth coverage of the Iraq War that earned Anthony Shadid of the Washington Post the Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting.
On the eve of the war in Iraq, all news correspondents were ordered to leave Baghdad for the sake of their safety. Many streamed out. One man, instead, went deeper. At his own peril, Pulitzer Prize–winning reporter Anthony Shadid chose to stay, armed only with his convictions that the coming events would shake the Middle East to its core.
What followed Shadid’s decision was insightful, honest, and compassionate reporting, straight from Baghdad. With exceptional bravery, he gave readers an honest and powerful view of the common Iraqi citizen’s experience of the war, as well as haunting coverage of the aftermath. With it, he succeeded in showing a profoundly human side of these events, and the new struggles that followed in its wake.

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