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A Woman's Love: Lesbian Romance Collection: F/F Romance Box Set

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A Woman's Love is a bundle of 3 of Ally Adair's sexy lesbian love stories that tell the stories of 3 couples falling in love.

Contained are 3 steay, sensual, and sweet lesbian romances depicting hidden secrets of lesbian love, first times and new experiences, and happy endings.

This lesbian F/F romance bundle is sure to hit you in all the right spots, make your heart beat and ache, and leave you satisfied with endings that make you smile.

Contained in this 99,000 word, 442 page collection are the books Chances, Everlasting, and Turning Point.

Also contained is the bonus book Something Benign.



Lesbians have it easy when it comes to finding passion.

It's not hard at all. That's something a lot of straight people don't know.

No, the hard part is not getting laid, but falling in love.

Because, so often, it requires taking a chance…

I took a chance on Jodie, an older woman.

She took a chance on me, a tatted-up twenty-something.

I knew it would lead me to fantastic heights of pleasure.

I knew with her experience she'd make me see white, make me feel heavenly bliss.

But what I didn't expect was for her to understand me in a way I didn't.

What I didn't expect was to… fall in love.

Sometimes, you have to take a chance.

Passion is always promised…

…but sometimes, you find something more.



Ava was unforgettable.

The moment I met her, I was frozen, stunned into silence.

She was unrelentingly beautiful.

Elegantly exquisite.

Sinfully sexy.

She was the kind of woman I dreamed of being with…

The kind of woman no red-blooded lesbian woman ever, truly thinks they'll find.

I fell so fast, it might have killed me.

It was a whirlwind ripping through wheat fields.

My whole life changed, was turned upside down and inside out.

We explored each other endlessly.

I touched and tasted every inch of her gorgeous body.

We burned as bright as a thousand suns.

We soared into white-hot bliss together.

And she took up residence in my heart, a permanent home.


This is our story.

It wasn't all good – after all, what romance is?

But she was the very best thing to ever happen to me.


Turning Point

They say college is where you learn a lot about yourself.

Well… in college I learned I wasn't as straight as I thought I was…

…And that I could fall in love with a woman.

It was Angela who taught me that.

We were just two out-of-our-minds-horny roommates.

At first I thought what I was feeling was a strange kind of displaced lust.

I mean… I was innocent. I didn't have a boyfriend.

But the way my body would react when I saw her…

The way I would focus on her lips… imagine them on mine.

The way heat surged into my center.

I couldn't explain it.

Then I started to notice something else.

When I was with her… the world seemed brighter.

When she laughed, my heart leapt.

When she met my eyes… I felt like I was falling into her gaze.

But we're just two straight girls who happen to be roommates.

This can't possibly be happening… can it?

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