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All the Happiness You Deserve

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All the Happiness You Deserve

Calificar: 3 de 5 estrellas3/5 (1 calificación)
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The path of an American life—told in Tarot cards: “A wonderful read . . . evocative of a John Irving novel . . . Beautifully written and deeply rewarding” (Booklist).
This dazzling debut novel follows its midwestern narrator from childhood to old age as he examines the touchpoints and transitions that define a life. Told in 78 vignettes, one for each card in the Tarot deck, Scotty’s journey takes him through the pivotal experiences common to so many American men: a middle-class childhood, college, marriage, fatherhood, cross-country moves, business success and failure, and aging.
But the story of every ordinary life contains its fair share of extraordinary moments. From his mother’s unexplained disappearance to his sister’s untimely death, and a marriage proposal derailed by a traffic jam, Scotty’s life is no different. Michael Piafsky “has written a brilliant book that serves as a cautionary tale for anyone over thirty who feels certain about his or her future” (ForeWord Reviews).
“A terrific novel, one that succeeds in the rarest of ways: through a combination of experimentation and accessibility . . . [It] reveals a great deal about the way we tell stories, to others and—most dangerously—to ourselves.” —Christopher Coake, author of You Came Back
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