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How to Ask for a Miracle

How to Ask for a Miracle

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How to Ask for a Miracle

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Jul 25, 2018


When life's blows struck and every effort you make seems hopeless, who will you turn to? This book is a complete guide on how to get your prayers answered by God and the Holy entities. Turn the impossible to possible by following this book's comprehensive steps for getting a "Yes" for your miracle. Get inspired by the testimonials of people whose lives were changed. Miracles do happen if you know how to ask. With the right prayers combined with the right attitude everything you seek and ask will be given to you. Brace yourselves and get ready to be sanctified.

Jul 25, 2018

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How to Ask for a Miracle - Jingo Mardonio Del Rosario



Everybody needs a miracle. Maybe not now but inevitably you will. Some of you today are fighting difficult battles, these maybe financial struggles, broken relationships, depressions, and healing. Life is never easy, sooner or later you will be facing life’s blows. When life’s problems struck, and things go really bad, you get sad or scared, retreat, and distract yourselves. When there’s so much burden to carry and there seems to be no way out from a daunting situation, how do you overcome these adversities? You need a miracle.

Miracles are unexplainable and extraordinary occurrences which God divinely performs in our affairs. These are supernatural events which happen beyond our natural ability or power. Simply put, you will know that you need a miracle when you have tried everything in the natural and have seemingly failed. Furthermore, you will know that you need a miracle when your back is against the wall and there is no way out.

Clueless about how to draw a miracle? Don’t worry this ebook got you covered. In this ebook, you will learn how to ask for a miracle effectively. You will gain confidence that God always answer prayers of believers and unbelievers alike. You will discover how to strengthen your faith and trust in God –and totally be a better person, and be guided briefly in seeking God’s will. This ebook contains problem resolution guidelines, powerful prayers, intercession by the powerful alliance of holy entities, answered prayers, testimonials, and detailed instruction of getting a Yes for a miracle etc. With the help of this ebook, God’s hands will work with you in a most amazing way you never imagined possible.

I wrote this ebook because just like me, you needed a miracle when you are at the lowest point and pressing time of your life. I felt the urge to inspire and help you receive your miracle, guaranteed.

You’ve taken the first step by getting a copy of this instructional ebook, Brace yourselves for the miracle that will entirely change your perception and your life. You have accepted God to work miraculously in your life and that is the most vital part in receiving your miracle.

Chapter 1

Classification of Problems

Everyone has problems. Some problems are shallow and we are able to solve it without much trouble. We can come up with a quick fix or a plan of action that worked in the past. There are also problems that are burdensome and more difficult to handle. There are no apparent solutions, and strategies used in the past don’t work. These types of problems cause a ton of anxiety and stress. It can be an all-consuming worry that robs us of our peace. It can even worry us to the point that it starts to affect our relationships and our health. These situations also trigger a host of negative emotions like worry, fear and frustration. The problem may be consequences of our own doing or it may be from someone else’s sin. It may also come from the devil. Lastly, believe or not it may also come from God. Before we ask for a miracle we should first evaluate the point of issue we have.

Let us discuss the first problem, consequences of our own doing. These are the sins and bad decisions that we have committed and the repercussions that they bear. Sometimes these are wrong choices we made in which we override our senses and disregarding our religious attachments. It can also be hasty decisions that yielded more complications rather than concrete solutions. These kinds usually convey pain, restlessness, anxiety, guilt, pains, emotional stress, and guilty feeling. These will eventually lead to broken relationships, financial hardships, loneliness, helplessness, and depression.

The second one is the problem from someone else’s sin. These are obstacles from the result of sins generated by other people that affect us directly or indirectly. These could be family members who are having difficult times. While it’s true that we have limited power to fix problems of other people, the intensity of their problems has almost the same impact especially if they are members of our own family. We are forced to provide solutions. Another example is an enemy who is bent on destroying us. These are people with envious nature, their source of happiness comes from your failures and loss. These sins created by other people could also result to sadness and tribulation.

The problems brought by the devil. Almost everyday we sinned because the devil tempts us to do things we are not supposed to make. He attacks us with our weaknesses and because of our sinful nature, almost instantly we give in. The devil can also feed our minds with negative thoughts and we are lured by our own desires and easily we defer to these temptations. The devil is always around us probing our vulnerability y and often misleading us. The devil’s goal is one and only one, to turn away from God. That is what we do when we sin. After sinning come the consequences of what we’ve done the grief, hardships, broken relationships, and depression.

Lastly, tests and trials from God. HE gives us these trials for us to be stronger. He uses trials and struggles to test our faith. We experience these tests for us to come to Him. Sometimes God uses people to test us. He may allow people to talk bad about us so that we may endure and not easily offended by the words and deeds of others. We get disappointed by people because we expect them to meet a need only God can meet. The problem is not the people, the problem is when we expect them to be our savior, we are setting ourselves for a disaster. To get us to the place where God wants us to be He will put us in the fire of affliction, persecution and different things happening in our lives most of which we may not understand so that He may refine or transform us into the person He wants us to be. Many times we are going through some things, it is because God wants to bless us but to do that we must go through some trials, we must be tested. The trials we go through are not to destroy us, but they are to elevate us. When we endure the hardship, then we will fully understand what the Lord was doing and we will have joy. It may be rough now but glory comes after the pain. After the pain we will bear fruit, we will be blessed, we will be promoted.

However, the sad truth is that many

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