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Of His Finger: Prayer Volume 1

Of His Finger: Prayer Volume 1

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Of His Finger: Prayer Volume 1

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Sep 11, 2012


His son said: all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in
prayer, believing, ye shall receive.
The Prophet echoed same words.
Again his son advised: watch and pray. Th at ye enter
not into temptation; the spirit indeed, is willing, but the
flesh is weak.
What is prayer?
Is it not mans last resort?
Is it not mans way of reaching out to the unseen?
Who made this linking up with the unseen possible?
Enjoy your reading, my brothers and sisters.
Sep 11, 2012

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Of His Finger - Dr Benjamin Ume


Copyright © 2012 by Dr Benjamin Ume.

Library of Congress Control Number:       2012915057

ISBN:         Hardcover                               978-1-4797-0246-6

                   Softcover                                 978-1-4797-0245-9

                   Ebook                                      978-1-4797-0247-3

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted

in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system,

without permission in writing from the copyright owner.

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Chapter 1      Of Prayer

Chapter 2      What Is Prayer?

Chapter 3      The Question Is, ‘Do We Still Need Prayers?’

Chapter 4      How Do We Pray?

Chapter 5      Summary and Conclusion


This message begins with the story of a certain king whose great-great-grandfather was particularly fortunate all his life, so lucky that people believed seriously that there was a supernatural force that guided him. Curiously, this message similarly ends with the name of another man whom millions of people believe is the ‘King of kings’ and is the only begotten Son of whom God said, ‘I am well pleased’.

I did not personally contrive this write-up to begin and end in such a format like the two people who occupied a soft spot in the heart of God, but I was writing as the inspiration came to me. But now, on reflection, it is true that ‘his heart’, the heart of God himself, whereby we call him ‘Our Father,’ (53) governs the message of this work.

Prayer appears to be commonplace. We use it so often or so spontaneously that we believe we know what we are doing. But do we really understand? When someone is taken by surprise, he or she exclaims, ‘My God!’ or ‘Allah!’ which is a form of prayer, albeit the shortest form of prayer. There could be very long prayers too.

Again, the sermons which we preach from the altar, that is, on the subject of ‘prayer’, rightly focus mostly on the benefits of praying to God.

Therefore, I am presenting the full story of ‘Prayer’ in the following few pages. Enjoy your reading and be blessed by ‘the man above’. (107)


Chapter 1

Of Prayer

‘Long live His Majesty!’ said the first soldier.

‘Long live His Majesty!’ repeated the second.

And the king graciously tilted his crowned head a little forward in recognition of the greetings of his field commanders. Then he looked up at the protocol officer and said, ‘What is this news that makes you all downcast in your faces?’ And he urged them on, saying, ‘Be strong and forthright with your king and speak, Anselm . . . you are my General Officer Commanding. Is the spy’s message true?’

‘It is true, my Lord,’ said the GOC, Anselm.

‘How far away are their locations? Give me all the logistics,’ King Jehoshaphat commanded.

‘King Ishmael of Moab is stationed on the eastern side of the city beyond the gates,’ he said and pointed at a map of Judah.

‘King Armon of the family of the giant kings of the Amorites is camped on the western side, while that greedy king of the mountains of Seir has taken the rear as their auxiliary troops.’

‘I refused to continue paying tribute to king Armon because we are not slaves . . . Our good fortune has been our God, who has made us very rich in all his works . . . He blessed my ancestors such that whatsoever we laid our hands upon . . . that endeavour becomes a great success,’ King Jehoshaphat said, then he started thinking aloud.

‘Yes, His majesty,’ concurred general Anselm.

‘But they would negotiate?’

‘No, General,’ the king grunted and looked down.

‘How about our allies? . . . How about Egypt?’ The second officer was excellent in protocol and matters of foreign affairs.

‘It’s too late for Egypt diplomacy . . . I refused to attend Pharaoh’s marriage to Salome—you know, the daughter of King Artaxes of the Medes,’ he looked stupid before the second soldier.

‘Salome was meant to be my next wife . . . but Rameses charmed his way into Media, promising full allegiance to King Artaxes.’

‘So the firm allegiance between Rameses’s father and our illustrious King Solomon is in the

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