Unopened Gifts: A Journey to Gratitude

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Unopened Gifts: A Journey to Gratitude

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"Unopened Gifts" is a non-traditional business novel series, aimed at helping leaders recognize how their personal issues and style contribute to their business's challenges and how to change them. The series is based on the experiences of a fictional character Kyle Fitzpatrick, the CEO of a rising bicycle manufacturing company. Each book focuses on a specific leadership behavior that can significantly impact performance. The first book in the series addresses the growth challenges of Kyle's interpersonal relationships. The second book tackles the issues of communication and relationships in the workplace, as Kyle faces the many challenges of acquiring a company while working to sustain a leadership position in a highly competitive market.

The underlying premise of this series is that when a leader and each member of their team is able to recognize and put to use their own gifts - that which they do best - both the individual and organization can begin to thrive. Each book in the Unopened Gifts series focuses on a relatable growth principle and is designed to open our eyes to the Unopened Gifts around and within all of us.
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