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The Prophet of Gold

The Prophet of Gold

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The Prophet of Gold

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Jul 11, 2013


Within are the words of a highly gifted individualthe Prophet of Gold, whose wisdom and words come from dimensions not considered by most humans.

The secrets and mysteries of life revealed within can do much to help a spiritual life journey, bringing success and understanding, which we all need in these present changing times.

This book is written as to be easily understood with simplicity of words, to make it easy for the reader who wishes to put the valuable information into productive use and benefit from it.

The gold of the wisdom within from The Prophet of Gold will fill your cup of gold, bringing you peace, love, and a higher understanding of life and nature, as well as a brighter future to come.

Jul 11, 2013

Sobre el autor

Emmett Finch, the Malibu Poet, is a war veteran, sailor and seafarer, private pilot, and adventurer. He is a retired fire captain, yachtsman, traveler, naturalist, poet, and writer. Emmett has lived an unusual life, which brought him to a dedicated and enlightened being called the Prophet of Gold.

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The Prophet of Gold - Emmett Finch


Chapter 1



T here are Prophets, there always have been, and there always will be. A True Prophet will not seek public acclaim or recognition. The mark and credentials of such a person are humbleness, love, and a concern for all humanity regardless of color or creed. No self-claims can be made for the gift of prophecy – says The Prophet of Gold.

Whatever highly sensitive and mental gifts so endowed are the result of refinement, discipline and dedication. Such a life is a complete dedication for humanity. The gifts of a True Prophet cannot be bought nor claimed by mental or physical means. They are bestowed by The Divine Creative Power called Creation. (What man call, God). In this Book also called: The Divine Creative Force.

The daily life of one such as The Prophet is not to be envied. It is a life involving discipline, hardship and even suffering. Having the true gift of prophecy and wisdom does not eliminate the reality of being in physical form. Nor prevent having to experience discomfort, trials or tribulations. But it does provide protection and help in a way that most people cannot see or understand.

I was told it hurts The Prophet very deeply to see what people are doing with their lives, how wrongly some are living, unaware or unconcerned for what will come to them in the future. The cost of life is very high these days – but the cost of life spiritually and mentally is even higher. If we want more out of life, we must invest more into it, and into ourselves. The more we invest in correct living, the higher the returns and the larger the yields.

The Prophet says a great mistake of humanity is the inability to believe that people first and foremost are spiritual beings. Therefore, they often live and think mostly on the material plane of reference – going through life unable to change the events happening to them. And this happens by leaving out this most important part. There is also a lack of awareness that people do play a crucial part in the world of Nature – for they are a part of it and depend upon it. A better understanding of this could help prevent serious harm to Nature, affecting humanity’s very survival.

Nature is a living manifestation of The Divine Creative Force. Nature is a Law existing in all things. Nature is Creation in action – conception, birth, life and its functions. Breathing, eating, and elimination are but a few examples thereof. Contradictions against these natural laws bring many of the problems, illnesses and restrictions in life.

To describe The Prophet of Gold is difficult to do in the light of our first meeting. At the beginning, I was not wholly able to appreciate and fully grasp the beauty of the experience. I discovered The Prophet to be a cultured world traveler, a great linguist, a dignified experienced individual with a profound love for humanity. The Prophet is advanced in age, yet having tremendous alertness, power, and wisdom – a tower of truth that cannot be overwhelmed. No power can overwhelm The Prophet, who always displayed discretion; yet remained isolated and insulated, never scrutinizing nor scandalizing – but analyzing with the Laws of Creation.

To sit in front of The Prophet is like sitting near a fountain of wisdom, and drinking from it. One feels he or she can never get enough. For myself, there were no demands made. Full use of free will was expected, as was the exercise of mind and inner guidance. The freedom of expression and discussion was always respected. The many questions I have asked down through the years were carefully considered and answered appropriately to the Laws of Truth.

The advice and warnings given to me by The Prophet, helped to save my life on many occasions. I received none but the best, and I am a grateful recipient of the valuable wisdom that answered many of life’s questions, and created in me the desire to share this wealth of information and wisdom, to the help and betterment of others.

Chapter 2



E veryone is looking for Gold, The Prophet says. Be it in the form of security, love, wealth, power or knowledge – in whatever form it represents, everyone in his or her own way is a seeker of gold. In life’s encounters and experiences, many hear and see, yet do not know for what they are looking or why they are living. And yet the message of life that is there for the taking very often goes unheard. I did likewise until I found The Prophet, for I traveled many places looking for the gold of life. Seeking it in many experiences and in many forms, even in relationships with people. But whenever I thought it was found, it sometimes proved to be false gold or an illusion.

In the market of life today, gold comes in its natural form, alloyed, or diluted. It may be the same for those seeking happiness or success. They too, may find it diluted, tarnished, or brass. There are many reasons why this is so. Not until I found The Prophet of Gold did I receive the answers that I wish to share with others.

In my eagerness of life I became involved in many things, travels and adventures, and life’s experiences. Later some proved to be of benefit in prospecting for the true gold and others brought regrets as well as dangers. But through it all, the observations and experiences brought deeper questions that could not be answered by the knowledge of man. Sometimes during my travels, I sat in silence hoping to find answers to the riddles of life – always wishing that I could be led to the gold I was seeking. And so it was, that the quest of life caused me to seek that which could not tarnish, perish, or be stolen. This is what this true story is about.

My discovery of The Prophet of Gold did indeed help me to find the secrets and the answers to the many issues of life – and with that, messages for the future. The Prophet often said, the future holds great fascination and curiosity for humanity. The past, however, is already written down and little can be done about it.

Instead, there is a growing fatalistic belief that mankind’s course of destiny is sealed. Yet that is not so, as the future can be impacted and altered by the conduct, beliefs, and choices made by humanity. Beliefs can be very powerful when used wisely, creating great changes in positive ways.

Many religions of today believe in the same Divine Creative Power – called God, but are in disagreement about the course of humanity. Each belief system claims to be the right way to what is called perfection and the truth of life and the spiritual goal of humanity. History has often proven how wrong this is. And religions are sold as gold – often displayed to show the value of their beliefs, while pursuing their directed truths and teachings. Even so, every religion has a purpose and a reason for those who feel the need.

I found The Prophet to be strongly against hypocrisy or any belief system that can be changed to suit or control man. People have long been led astray by changing concepts and theories of each generation. It was indeed refreshing to find truthful answers to the events and actions of life, and the hidden laws revealing why the difficulties have continued down through the ages.

I found The Prophet where I least expected. How often life is like that, our wishes and needs known and fulfilled before we ask. It is well to remember, there is a plan for every person in life, and I was to find mine. Thus, it happened that on a cool timeless autumn day I met The Prophet and found the search had come to an end – discovering a door to a totally new way of life. A life filled with joy and success, with a Gold that cannot be bought nor sold.

It came about this way: One day my interest was aroused when a friend spoke of a highly gifted prophetic person living in a nearby coastal city. I became greatly interested and was determined to see this person; however, this individual was most private and not available to the public. Remembering, that nothing ventured is nothing gained, I made an all out effort to obtain an appointment. Miraculously, when I called and made my request, it was my good fortune to receive my bequest.

When the time finally arrived and I came to sit in front of The Prophet of Gold, I had nothing to say. The Prophet then went through my life from birth to the present. Revealing so much and helping me to grasp the meaning of the life I lived, in the now of today and in the future – and to discover the gold within yet unfound.

It was hard to comprehend the amazing accuracy of the information presented to me – about my career, affairs of love, family, accidents, experience, and war-time adventures. I found out about those to whom I was fair and unfair, about my weaknesses and strengths and my sometimes wasteful ways of living. And what would come to me if I continued. It was if I was being X-rayed or looking into a mirror.

I was told that soon my life, my place of residence, friendships, even my job location and income would change – all of this, provided I was willing to become a seeker of gold for the higher values of life. It was proven to me, that a True Prophet will always help an interested person find the source of that gold.

After the long interview, I asked if I could find the path myself, or if The Prophet would help me find it. I was told it is always up to the individual to be willing to receive help, have an open mind and be willing to accept changes. That was the turning point whereupon I asked the question which had waited so long to be asked: Would you help me find my way to the true gold? I was truly grateful to receive The Prophet’s affirmative answer. And I was informed that one day I would share with others that which would be revealed to me.

During the following weeks and months, when I visited The Prophet, I was reminded how easy it is to overlook the vital and important part of our spiritual life. That humanity has much difficulty because of failure to recognize we are all spiritual, mental, and physical beings. And when we neglect a part of our total identity – we can become unbalanced.

The explanations were direct and concise concerning my own thinking and the cause and effects of my actions. For in all aspects of life, our choices and decisions, and the use of free-will, make way for success or lack of success. We become what we think about – and we can think about what we can become.

It was clearly revealed, how important it is to make good choices and to recognize the pro and con of the results of our actions. Many times in life, in my adventures and profession, I could see and observe about me the results of wrong decisions and choices that brought disastrous results. But I could also find the good.

My life at that time was fast and adventurous in a worldly way. My joy was to be with people in all walks of life. Unfortunately, that life which I lived brought many heartaches and dangers on many occasions. And so when possible, I returned to The Prophet of Gold for teachings and for a greater depth of the understanding of life. Each time, receiving vital help in a higher way, that brought great inner joy. In addition, I learned of Nature’s many miracles and secrets and how to live with them, and to respect and enjoy Nature’s eternal beauty.

After some months passed, I was informed it would be to my benefit to get away from it all – from city life and live in a country setting. I was to move forward and apply the golden rule that would help to fill my Cup of Gold. Indeed,

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