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Questions We All Face in Life: Planting Seeds of Thought

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Questions We All Face in Life: Planting Seeds of Thought

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Life can often times be quite difficult. Just when things start to going well, somehow something comes along and changes that. In Questions We All Face in Life, author Earl G. Bell draws attention to how one may handle those high and low spirits, among other topics.

In his book, Earl focuses on situations and questions everyone faces:

Wouldn't it be nice to relive those fun memories that pop up from time to time, even if it were just a flash? Should people question those times when things happen such as the loss of a job or not being able to afford that planned weekend getaway? Are there any meanings to dreams? Is it important to set goals? Can getting out into nature really help free the mind?

In this, his first book, Earl's goal is to bring attention to those subjects that people tend to not think aboutbut should. These are subjects that feed the mind and that can engage you in your own journey of discovery.

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