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Testimonies of His Love

Testimonies of His Love

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Testimonies of His Love

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Aug 29, 2012


For years, I prayed for a closer walk with God. My answer was the Scripture, to whom much is given, much is required. Some may view this implied responsibility as a tempting invitation to become complacent, but I beg to differ. In fact, I declared it as His Vision Statement for my family. Its Godly wisdom to get a vision and make it plain. Therefore, I knew it was a wise decision.

I wanted more of Him and no enemy in hell was going to stop me, and He knew it. For this journey to be effective, The Flesh had to remain in restraints with the Holy Spirit in possession of the key. During the initial assignment, I quickly learned, there was No Room for Doubt. At this level, He put an end to childs play or, as we refer to it as, the baby Christian stage, and opened the door to grown folks business. Proper ID was required of me to enter this level, and upon entrance, per Him, my beauty would be my weapon and the words out of my mouth were His prophesy. More often than I can recall, He sent me on special assignments that were to take place for, Forty Days and Forty Nights with very strict rules. To activate each assignment, I had to, Heed, Discern and Respond to His voice. As I continued on my journey- and reached a point where I needed more, as promised, He blessed me with a fresh anointing along with an elevation in both the Spiritual and the natural.

As you will see, God gave me specific directions to reach true intimacy with Him. As I share with you some of my journey, I invite you to take Him out the box and seek His intimate place and purpose for your life so that Hes able to give you specific instructions for your life as well.
Aug 29, 2012

Sobre el autor

Lisa N. Aldridge-Jones is an awesome woman of God. She believes in real talk, as it is the only way to help people with real needs. Lisa loves the Lord and his people and desires to see everyone walk in what God has for them. Her heart and compassion for women are shown through mentoring and sharing everything God has placed inside of her. The Lord uses her in many capacities. Specifically, He uses her to encourage women to love their husbands through prayer, to encourage their children in Christ, and to be content but not comfortable where they are. She is truly an asset to the body of Christ. As you continue to read, I pray that you will allow these words to minister to you. I pray you will better understand how wide, how high and how deep His love for you really is. Finally, I pray that you will experience the love of Christ like never before!

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Testimonies of His Love - Lisa N. Aldridge - Jones





Chapter One: A.T.M.

Chapter Two: Heed, Discern, Respond

Chapter Three: No Room for Doubt

Chapter Four: Forty Days and Forty Nights

Chapter Five: I Am…

Chapter Six: The Flesh

Chapter Seven: The Lone Star

Chapter Eight: Flight 777

Chapter Nine: Giving him Back

Chapter Ten: The Red Dress

Chapter Eleven: The 700 Club

Chapter Twelve: The Grand Finale

This book is dedicated to the memory of my grandparents, Charles and Claudia Nivens, Ernest L. Aldridge, Joe Riley Hurst and Thurman Dean. My precious aunt, Sandra Pratt and uncle, Delmar Smith. My cousin Tamalha Wesley-Scott, my brother-in-law, Robert Hack. My dear friend, Angela Carter. And last but certainly not least, my spiritual father Dr. Larry D. Manning Sr.


Special thanks to my Lord and Savior for His grace and mercy. It was only through His provision that His vision came to pass.

Special thanks to my mom Marcia Burns. Mom, I thank God for your heart. It’s yours that showed mine how to beat. Your amazing strength has always been the key for me. I could only hope to come close to filling one of your shoes. You are the foundation for the woman I’ve become. And I thank God that He’s blessed you, to see the finished product. To my dad, Michael Aldridge Sr., thanks for knowing when to give advice and when not to. Thanks for the honesty, even when it brought both of us tears. Thanks for loving me more and exemplifying how every dad should treat, Daddy’s little girl.

Thanks to my one and only sister, Nicholl. I could never repay Him for allowing me to be your sister. Therefore, I’m forever in debt to Him. It’s because of you, I’ll always say, yes Lord.

Thanks to my good-looking brothers, Michael and Devin. Your love and support is ongoing and your protective nature comes naturally. Thanks for being the brothers you are.

Thanks to my in-laws, Curtis Sr. and Jean Jones, Robert and Brenda Sylvan, Marcus and Maya Greer, Monique and Nichelle for the support you’ve always given.

Thanks to my Pastors Eben and Sara Conner for knowing Christ and making Him known. And always being so transparent in doing so. Thanks to my spiritual mother Angela S. Manning for demonstrating the strength of a virtuous woman.

Thanks to my prayer partner, Crystal Thompkins, for being trustworthy to me, and obedient to Him. It was you who encouraged me to seek His face, while helping me with many trials and tribulations along the way.

Thanks to Ms. Mary Lou for your kindness.

Thanks to Mr. Glen for always being there.

Thanks to my beautiful aunts, Patricia, Dorothy, Debbie, Toni, Mary, Gail, Tracy, Tyjuana, Barbara, Terri, Celeste, Rosland, Margaret and Teresa.

Thanks to my good-looking uncles, Wesley, Claude, Daryl, Berry, Charlie, Jerald, Ronnie, Terry, Ronald and Robert.

Thanks to my numerous cousins, nieces and nephews.

Thanks to each and every member of my family. I thank God that we are such a loving and praying family unit. And you all bring something special to the table.

Thanks to my best friend, Tanya, who’s always been just that, a best friend.

Thanks to my dear friends, the Smith, Brown and the Merritt families for all the times you were there when I needed a little inspirational guidance, someone to talk to or just a place to hold those barbeque cook outs that were conjured up at the last moment. Thanks, for always being genuine.

Thanks to the Hill family for daring me to dream.

Thanks to John and Teresa Newton for your hard work. Although my request were short notice, your loving hearts prevailed as friends.

Thanks to the Pickett and Lee families for your unselfish prayers and true friendships.

Thanks to Takesha, Danice, Mary, Tanya, Elnora, Tasha, Dionne, Karen H., Shirley, Michelle, Lisa, Shannon, Tanya, LaDonna, Karshena, Ginger, Nicki (Coach), Deanna, Karen, Keisha and Lana for always being my girls.

Thanks to the Starks family for treating my family like your own.

Thanks to Victoria Elaine, Dauphine and Lukens for treating me like a daughter from Day One.

Thanks to my mentees. You ladies are absolutely Phenomenal.

Thanks to all of my wonderful friends. God has connected me with so many loving people. And you all are very dear to my heart.

Thanks to Denni Cravins for editing my book and helping bring my dream to fruition.

Thanks to my modest and respectful sons. CJ and Anthony, there are no words to capture the way I feel when I see the young men you’ve become. You give a new meaning to handsome. You guys have set a standard for Miles and you naturally guide him on that pathway. You make it easy for me to be a good mom. You make my mistakes nonexistent, you each possess unique characteristics.

CJ, your compassion to give makes God shake His head in awe.

Anthony, your Christ-like attitude makes God shake His head in awe.

Miles, your heart like His, makes God shake His head in awe.

It makes mom so proud, that you guys keep God, shaking His head in awe.

And now, I would like to acknowledge the love of my life. My fine-looking, spectacular, breathtaking husband, aka Big Daddy. From Day One, you’ve taken my breath away. Knowing you would give me your air, if needed,

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