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Angels Speak to Me: A New Age for Mankind

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Providing insights into the spiritual world and Gods plans for mankinds future, Angels Speak to Me chronicles the visions author Dennis Wayne Schroll has experienced throughout his lifetime. A variety of angels, archangels, cherubim, and heavenly peopleas well as Godhave spoken to Schroll, and they have predicted a new age in which new prophets will bring forward words from God into the world.

Through these visions, Angels Speak to Me explains how one is saved, why one must be saved to prevent torment, how it is important to ask God for help in getting to heaven, and how to continue a Christian life with Gods support.

Schroll shares the messages he has received to help Christians and all people of the world realize the situation the world faces and he communicates the importance of believing in God and changing our ways to show favor in Gods eyes. Angels Speak to Me delivers Gods message that he wants all of the worlds people to be saved from Satan and the damnation of Hell.

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