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The Seal of the Living God: A Study of Revelation 4-7 for Youth

The Seal of the Living God: A Study of Revelation 4-7 for Youth

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The Seal of the Living God: A Study of Revelation 4-7 for Youth

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Apr 20, 2012


Since Bible days, there have been 2 types of worship. One type of worship brought senseless pain and required worshippers to abuse and inflict pain upon themselves, even to the point of blood.
The second type of worship originated on Mount Zion in the holy city of God. The worshippers there worshipped the Living God. They found that serving God brings joy, not pain.
Do you want to learn how to receive the blessings of the Living God? Do you want to worship Him?
When you worship the Living God, you can receive His seal. When you are sealed by the Living God no one will be able to see it on your body, but with it, you will be able to live a life that is pleasing to Him and beneficial to you.
Learn more about the Seal of the Living God in this book.
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Constance Ridley Smith
Apr 20, 2012

Sobre el autor

Constance Ridley Smith is an American resident of the lovely island of Bermuda. She enjoys a refreshing walk on the beach' a good laugh with friends' entertaining' teapos and china' playing classical piano' and creating things. She likes to see ideas come together. As far as the Bible, she loves the stories in the Old Testament and is always looking for new stories she hasn't heard before. Her professional career has been divided equally between teaching music and training/curriculum design. She holds many certifications and degrees. The hightest degree is the Master's Degree. Butn not the one she received from Tennessee State University in 1984...the Master's Degree give by The Master, Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

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The Seal of the Living God - Aunt Connye



Introduction to Revelation

Chapter 4 

Introduction to Revelation

Chapter 5 

Introduction to Revelation

Chapter 6 

Introduction to Revelation

Chapter 7 

Guess Who Won’t Tattoo? 


Thank Yous 


What Is Your Seal?

By their fruits you shall know them.

                                                             Matthew 7:16

Whenever something is created, the maker or creator of the product attaches a special seal. The seal has a special meaning to the person who created it. Sometimes other people do not know what each part of the seal means because the seal often contains symbols.

The symbols stand for something that is important to the creator of the product. Sometimes these symbols are easy to figure out, sometimes they are not.

The process for making the seal uses certain ‘specs’ or specifications.

• Certain colour

• Certain size

• Certain methods of producing the seal

These ‘specs’ set the identity of the product apart from other ‘wannabee’ (or similar) products.

Here is my special seal for the products that God allows me to create; the BreakThrough seal.

I stamp the BreakThrough seal on everything that I create.

Here is another Seal of approval:

Think about your favourite:






School Crest

Each carries a label or seal that lets you know that it is authentic, genuine, real, truly the product that you have come to enjoy.

Check Your Understanding:

A Seal:

• lets you know who created the product

• lets you know if something passed the creator’s test

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