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Moment by Moment

Moment by Moment

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Moment by Moment

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Jan 16, 2014


This is an Inspirational Book
It encounters the goodness of God in spite of difficulties.
So, you might as well Smile, Love God, Love Yourself and Follow the path thats designed just for you to unfold for Goodness out of Love.
Jan 16, 2014

Sobre el autor

About the Author Pamela Katha”, the fourth child of the eleven. My mother’s name is Darthula Owens, better known as “Dorthy”. My father is the late: Allen Yarn. Having creativity along with education produced for her, a Manatee High School graduate….a graduate of Barbizon School of Modeling, a graduate of Bradenton Beauty Academy and Doctorate of Cosmetology/Dudley University of Kernersville, N. C., under Mr. Joe Dudley. Visionary/President - the owner and Producer of “The Greenhouse Production/Diamonds R “U” Inc. A Professional Model, actress and an Ordained Elder at Miracle Healing & Deliverance Ministries, Palmetto, Fl. My goals are to open up an agency and modeling/Talent School that anyone, any size and age can afford and attend….to help give confidence. To perform before at least 1,000…people and to be: BE IN DEMAND.

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Moment by Moment - Dr. Pamela Green

AuthorHouse™ LLC

1663 Liberty Drive

Bloomington, IN 47403


Phone: 1-800-839-8640

© 2014 Dr. Pamela Green. All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means without the written permission of the author.

Published by AuthorHouse   01/13/2014

ISBN: 978-1-4772-4941-3 (sc)

ISBN: 978-1-4918-3596-8 (e)

Library of Congress Control Number: 2013920972

Any people depicted in stock imagery provided by Thinkstock are models, and such images are being used for illustrative purposes only.

Certain stock imagery © Thinkstock.

Because of the dynamic nature of the Internet, any web addresses or links contained in this book may have changed since publication and may no longer be valid. The views expressed in this work are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher, and the publisher hereby disclaims any responsibility for them.



Foreword The Book—Moment by Moment

Chapter 1 Spirituality

Chapter 2 Close Encounter

Chapter 3 Go Thru

Chapter 4 The Why’s?

Chapter 5 Put your Peacock Feathers on and Spread your Colors

Chapter 6 Can you Praise in Your Pain?

Chapter 7 Never The Less!!!

Chapter 8 Moment by Moment

Chapter 9 Listen!!!

Chapter 10 OK!! Here’s To You

Chapter 11 God… what the *bleep* is going on

Chapter 12 A Recipe for Heartache To Get Better

Chapter I3 A Happy Ending

Chapter I4 Death Came To Me!!!

Chapter I5 A River of Emotions!!!

Chapter I6 Seasons

Chapter I7 LIFE

Chapter I8 Love Is Still Dancing in (There) My Heart

Chapter I9 Communion

Chapter 20 A Thank You!!!


All praises to you God that this book is written; when the bottom fell out of life. All hope is gone and filled with uncertainties. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth . . . I am walking in victory. This book is Inspired by the Holy Ghost of the titles and contents!



To my husband, Jasper Green: for learning some strong lessons in life, love and God. This book is a result of my lessons in life and how forgiveness conquers all. Stay on the Path!!!

To my mother, Dorothy Owens: whom God has blessed me with. She taught me to hold my head up high and hold my shoulders square. She taught me how to trust in God, she is the pillar of our entire existence of our family. She’s still here at age 87.

My sisters: Cleaster, Dosha, Octavia, Vivian & Sherron!

Dosha—the poet and play writer who continuously remind me of who I am; as she look up to me as well as I look to her. All of my sisters support me in whatever I do! I can always count on them. And they can count on me, too.

Vivian—who talks to you and help you in whatever that’s needed. She’s the shortest but, she’s one of my sisters.

Sherron—we grew up close together whom I admired so much! We model together.

Octavia—the one that’s stern and always my admission mgrs. to all my shows!

Cle—well all I can say is she’s the baby of the family and her creativities is in the field of dance.

I have two (2) brothers: Igentra and Kelles Owens, who supports me and believes in me. Amen.

My children: LaShun, Pamela, Charlie, Precious & Princess, & Kiera Green is my stepdaughter. They are a part of all the shows and a part of me so dearly I thank God for them and all the grandchildren they have given me; a total of nine (9).

My in laws: Mr. Kary & Mrs. Dorothy Green—Mr. Robert & Mrs. Sylvia Kelly my sister & brother in law.

My Aunt Naomi: who has been there for me since day one? Love ya, Auntie.

My 1st cousin, Pastor Sarah McNairy: who inspires me to do better and be better, no matter what! She’s lives in Rochester, NY.

My Grandchildren: Sharia, Fred Jr., Dominique, Emily, Zamarion, Paul Jr., Kamiya, Amelia and Cory III.

Boone—you pushed me to go on. Thanx

Of course my newly elected Bishop & Pastor Harold Barnett: who thru guidance and support always encourages me no matter what… that I can do it. He prophesied to me, 2 years before writing this book that I would write one, at that time I begged the difference but, look at me; I am… writing a book… 1st Lady Trudy/classmate; yield support by believing the greater things I could do thru Christ!

Sundae—a God sent friend that can see the sincerity in me and lends her support financially. Major support to help put me thru Advance learning at: Dudley Cosmetology University for 5 years. Thank You, Always.

Christina Pham—I thank God for this person, I have never met but, believes that God brought us together.

Jeff Kemper—Thank you for working with me.

Helen—a friend to the end always!

All of my clients who supported me in my life with their business for many years. Thank you and may God continually bless you!

Darrion Scott—you are inspiration to me. You keep on growing Dr. Pam, my cousin.

Tamera—who said to me, No matter what

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