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To Kill a President

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To Kill a President

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After a violent nationalist uprising in Puerto Rico, two assassins seeking their islands independence from America travel to Washington to assassinate Giveem Hell Harry Truman, the president of the United States. Two men stand in their way.

One, an anxious Secret Service Chief, at his wits end, is charged with protecting his commander-in-chief. With no concern for his own personal safety, hell do whatever it takes to protect his president and the first family, who have been moved to Blair House as the White House undergoes repairs.

The other is a rogue Puerto Rican policeman who believes in the power of American ballots, not bullets. He will do what it takes to protect law and order on his watch, including chasing the assassins across a continent. But his mission is more than the pursuit of justicehe seeks vengeance for a dead friend.

Rich with the tropical intensity of its Puerto Rican roots, the story of these two men who will protect their values at any means is interwoven with that of the assassins who seek their version of justice by any means as well.

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