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American Dream: Greed, Capitalism, and the Failure of Spirituality in America

American Dream: Greed, Capitalism, and the Failure of Spirituality in America

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American Dream: Greed, Capitalism, and the Failure of Spirituality in America

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Jun 25, 2012


AMERICAN DREAM is a short story on greed and how its spiraling motion has affected our daily lives. Lillie has always felt Gods love and mercy even in troubled times in her own life. Hopefully to all who read this story their life will be enlightened in their own journey. Some might even see a parallel view of themselves in the story. Lillies approach to life has enlightened her path through many storms.Her journey has helped her in making decisions when dealing with lifes ups and downs. She believes that the path that God has laid before us will lead the way to the knowledge of the wise one, and will help us to make better decisions in life. The decisions we make may not always have the outcome we would want for ourselves or others, but will ultimately lead to the growth of all those who believe not in the need for greed, but the need for a harmonious life that we can be proud of when we stand before God on that promised day. Lillies sense of humor will show you the lighter side to life so that you may enjoy your journey in life and for others who journey along side you.
Jun 25, 2012

Sobre el autor

Lillie Sandridge-Hill resides in Southern California. She has previously published one other book, American Dream: Greed,Capitalism, and the failure of Spirituality in America. Hoping to leave a legacy of what she truly believed in to her children and grandchildren so that they would be forever reminded of God’s love,his plan to lead them to a harmonious life and for the best life that can be lived on Earth.

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American Dream - Lillie Sandridge-Hill


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One – The American Greed

Two – Pain

Three – Money

Four – Realization

Five – The Renewal

Six – The Test

Seven – Work in Progress

Eight – The Belief

Nine – The Open Gates

Ten – Homeward Bound

Eleven – The Journey

Twelve – Reflection

Thirteen – Meditative Visions

Fourteen – Words of Knowledge (Scripture)

Conclusion – Inspirational Food for Thought


Romans 10:13

In memory of my mother and father


I have been told that greed is a state of mind and that all people are susceptible.

Greed, though it is condemned in the Bible, has created and doomed many empires. The Roman writer Horace said the more you acquire, the more you desire. When you have a fear of the future, more is never enough. Capitalism is the seed to excess, I have heard. It is said when capitalism began, greed would never be the same. You cannot serve two masters, and greed is the enemy of charity. The 1929 stock market crash was caused by a corrupt banking system. When the market crashed, it took everyone with it. Greed: is it the devil or in our DNA? Can we defeat it? These questions have been put before us. What do you think?

Remember, the wealthy are not going to give it back. The economic crisis, global warming, and apocalyptic visions are warning us of what is now knocking at the door. The end is near, they say, but my understanding is that no one knows the end: not the children, only the father. I hope my book will inspire, motivate, encourage you, and even humor you to live by these words of the wise. May God bless your journey.

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves:

Be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

Matthew 10:16


The American Greed

The American greed did not begin to crumble in society when most of us suspected it did.

I suspect it started a long time ago, back when it went unnoticed, like a smoldering fire. Some things are not noticed until they are well upon us. My suspicions are that many hundreds of years ago, greed came upon America even before it was an empire, back when land was stolen, lives were expedient, and hardship was a way of life for the poor and middle class. As the years passed, those who flourished gave hope to those who had not yet accomplished the dream but saw it as something they could have if they worked hard and long, hoping their day would come soon. Some cheated, stole, schemed, and did whatever it took to get rich because they had no patience for the time it took to grow wise with the wealth that they wanted so badly. Still America grew and grew to a point where greed was noticed by only a few.

It has always amazed me how we are so blinded by our wants that we blot out just meeting our needs so that we can live a life that would extend blessings to others through sharing, fairness, and forgiveness. There is nothing wrong with wealth as long as it is not plundered through others’ expense. To build an empire is hard work I’m sure, but as it is with all buildings, it must be built on a strong foundation. If not, as we all know, it will crumble because it

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