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Moby Leviathan Dick, or the Wanted Cowboy Outlaw

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Moby Leviathan Dick, or the Wanted Cowboy Outlaw

Longitud: 54 página26 minutos


This story takes Melville's Moby Dick and adapts it into a cowboy-western.  It is a definitive tale of revenge, in which, Ahab hunts down the wanted criminal, Moby Leviathan Dick.  You will love this seafaring classic turned dry.

A discussion guide is included in this book.

This book is dedicated to Herman Melville and all the writers, cartoonists, artists, animators, actors, directors, producers, and orators; who have made Moby Dick so enjoyable at so many different angles.


Wakii Reeder likes to read the classics.  After the read, he like to turn them inside out and outside in, sack them up high and make them tumble on down.  After some tears, sweat, and blood (mostly from paper cuts), he tries to produce literature that will make his readers cherish it for the rest of their lives or want him to donate his organs or both.

Classic authors who have influenced Wakii include (but not limited to): L. Frank Baum, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Herman Melville, Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Mark Twain.


Buckshot Billy enjoys the simple life.  He values fishing, camping, and barbecuing.  He likes westerns and believes that the "Cowboy Code of Conduct" is an American West form of chivalry and should be taught in schools.

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