The Voice of the Victim

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The Voice of the Victim

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NOTE: This novel can also be purchased with seven other novels of mine for $3.99 in an anthology entitled Eight Novels.

Originally entitled Sarcasm, Murder, and Outrage...not only is this a clever murder mystery, but it also doubles as a satirical tour through Darwin City and the modern world of guns, murder, and mayhem...a mixture of slapstick comedy, dark premonitions, and a sweeping indictment of everything that Western culture has ever produced...sassy and extremely irreverent...sometimes romantic and poetic, sometimes mocking and belligerent...too bizarre for some, too intense for others...never trite but always real...this is one of the most controversial books that has ever been written.

What follows is the Preface.

During the month of June, in 1999, I became entangled in a number of tragic events that completely altered the way I came to look at life. Although these incidents remained only locally significant and were not widely reported in the national media, they are certainly dramatic enough to merit their space in print. Beyond that, however, I discovered something that is far more important to me than the juvenile thrill of seeing my name on the cover of a book: As the detection of a certain clue at a murder scene points inevitably to the perpetrator, the experience of becoming a living victim led me to a realization that is actually--despite many humorous interludes--the subject of what you are about to read.

For legal, ethical, and poetical reasons, I have changed the names of everyone who was involved in these crimes as well as the city where they occurred. The names I have chosen were not arrived at casually but are an artistic attempt to portray the essential and true character of contemporary life. It will be said that I exaggerate or that I am cynical and bitter, but I view myself as an advocate for all the vanishing victims of our world because I have experienced, in my mind, the sounds of their screams. They have not gone gently into oblivion but are screaming, screaming to be heard. The modern-day martyrs have something to tell us, and it is, in my opinion, far more relevant than what the living are propagating, which amounts to nothing.

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