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Living Abroad - Bingo or Disaster

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Living Abroad - Bingo or Disaster

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We ventured abroad in 1984, and I managed companies as the country CEO in Indonesia, Malaysia, Greece, India, and the Philippines. Margrit, my wife, shared with me the years abroad, and both of us returned to our country of origin, Switzerland, in 2003. I moved again to Indonesia in 2004, where we started our international assignments, and Margrit decided to stay in Switzerland.

I am pleased to share the experience of our expatriate life, which is divided into three parts:

Profile of the Ideal Expatriate and the Sharing of Our Experience Abroad Part I

Ten Commandments for Becoming a Best-selling Expatriate Part II

Contract for an Expatriate Assignment Part III

Feel free to flip from topic to topic guided by your prime interest, although the best understanding of the ten commandments is achieved by first reading Part I.

Part III serves as a point of reference in the design and negotiation of contracts.

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