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Lost but Not Forgotten

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For some time I knew my life was different but I just didnt know why. Youve help me to uncover some of the pieces to that puzzle. I thank you for coming in my life when you did. Helping me to open doors I was unable to open myself. But thats where it all ends. How can you claim to love me Monique ever since you were six but never explain anything to me? HOW? ANSWER ME DAMMIT; I DESERVE THAT MUCH FROM YOU. Dont you think? She started to cry. I dont know what to say Marcus except I thought I was protecting you? (Between sniffles) She says everyone thought that it was for the best. WHAT GIVES ANYONE OF YOU THE RIGHT TO TELL ME WHAT IS BEST FOR ME I SHOULDVE BEEN THE JUDGE OF THAT. YOU GUYS DIDNT EVEN GIVE ME A CHANCE. NOT YOU, YOUR FAMILY, NOR MY FAMILY, AND FOR THAT I HATE ALL OF YOU. YOU KNOW MORE ABOUT MY LIFE THAN I DO. YOURE SELFISH. WHEN I UNCOVER THE REST OF THE TRUTH I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN.

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