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Letters from Heaven: Volume I

Letters from Heaven: Volume I

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Letters from Heaven: Volume I

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Jul 13, 2009


God is trying to get the attention of the world today. He speaks in the silence, but so few are listening. He wants to talk to every soul, if they will just take the time to really listen.
Jul 13, 2009

Sobre el autor

God is trying to speak to us but we are not listening. In the silence God speaks. He will speak to every soul that will listen.

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Letters from Heaven - Laudem Gloriae


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First published by AuthorHouse 6/30/2009

ISBN: 978-1-4772-0493-1 (ebook)

ISBN: 978-1-4389-9288-4 (sc)


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To all the souls I hold in my heart…

August 24, 2006

When a soul opens the door of their heart even a tiny crack, they feel the blinding light of My Presence. Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If any man hear My voice and open the door, I will come into him and sup with him, and he with Me." I knock on many closed doors. My knocking becomes insistent when I send various trials and tribulations. Sometimes this opens the ear to the sound of My voice.

Some souls open the door halfway. We can talk through the opening, but I am not allowed to come any closer. There is a friendly exchange at the door, and then, ever so politely, it is closed again.

Some souls open the door wide enough for Me to step on the threshold. They let Me peek into the interior, seem very friendly, but then they look at their watch and gently give Me an excuse to leave, promising to open to Me tomorrow.

Some souls open the door readily. They even let Me step inside, but I am expressly forbidden to enter any further. They even allow Me to talk with them a bit. They tell Me they are very happy to be My followers, but they are not ready for any changes as yet. They warmly give Me a quick hug, explain to Me that they will be late for church, and send Me on My way.

Some souls recognize My familiar knock. They open the door quickly and eagerly. They invite Me into the living room. They chat about their daily life. They thank Me for the beautiful home I’ve supplied for them. They even offer Me something light to eat. This all takes place in the space of thirty minutes or so. Then they rise from the couch, give Me a kiss and lead Me to the door lovingly. As the door closes behind Me, I am grateful for their hospitality.

Some souls open the door so quickly that I barely get the chance to knock. They practically drag Me into the house. All the lights are on in every room. Every door is open. There is food on the table. O Jesus, I’m so glad You’re here. My house is Your house. Every room is open to Your gaze. Here is Your guest room. I never want You to leave, Jesus. Stay here with Me always.

The food is on the table. We sit down together as a family. The door to the outside world is closed. I am welcome here. This heart is My home.

The Son of Man had nowhere to lay His Head.

Jesus, Homeless Heart Seeker

January 8, 2005

Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, the things that God hath prepared for those who love Him.

Life is a journey to an unknown place, getting your bags ready for the trip, anticipating your arrival. The way is obscure but sure, the path is full of rocks and bumps, the burdens weigh you down and slow your ascent, but, praise God, you are on the right road.

So many detours present themselves, roadblocks to be jumped over, diversions to make you stop traveling, companions urging you to turn on to their heavily traveled, more compromising road. It is the lonely life of the eagle calling you to emulate the solitary way of the cross.

You will feel alone on this journey, but you are never alone. Fellow travelers move along in silence. The mist hides them, but one day the Sun will shine on the road and all will be revealed. The happy travelers will be astounded at such a great company of fellow cross-bearers traveling the same road.

The world’s way promises instant rewards and many pleasures. It is truly enticing. The way of the cross is nebulous, a journey privately undertaken. The reward is promised, but there is no sensory stimulation to make it a reality.

Child, I am your reward. Becoming My friend, learning My ways, getting to know your heavenly family, becoming one with Me, a partaker of the divine nature. THIS IS LIFE. I AM."

January 8, 2009

"Heartfelt words and desires pierce My heart. Trust in My help pleases Me more than burnt offerings. Do you think it is a small thing that you have come to sit here with Me in this quiet church? Do you think I expect great things of you? Wouldn’t I show you the open door I want you to pass through?

Each soul has a divine purpose. Some souls are placed on the battlefield. They fight the good fight for the faith armed in the power of My Spirit.

Some souls are the silent workers, working faithfully in secret, keeping all things in order. Some souls are the movers and the shakers. They rally the troops.

Some souls are the wanderers. They wander from place to place, leaving My fragrance behind them.

Some souls are the players. They play both sides in the game of life, one foot in the world and one foot in the heavenly.

Some souls live their faith in their mind. They know me intellectually, but really have not established an intimate relationship with Me.

Some souls are the suffering saints. Their life is lived from trial to trial. These are My cross-bearers, the co-redeemers of the world. They walk very closely in My footsteps.

Some souls are My handmaidens. They attend to Me by their great care of others. They are the servant souls, always open to relieve souls in need.

Some souls are My lovers. They sigh and yearn for My Presence. Nothing in this world satisfies their deep need to be with Me. In child-like simplicity, they sit motionless at My feet listening for My slightest whisper, groaning at their incapability to receive me fully. These are My confidants, My bevy of select beauties that surround My throne, glorying in My wisdom and beauty. They have abandoned great outward works to revel in My Godhead. They wait before Me.

To love Me is the greatest gift you can give Me. To appreciate all I have done for you and to thank Me in sincerity is so important to Me.

Do not look for the exalted. I am hidden in the simple and mundane. I seek a humble heart to shine through. In humbling yourself, you glorify My mercy. Love much and I am satisfied."

Jesus, Patron of the Art of Loving

December 22, 2004

"Friends are bonded together in indissoluble union. They meld and become one. To be a friend of God is the highest calling, a privilege given to very few. The invitation is always open, but the heart of man is desperately wicked and seeks to run from the light. The light of God exposes all sins and purifies intentions.

Friends spend time together. Friends reach decisions together. They seek new ways to please each other. They disdain any sacrifice in order to please the beloved. Children make friends so easily. They are open to the light of truth. They haven’t been anesthetized to sin. They are impressionable vessels, allowing themselves to be formed by what is given to them.

They do not close their heart to the unknown. They let all things strike at the core of their heart, not bolting the doors to the unknown. They receive openly, trusting all that is given to them. Their reasoning skills are too immature to set up defenses.

They love, in spite of difficulties and unforeseen events imposed upon them. They stay open for as long as emotionally possible, always hoping for the best. Love is not suspicious. Love endures and believes all things.

Implanted love is stolen from the heart of a child and he grows into a reasoning, cynical, disappointed and hurt adult. His trust has been shattered. He has closed himself to love. Darkness sets in. If he would open the door of his heart just a little crack, God’s love would shine in, restoring the innocence of childhood. He would learn to sing in his heart again. He would discover love again and his child’s heart would reemerge.

When I see an open heart, a heart willing to reenter the love of childhood, I flood that soul with My graces. I restore what was lost. I fix the broken parts. I heal and bind up their wounds.

God’s love invades every heart, but He finds many closed and locked doors."

Jesus, Knocker Extraordinaire

June 11, 2008

Love as I love, as only I can love. The beauty of a holy life is the fullness of God’s love breaking out of a clay vessel, an earthly shell. The wonder of it all is that the vessel doesn’t shatter. Your body is a container to be filled with God’s Essence, which is love. God is love." Love enraptures, encircles, flows, entwines. Love is Essence.

It cannot be captured, only freely bestowed. Grace is the keeper of love’s door. She opens wide to all that pass by, entreating her favor. Love is free for the asking.

Love is God. If only you knew the gift of God… Put out your hands to receive the bounteous sheaves of love, given by the keeper of the fields. Place them in your mantle and carry them home to feed your household.

Like the manna in the wilderness, My love sustains you. Some despise this love as monotonous, as the children of Israel complained of the manna. They wanted variety, something new. They despised heaven’s food. And today man throws God’s love back in His face. Give us something more, they cry out. Show us the scientific explanation, the pleasure-principle. This love is nothing new to us. We seek adventure, escape, novelty and the kingdom of pride.

Love’s way hangs upon the cross in derision, rejected of men, despised, scorned, sneered at. This fountain of grace lies dormant as the multiplicity of souls pass by in blindness of heart.

A few stragglers stop at the fountain to quench their thirst. Times grow hard. They run to the fountain. They linger for a few minutes, but then mingle with the crowd passing by.

Some souls live at the fountain. They sadly call out to the souls racing by. Come to this fountain of mercy and grace. This is life to you. Their cries are ignored, resented, shouted down.

Love waits. The crystal fountain gushes forth after men, drowning some in its wake. They find this forgotten God in the trials of life, as God’s flood of compassion seeks them out.

I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever. He is a fountain of life to all who seek Him.

Find Him and your hearts will live forever."

Jesus, Gushing Water of Life

June 22, 2008

"The turmoils of life should be lovingly carried to the foot of My cross, the fount of all blessings. Lay these burdens down and back away from them. I desire you to walk in the freedom of the children of God. These burdens enslave you and slow your ascent to the heavenly heights. Your lack of trust to be able to entrust to Me all your cares is a good example of what is impairing your judgment. Why do you not think I can handle these things since I created them?

Make an act of consecrating yourself to Me in a new way by trusting Me to care for you. You can be light-hearted and joyful even in the midst of your trials if you let Me bear your burdens. I know how to handle each situation in the best way possible for the good of all involved.

Make a place there under My cross, a special place to lay these burdens down. See this place in your spirit. Make this act very real to your senses. When these thoughts leap back to plague you, remember that special spot at the foot of My cross. It is your plot of ground beneath My tender gaze. I have reserved it for you, one of My Littlest Ones.

Those that draw near to assemble beneath My cross during their time on earth have a special place assigned to them very near Me in heaven.

Do not fear the cross. It is where I live. I wait for My souls to gather around Me, compassionating My most sacred and wounded heart. The place beneath My cross is a field of beautiful flowers perfuming the breezes of earth with My holiness. Make your home there among the flowers. Meet all the virginal souls that have congregated like a beautiful flock of white sheep. They love Me as you do. It is holy ground."

Jesus, Bearer of the World’s Burdens

April 25, 2008

"Grace is the beginning of transforming life and is a gratuitous gift coming down from the Father of lights in which there is no shadow of turning.

Grace is a home diffuser, filling the tabernacle of the body with the fragrance of heaven’s courts. Grace moves the will to act only for God’s glory. Grace is a gentle breeze, blowing so patiently on the souls of men. Grace moves mountains. It restores the calm after the storm. It is the refreshing wind blowing through the trees of adversity.

Grace is lingering, hoping to find entrance through the cracks in the hearts that are as hard as brick.

Grace is glorious and free, translucent and radiant. She slips quietly over a soul in love with God and causes a halo of glory to surround each step of the long journey.

The splendors of God’s Essence can only be told in the words of grace. The veil over the nations will be lifted when grace reigns.

Stop to smell the roses of grace constantly falling around you, making the air sparkle with goodness.

Grace enlarges your every step beneath you, making the path plain before you.

Grace can be compared to a rainbow. The colors are defined side by side in a glorious array of uniformity, yet they make one whole spectacle of beauty. Each virtue stands triumphant, yet unites the whole in unity.

Nature is a moving picture of God’s grace. The clouds form and reform according to the wind pattern. So it is with grace; God constantly renews and reworks His will according to the disposition of each soul.

Be formed in grace by humbly and silently letting God become the sole director of your life. He will form you as the potter forms a clay vessel to serve His purpose.

Let grace have her perfect work…

Jesus, Fountain of Grace

June 27, 2008

The complexity of God’s creation is a wondrous display of His great love for man. Every minute detail was created for the benefit of man. The leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations." Man has yet to discover the medicinal healing power of all that God has created in nature. There is health in all that God has created, for He has made all things good. God’s goodness shines forth in every flower, every tree, every animal, no matter how small and insignificant. There is even a healing power in the roach. Yes, a despised cockroach is a thing of beauty in the eyes of the good God.

God has made His works to be remembered. A life-long apostolate of appreciation and considerations on His creative grandeur bring great joy to His fatherly heart. He displays His magnificence constantly in His galleries, but people stride by, unaware of His beautiful and precious art work.

The heavens proclaim the glory of God and the firmament showeth forth His handiwork. O God, how great is Your goodness toward those that love you. Instead of looking for great deeds of glory, you might want to thank the good God for this graciously beautiful world He has created for your viewing pleasure. These little acts of love, these gestures of appreciation, the clear eyes to see God’s love in nature – this is an apostolate rarely recognized or sought after.

My servant, St. Francis of Assisi, recognized God’s Presence in this supernatural way. His canticles of praise are forever enshrined in heaven. He truly appreciated God as artist.

You have been given an artistic gift from the good God. As a fellow artist, compliment His handiwork. Stand back in awe and describe His wondrous brush strokes to Him in detail. His heart will burst with joy by your recognition of all He so painstakingly creates for His beloved children.

When I walked the earth, the beauty of the skies enraptured Me. I sought solace by the sea as I gasped in wonder at this spectacle of movement. The sun’s rays poured diamonds on the waves and I thought of My homeland, heaven.

The nearer you are to My Father’s heart, the more real heaven is in your soul. This earth is the threshold of heaven. Recognize heaven surrounding you daily."

Jesus, The Gatekeeper to Heaven’s Treasures

August 19, 2003

"Music lifts the heart up to the Presence of God. The gift of song is a special gift, a gift of love drawing men to God by its beauty. The heart is drawn to heavenly aspirations and the will is pulled to sanctity. Even an animal will follow the song of a pipe. It is a lullaby of peace, softening the hammer’s blow of life. A song from the soul is a powerful magnet, drawing and wooing hearts to contemplation. Music can be directed to heaven’s portals, like an arrow headed for a target. It blends in with the praises of glory sung by all the angels and saints.

Music sets a mood, as it were, in the hearts of men, urging them to good or evil. It is a catalyst linking soul and spirit, the senses and the will.

Do not see music with earthly eyes. Look for its true intention – a cord drawing men to heaven, a link between God and man, heaven and earth. Music can snatch a soul from hell. It is a powerful antidote against sin. Music can destroy a culture or uplift a nation. Man has no idea as to the wonders of the attraction of music

– its works, its depth, its comprehensiveness.

The angels filled the heavens with singing when they appeared to the shepherds. David’s love song drove away the evil spirits from Saul’s heart. The Israelites sang songs of deliverance to their Mighty Rescuer.

And Joshua, servant of Moses, heard the sound of singing in the camp as the people danced around their pagan idols, worshipping evil in their song.

I have promised to put a new song in the mouth of those who look to Me-praise to their God. Let all the earth be silenced and God alone be praised.

Ask Me how to use this gift God has given you. There are responsibilities attached to gifts if they are to be used in the way intended.

Your mind has been bent to see music from the world’s view – performance, cadence, technique. God dwells in songs from a pure and humble heart. The instrument, clean and pure, directs the music to heaven and God turns the tones into millions of dewdrops falling on His people to bless them, to refresh them, to teach them, to comfort them, to heal them.

Then all is brought together in a symphony of praise to glorify God, the Creator of all things. And God smiles on creation, on the people He has created out of His love, and He says, It is good.

Jesus, God’s Story Teller and Greatest Fan

January 19, 2005

"The highway of holiness is reserved for the consecrated, those who have made a covenant with me by sacrifice. I never promised that the road would be easy – just promised a reward at completion. My temporal reward is a joyful heart during the journey, whatever the circumstances may be.

Souls do not listen, so they fail to be guided to the right path. In so many of my sermons, I spoke of ears that would hear. The eyes do not see the truth. The ears hear the truth.

Man has filled his ears with noise, and the noise is becoming deafening. The children’s ears are muffled from birth. The noiselessness of creation speaks profusely of God’s ways. But as the ears are closed, the eyes are also closed.

Step back in time. See how God works His wonders – without noise of words. The planets revolve silently around the sun. A baby is formed in the womb in silence. A heart responds to God’s touch in silence. Minds think in silence. Conversions are silent. Seeing is silent. I could go on and on.

God speaks in a still, small voice in the

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