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Secrets of Successful Friendship: Building Your Success Network Through Friendship

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Secrets of Successful Friendship: Building Your Success Network Through Friendship

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One encounter with this book will help in using your existing contacts well on the path to your destiny as well as creating other ones. Your espousal of the outlines therein will go a long way in changing your battered friendships and fostering a better relationship out of the already good ones. Some gifts, talents and desires are placed in each of us, which needs to be exposed and judiciously utilised through the instrumentality of friendship.

Since one of the topical issues of discourse ever is SUCCESS, this book tried to encourage friendship as a link to SUCCESS through the life-long attitude of building good friendship.

With a very straight forward and simple purpose, this book arrogates no false literary excellence to itself; neither does it hand down any hard and fast rules. It is however, written with the sole aim of helping people make good quality friendships with good quality inter-personal relationship.

Reading this book will definitely improve your relationships with others; your friends, spouses, neighbours, parents, employers, employees and colleagues. If you carefully apply the principles, you will not only witness an improved relationship, but also an improved self.

Written in plain and easily understandable language, the book is intended to help the reader achieve a satisfying, happy, worthwhile and successful friendship.

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