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Poetry of the Soul: Journey of Awakening

Poetry of the Soul: Journey of Awakening

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Poetry of the Soul: Journey of Awakening

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Oct 20, 2011


My poetry is in essence about spiritual awakening. Each verse a moment of passion (in all its forms) captured in a weaving of words. They are designed to have many layers of meaning, responsive to the mood and need of the reader.
I aspire to be the woman I would hope to be, to achieve that I must carry on my own journey of creative and spiritual awakening. Enjoy my poetry; let them cast their glamour before you, arousing your senses and creativity.
Oct 20, 2011

Sobre el autor

I was born in Argyle in Scotland the second of four children. I am dyslexic and struggled at school, leaving education with very poor literacy skills. Being naturally tenacious and passionate I self taught myself, exploring classical literature and the arts. I am a proud parent of four beautiful and talented children. My 40s have brought to me a wealth of understanding and access to portals of exciting artistry. I have always yearned to write or create different realities in which I could immerse myself into. As a child I would draw images and characters to interact with the natural world as I lost myself in imagination in the fields and woods that surrounded me. The Brontes, George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wild ,Sylvia Plath, Pablo Neruda Shelly and Byron have been great inspirations to me. I write because I must, often using painting as extension pieces to my peotry to further explore the words textures and colours.

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Poetry of the Soul - Audrey Williams


© 2011 by Audrey Williams. All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means without the written permission of the author.

First published by AuthorHouse 08/30/2011

ISBN: 978-1-4520-3610-6 (sc)

ISBN: 978-1-4520-3611-3 (hc)

ISBN: 978-1-4567-9751-5 (ebk)

Printed in the United States of America

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A Child so Fair



All are Called

Autumn’s Form

Autumn’s Golden Hue


Beauty of Poetry

Birds in the Orchard

Bitter Sweet

Blank Page


Butterfly Woman

Canterbury Tale

Choices Must

Choices, Redemption Sought

Cloudy Day

Commuter’s Journey

Death is Nothing at All

Divine Father

Dusk Sets

Each Time


Elemental Woman

Eternal Disgrace

Food of the Poet

For One Night Only

Funny Old Day

Gentle Soul, Mother Mine

Glorious Autumnal Day

Glorious Day

Great Angel

Humble Pilgrim’s Weary Path

Humble Wordsmith

I am Butterfly Woman

I Am More

I am Tigress, I am Goddess

I Said a Little Prayer Today

In the Eyes of Our Children

In the Light

Journey Man

Just a Silly Ditty that must be Told

Kaleidoscope Woman

Life is about taking Risks

Little Light


Mea Culpa


Mother and Child

My Mantra

My Mother’s Hymn

Nature’s Promise

Now You are Gone

One of these Days

Our Time is at Hand


Paths Collide

Prodigal Daughter

Rainbow and the Butterfly





Sea of Souls


Shadow Demons

Shadow Lands

Silence of the River

Slumber no more


Story yet to be Told

Sunday Morning Poetry

That’s Life

The Light

The Passion

The Riverbank

The River’s Journey

There are so Many Questions

Trusting Heart

Turn of Fate

Walk in your Grace

We Pass By but Once

What Joy

Where is my Home?

Who am I?

Winding Path


Winter’s Chill

Within the Void

Woman in the Mirror


Words are like a Lover







My name is Audrey Williams. I was born in Argyle Scotland in 1968.

I have always written, even as a small child when all I could do was form verses or stories in my imagination and try to replicate the words as abstract shapes.

I could be described as a late ‘bloomer’ when it came to academic ability; however I embrace learning and immerse myself in its journey of discovery. Truly learning is for life, it adds context and colour to the world about us.

The Bronte Sisters have had a huge impact on me and my writing. The dark brooding nature of many of their characters and the multifaceted exploration of love and redemption is awe inspiring. Keats, Byron and Shelley take me

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