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Appu: Tale of a Villager

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Appu: Tale of a Villager

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Born into an impoverished family in a tiny village along the coast of Kerala, India, a curious young boy begins a coming-of-age journey with his loving, nurturing motherall while knowing better than to ask about the man whose faint image often appears in his memory. Still, Appu never gives up looking far and wide for the father who helped bring him into the world.

Without the usual luxuries and tools afforded to most to ease his curiosity, learn new things, or venture on to the next phase in life, Appu learns to rely on his five senses as he discovers new people, sights, sounds, and smells. As he embarks on a journey across his country and the world in search of himself, Appu dives into the morals, beliefs, cultures, and traditions of a different land, all while contradicting societys norms in an effort to find his identity, purpose, and ultimate reality.

Appu is the universally human story of a young boys natural rite of passage as he slowly transforms into a man who fully immerses himself in his challenges with poverty, cultural identity, personal growth, and loveand discovers who he is in the process.

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