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Parenting: a Child's Perspective

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Parenting: a Child's Perspective

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"Parenting: A Child's Perspective" is neither biographical nor auto-biographical, but includes selected snap-shots form the lives of hundreds of parents and children. The author of the book spent many years observing and listening to parents and children in a wide variety of situations, and has done an excellent job of recounting these experiences without being judgmental. These experiences are not just presented, the author sought to interpret these experiences form the child's point of view, and in a most empathetic way, advises parents on how they could respond in similar situations. As one reads, one gets the feeling that one is in a counseling session with an astute professional. The interesting thing, however, is that the book is not burdened by the professional jargon that can be inhibiting to most readers. The particular technique used by the author is quite difficulty. He sought to write the book from a child's perspective and to do so without gender bias. The reader will be impressed by the fact that the author has succeeded on both counts. As you read the book you get the feeling that the author was in your home eavesdropping on your family, because the situations are so real. If you are curious about how your child might view you, the book gives insights; wanting to know how to deal with difficult issues such as sex and sibling conflicts? This book gives you an unbiased and child-centered approach. Each chapter of the book takes a major issue during the first five years of the child's life, and dissects it in a way that provides new insights to parents at every stage of the parenting process.

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