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Upside-Down and Blindfolded

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Upside-Down and Blindfolded

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What might a two-month visit to Australia and New Zealand be like if the traveler were not distracted and overwhelmed by the spectacular scenery? In this book Dan Pukstas, a blind professor, answers this question by providing a series of humorous and insightful perspectives about the places and people he encountered. Whether he is trying to find his way out of a strange restroom or climbing to the summit of a dormant volcano after by-pass surgery, Dan is ready with a philosophical quip or amusing observation.

In the company of his wife Nancy, Dan covers a broad geographical area from Auckland to Adelaide, from Ayers Rock to Sydney, and from Cairns to Brisbane along 2000 kilometers of Queensland highway. His topics of interest are just as broad-from his observations about food, wine prices, parenting styles, public transportation, human behavior to the joys and challenges of travel for the visually impaired.

Those who like witty and pointed observations served up with a modest amount of inspiration will find this book a tasty treat. Those who have healthy vision might also find that they will see things a bit more clearly after reading this book.

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