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The Last Dreamer

The Last Dreamer

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The Last Dreamer

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Jan 8, 2007


The Last Dreamer is his first full length work of fiction. He states I can only pray that this book will enhance those who read it, to take heed to its contents. For the story will lean towards a reality which all of us face today. Within every chapter there is a message for that third person within all of us, the true man or woman, our spiritual self, where we can find the presence of God through the Holy Ghost that resides within us.
Jan 8, 2007

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The Last Dreamer - William McGee Jr.


Copyright 2006 William McGee.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the written prior permission of the author.

Note for Librarians: A cataloguing record for this book is available from Library and Archives Canada at www.collectionscanada.ca/amicus/index-e.html

ISBN 1-4251-0370-7

ISBN 978-1-4669-5787-9 (ebook)

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Chapter Thirteen

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About the Author……

A Special Thanks To……

In the writing of this book, I would like to give special thanks to the following;

First and foremost is our heavenly Father God, for through the Holy Ghost showing me all truths and wisdom that only He can give. Secondly goes to my wife Eloise and sons(William D. III, Byron T.) and niece Christie Verdum, who gave me their personal insights on publishing this book for others to read and learn for themselves.

Much Grace be unto you,

William Dwight McGee Jr.

The Last Dreamer


dedicated to those


would dare to dream….

Chapter One

As the rain pounded against the window, a lonely figure sits in a dimly lit bedroom of his apartment, with his eyes closed and mind deep in thought of memories about how his life had begun. Not so different from any other black child in America, yet being raised within the confines of the military system had shielded him from the racism and discrimination faced by the majority of black Americans. He was proud of his father and mother, who had placed the success of their children first.

While his memories raced through his childhood, he recalled sitting with his parents and watching the late Dr. Martin L. King Jr. marching in Selma, Alabama in early sixties. A black man with a dream of Freedom for all people of the world yet would be slain before seeing his dream take hold of the American society and the world. How could the world let this terrible thing happen, when this man showed only love for his fellow man. As his memories moved on toward other aspects in his life, he felt that Kings death would play a major role in his adult life on down the road. Max found himself drifting off to sleep.

With the sounds of the birds and passing of the cars outside of his window, Max arose from his sleep, searching for his pack of menthol cigarettes. As he sat up on the edge of the bed smoking his cigarette, he could hear his wife moving about in the kitchen, getting breakfast ready for her and the boys. Max sat on pondering on the memories and felt ever closer to the secret that he kept deep within himself, a secret that he caressed and supported by himself. Max had known for a long time that his life had a great purpose to fulfill. This secret could even cost him his life and the lives of many, yet his thoughts were interrupted from the calling of his wife to come downstairs to breakfast.

Looking across the table at his youngest son, Max slowly sipped his coffee, what would his family’s reaction be once the secret is revealed to the whole world. Would they understand the reasoning for keeping it hidden from them for so many years? The bell on the clock began to ring, letting us know that it was time for us to go to work and school.

In ten minutes Max had arrived at his job. Making his way down the long hallways as he entered through the door to his shop, he greeted his peers, as he had done since he had been working there. One might say, that Max lived a double life, one side acceptable to this environment that he was now in company with and the other side closed and hidden from the world except to the few whom he allowed to know this side. Within this environment, he was know as a closed black man, who had a quick temper, yet would give you the shirt off his back, if one would ask. No one would ever suspect that while this quiet man who accepted every challenge and task, would have totally separate life that could make the world shudder, but for right now, he would play the game of life in the military, yet never putting total trust in this system, always being on guard for the presence of the evil that would make itself known as the months and years passed on.

As Max left the shop for his lunch break, he opened the newspaper and read the column discussing the assembling of the New World Order, being introduced by the President and the United Nations. The very mentioning of these three words, brought a scare into Max, for the time he had waited for and prepared for was now being introduced as a policy to handle world affairs. How could these leaders know about such an order without the knowledge of the evil being present among their group. It was a little after 1:00 PM when Max returned back to the shop, for he had totally forgotten what time it was, upon reading this article. The rest of the day went by, yet Max’s mind was else where.

Upon arriving home, he went in the bedroom and prepared himself for a group discussion among his best advisors, himself. After the discussion among himself, he knew that his purpose in life was to become a dreamer, one who would warn the world of its total destruction from a new system being implemented. Max felt good about himself and it made him glow with inner strength. In the coming months ahead, he would prepare to meet the evil with power that was to given to all mankind from God, the power of HOPE.

Chapter Two

While glancing out the rear view mirror, watching the military entrance gates getting smaller, Max felt a sigh of relief as he pointed his car north and headed up the highway. As the trees and houses passed by, Max’s mind began to slip into the 20 years of military duty he and his family had just completed. Was it a waste of their time? For many others it had been just that, yet Max felt that he and his family had accomplished two important priorities in his life, getting a college degree and insuring that the welfare of his family was being well taken care of. There were times when the orders being given were not always right and the whole world spoke against those orders that we were given, yet we never turned from them.

Max regained himself as the car entered into a deep curve on the highway. His next priorities would be to get situated and adjust back to the life away from the military system. The months passed by and Max found that he had adjusted right back into the system he had left some 20 years ago. It was in the month of June, while sitting on the front porch reading the newspaper, he notice three words which instantly brought a chill over him as before, New World Order. Within a flash, Max found himself plotting links with known dreamers as himself he thought. No longer would he have to hide his true feelings from the people so very close to him. None of the dreamers would be safe from the allies with the New World Order. Just as the dreamers before him had faced, he would also face that same force that the late Dr. King Jr. and others faced was still controlling the majority of the people, penetrating their personal lives, through newly passed laws which took away the civil rights of the people, both here and abroad. The very thought of being chosen to be a messenger to mankind and expose this system made Max tingle from head to his toes, he would finally get to show his worth to the world and God. For years people of every nation had been bound by their political leaders to be good citizens accepting the norms given to their various social groups, the mere thought that the solutions to all the world’s problems was within the leaders grasps was astounding, yet lacked the inner understanding to comprehend this solution. It would be their own wicked and evil lives which would cause them their downfall, for the power of God would prevail no matter what the cost. The evil in the world today, was every where, and it’s power stemmed from the men and women who would rather do evil than good. Therefore, the evil one, Max’s known enemy had already launched his new campaign on the entire world to control all nations.

All throughout the world, killings and genocide of every kind was taking place, without the slightest regard for the lives being taken. Each time the news reports were on the television, nothing but murders, rapes, drugs, and crooked politicians misusing their powers to take away or abuse the rights of their constituents, no matter what country it was. The seals of Revelations had begun to be unleashed and only God knew the time it would all end. As Max sat and watched the news report about the war in Yugoslavia, his inner glow began to brighten even more. Here within a country so small,

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