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Snack Smarter: A Raw Baking Guide to a Smarter Way to Snack

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Snack Smarter: A Raw Baking Guide to a Smarter Way to Snack

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Snack Smarter, is a raw (all gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan) baking guide to help you whip up healthy treats in minutes. Even if you are a complete newbie, you will be able to stock your freezer with nutrient-dense treats to curb that sweet tooth, hunger or as a little energy boost. Our bodies and minds are exposed to so much stress today, that it is necessary to support with extra nutrition. Bring your smart snacks with you as a healthy alternative to the sugary treats we often end up buying. You never know when you need a good raw bar or a cookie, but with this raw baking guide, you will find the kitchen confidence to make more and more of these snacks.

Snack Smarter features 42 scrumptious recipes of raw balls, squares, bars, truffles, macaroons, cookies and fruity leathers. It has 200+ inspiring photos and with your purchase comes two
bonus eBooks: "Super Foods 101" to give you a quick overview of the majority of super foods and "33 Raw Baking Secrets" that are my collected trial and error through my years as a raw dessert chef.

Raw dessert chef Karolina Eleonóra is passionate about inspiring people to start making raw food desserts infused with super foods. A great deal of her dedication is to show that raw desserts can be as decadent as conventional desserts. I have been focused on taste, texture, nutrition, innovation and nut free alternatives. You will notice that the texture and feel of the macaroons are nothing like the balls, and that the balls are nothing like the squares and so on. I have been trying to give you a broad spectrum of raw baking knowledge.

I created this book initially to fix a problem with my boyfriend, being a low-blood-sugar-monster. Most snacks today contain sugar and junk. And most healthy snacks are boring. I wanted to make quality healthy snacks for him that was easy enough for him to make.
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