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Into the Mist

Into the Mist

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Into the Mist

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Apr 29, 2018


When Kinsey moved to Savannah all those years ago, she considered herself lucky to get to write the music she loved being surrounded by the live oaks and Spanish moss. She was happy in her regular 9-5 at a local record label and hadn't planned on any changes. One wrong turn during a girl's night with her best friend Anna changed all of it. After one walk in the picturesque Forsyth Park with a guy she'd met at a local bar, she was interested, but was it worth giving up her single life?

Kris was the rich, handsome business man who'd been considered one of the wealthiest bachelors in town. He'd intentionally stayed single and was determined to stay that way until the right woman came along. Even if she did, she'd have to be one of a kind to turn his head. With one guy night out with his friends, his life was twisted and flipped upside down when he came face to face with her, but would she be able to handle him and his past?

When a recurring nightmare leads you straight into the mist........

Apr 29, 2018

Sobre el autor

Sue Langford started out with a dream. She'd been writing since she was young and always dreamed of seeing her books in a book store. When she finally gave in and got her first novel published, it hit the racks and was snatched up by everyone. When she made her first trip to Nashville, she was completely hooked. From that point on, her books were inspired by country music and the artists she loved.When she took on the topic of Anti-Bullying in her newest series - The Revenge Series - she found even more exposure than she could have imagined. The first of it's kind, she proved that everyone no matter their size, shape, opinions or even career deserves to be bullied. If you think she's stopping there, you will be happily surprised. She takes on a current topic with every book and every series. An author to watch and a bestselling one at that, Sue is a one of a kind author that all of us should check out.

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Into the Mist - Sue Langford

Into the Mist


Copyright © 2018 Sue Langford

All rights reserved.

ISBN: 1987438434

ISBN-13: 978-1987438437

To the one place that inspired this story and to the friend who cheered me on every chance she got.

Love is when he gives you a piece of your soul,

that you never knew was missing

Torqyato Tasso

Chapter 1

The mist is covering the ground, disguising the gravel drive. The live oaks lined the path on both sides. In the distance she could see what looked like a wedding but the fog was too thick to see ahead. She looked behind her and the fog was so thick she couldn’t see the exit. She started walking ahead but the more she walked, the further ahead the wedding seemed. She finally stopped and looked at the Spanish moss draping around the limbs of the live oak trees. She slowly walked towards where she saw people ready for a wedding. She managed to make her way towards the group. She looked at the people that were seated and they were completely faceless. She tried to walk towards the front of the group and saw what looked like a man in a white dress shirt. He had no face and just like that, the fog thickened. She couldn’t see his face. The people faded into the fog and she was surrounded by the fog and trees again.

Her eyes opened a few minutes later to an empty bed and the sun beaming into her bedroom. Again, Kinsey said. She shook her head, brushed her hair back into a ponytail and pulled her run shorts and tank on. She slid into her trusty runners, grabbed her water bottle, found her playlist for her runs on her iPod, plugged it in and headed off for her run. She ran through the parks with the pathways marked with trees and Spanish moss. She ran the pathways and sidewalks, watching the sun rise. She saw the other people she knew that were just as determined to have that morning run. When she came back and headed inside, the coffee was already on.

Hey Kinsey, Anna said. Hey yourself, Kinsey replied. So you had the nightmare again, Anna asked. What else is freakin new. It’s the same old dream. I get to the end of the aisle and the guy has no face. The people have no face and the fog thickens again, Kinsey said. So you run 6 miles, Anna asked. Just need to get it out of my dang head instead of it being a recurring nightmare, Kinsey said. And if it doesn’t go away, Anna asked. At some point I’ll figure out what the dang point to it is, Scarlett said. And if you don’t, Anna asked. Then I guess that stupid nightmare won’t go away, Kinsey said. They had some breakfast and Anna and Kinsey got the dishes done. So what’s on the schedule for today, Anna asked. Getting writing done after work and trying to figure out what to do about the whole moving thing, Kinsey said. Meaning are we moving to Atlanta or are we staying here, Anna asked. More like am I finally gonna write the big song or not, Kinsey said. The one you were working on was amazing. Why not just try submitting it, Anna asked. Because it’s not gonna work. You seriously think that someone like Jason Aldean or one of those big name people is gonna ever even bat an eyelash at what I’m writing, Kinsey asked. I know that if you don’t submit it, you’ll never get anything recorded. Girl, every dang one of your songs are worthy, Anna said. Kinsey shook her head. Which one, Kinsey asked. Anna looked at her. You know exactly which one, Anna said.

Kinsey went through the songs that she’d written and picked 3 or 4 and sent them over to the agent she knew in Nashville. Within maybe a half hour, she got an email back. One look and her jaw dropped. What, Anna asked noticing the look on Kinsey’s face. Well, she listened to the 4 songs and she’s submitting them to 4 labels this afternoon. They asked her for music yesterday, Kinsey said. So we just wait on whether someone wants the songs, Anna asked. Kinsey nodded. At least you tried to see how it goes, Anna said. And when nothing happens, you’ll stop askin why I got a day job while I’m out here even if it is at the office. It’s payin the bills and helping us save for the dang house. I can’t just count on people wanting my music, Kinsey said. And when they do, Anna asked. Then I still have to work, Kinsey said.

They both got ready for work, headed out and tried to get on with their days. When Kinsey got home after work, she sat down on the porch swing and tried to work on writing while dinner was cooking. Hey neighbor, her neighbor Cyrus Jax said. Hey, Kinsey said. So what you workin on now songbird, he asked. Workin on a song that I tried finishing earlier. Got stuck on it and was tryin to work on it at work during lunch, Kinsey said. Want some help there beautiful, Cyrus asked. I’m good but thanks, Kinsey said. He shook his head and walked off.

Cyrus had been trying to get her out on a date for months. She wanted nothing to do with him, but that didn’t exactly deter him. He was the blond hair, blue eyed surfer type. He had been forever. He was over 6 feet tall and was tall and lanky. He wasn’t Kinsey’s type and he definitely wasn’t Anna’s. He never gave up on anything and after two years of having them as neighbors, he was still in the biggest dating drought of his life. One date with Kinsey and he would be happy, but one date was never gonna be enough.

You’re never gonna give the guy a break are you, Anna asked. Not him. Honestly, you know me. I’m not gonna give in to a date unless the guy is worthy. He definitely isn’t, Kinsey said. So who is enough, Anna asked as they both tried working on music. When and if I ever find him, I’ll let you know, Kinsey said. Funny, Anna joked. What about goin out tonight or somethin, Kinsey asked. Where we goin, Anna teased. I guess that’s a yes, she teased. Dinner then out, Anna asked. Kinsey nodded. Alright then. Let’s get ready, Anna said.

They headed inside, locked their things up and went and got showered and ready to head out for the night. What are you wearin, Anna asked. She came into Kinsey’s room with her satin robe on and saw her. Decided on my sundress so it’s simple, Kinsey said. Fine. I’m puttin my dress on too. Where are we goin, Anna asked. Shrimp Factory then we can go wander around, Kinsey said. Works for me girl, Anna said. They headed over and grabbed dinner then came back and went bar hopping for a while. They found a place with some music they both liked and opted to hang out a while. Just as they were going to sit back out in the park for a while, Kinsey came face to face with one heck of a handsome guy.

Go ahead, the man said as he looked Kinsey up and down. Well thank you, she said. She walked through the park with Anna and noticed that the guy was heading down to another bar nearby. You really wanna go, Anna teased. I mean, he is one of the only guys I haven’t met, Kinsey said. Funny comin from the girl that wanted to be single and write, Anna joked. They finished their drinks and headed over to the bar that the guy had headed over to.

They walked in and got a drink then went and sat down outside on the patio with their drinks. A few minutes later, the guy came out with a couple buddies. Anna looked over and the guys looked over. I swear I just bumped into y’all, the guy said. You’re the one that gave us the idea, Anna said joking around. So is that a good thing or a bad thing, he asked. Depends, Anna joked. Kinsey just bit her tongue. Sayin somethin stupid wasn’t a smart move and she knew it. Depends on what, the guys said. Depends on whether y’all are buyin us a drink, Anna teased. She’d spent too much time in honky tonks in Nashville for her own good. Then we should probably at least know y’all’s names, the guy said. He came over with his two buddies and grabbed seats to sit down with Kinsey and Anna.

First was William. He was the tall sandy brown haired hottie that Kinsey had bumped into. Single and handsome was a deadly combination for that restraint that he claimed to have around women. He looked too dang good to be single and he knew it. He was almost 6 foot 3, ripped and handsome. The big blue eyes, the sparkly white smile and the golden tan made him most girl’s dream, but Kinsey wasn’t havin it. She’d had enough of the bad boys.

The next was Kevin. Just like William, but he had dark eyes that felt like they could see through to her soul. Kevin and William worked out together and had since they were teenagers. Both of them were eye candy for any girl that would bat an eyelash at them.

Then there was Kris. The quiet one of the trio who was handsome to a fault. The one guy that wouldn’t even think of looking at Kinsey. The guy who made her drool with one look into his big crystal green eyes. The tan, the rippling muscles and the clean cut look that most girls would drool over had her completely speechless. He was almost 6 foot 2, but the fact that he barely made eye contact with her and Anna made her think twice.

William went in with Kevin to grab another round of drinks and Kinsey made the weirdest decision ever. So Kris. Why are you so quiet over there, Kinsey asked. Just enjoying the view, he joked. Well at least sit at the table with us so I don’t feel ridiculous, Kinsey said. He got up with his glass of Jack and came and sat down beside her as his beat up blue jeans grazed her leg. He sat so close to her that his body heat was making her sweat. So what do you do, Anna asked noticing his arm slide to Kinsey’s back. I actually run my own label. That and a couple other things. Music is sort of my thing though, he said. Really, Kinsey said as she felt his hand rest on the bench beside her with his arm almost all the way around her waist. You tellin me that you’re into that, he asked. She’s written some pretty amazing songs, Anna teased as she noticed the attraction between them. Oh really? So what do you do for work, Kris asked. Working at a small label in town, Scarlett said. He got a small hint of a grin and the guys came back over to the table.

William handed Kris another glass and he poured it into the one he was drinking. You must live around here then, Kinsey said. I have someone to drive me home, he teased. Really, Kinsey said. Meaning if you need a lift home just tell me, Kris whispered in her ear. Well thank you, Kinsey replied. William and Kevin knew that they’d pretty much lost any chance of dating Kinsey. They sat around and talked a bit and Kris hinted. Come for a walk, he whispered. Kinsey nodded. Anna gave her a silly smirk. They had a silent language. The eye wink meant are you okay here with them alone. The itchy chin meant yes but be careful. Kinsey putting on lip balm meant she’d message her in 10. I’m gonna head out. I have a song at home that won’t exactly write itself. Y’all have fun. It was nice meeting you, Kinsey said. You too. If you want to meet up for dinner or something let us know. I’ll give Anna the phone number, William said. Kinsey nodded. She got up with a little help from Kris. I’m heading out too. I have too much work to finish, Kris said. Whatever. At least take a take-away cup, William said. They got their drinks in a cup and headed off for their walk.

So, Kinsey said. What, Kris teased. Walk? Really, Kinsey joked. If we didn’t, the two of them would be tryin to ply you with drinks until you gave in, Kris said. And what would you have done, Kinsey teased. He kissed her hand. Not left your side until I took you home, he said. So now you’re taking me home, Kinsey asked as they walked through the square. We can finish our drinks then I can get my driver to take us to your place, he said. So we aren’t going back for refills, Kinsey joked. Tempting me isn’t exactly a good idea, he teased. And why’s that, Kinsey asked. Because you may get more than what you think you will, he replied. Kinsey got a silly little smirk. So tell me about this song you’re workin on, he said.

They talked and walked and ended up in the middle of Forsyth Park by the fountain. They threw their cups out and she leaned against the railing by the fountain. So you never told me more about you, Kinsey said. What did you want to know, he asked. So when you said a couple other things, what exactly did you mean, he asked. One thing first. What was the name of the label you work at, he asked. Why? Stalking me already, she asked. It isn’t Rebel Records is it, he asked. Kinsey shook her head. Since it’s only one of two in town you mean, Kinsey joked. You help find the talent for them right, Kris asked. I find them leads, Kinsey said. I was supposed to be coming in Monday anyway. Guess that means that I can take you to lunch when I come in, he teased.

You think so do you, Kinsey asked. He leaned against her against the railing. They were nose to nose, face to face and her lips were all of an 18th of an inch away from him. The bright pink perfect lips were within kissing range. He could smell the scent of her magnolia perfume. It was intoxicating. She was intoxicating. I think so, he said as he got closer and she could feel his muscles against her torso. We should probably go, Kinsey said. You’re right, he said as he backed away. The fact that she wanted to kiss him was a moot point. He walked to the road and she saw an SUV waiting with a man standing outside of it. Let me get you home safe at least, he said. You realize I only live a 10 minute walk away, Kinsey said. The driver got the door for them and she slid in. He slid in beside her. So what’s the address, he asked. I’m right near Abercorn and east Macon, Kinsey said.

Kinsey directed the driver to her place and when they got there, he hopped out to get the door for them. So what are you up to tomorrow, Kris asked. Just working on music a bit, Kinsey said. He wrote his cell number onto his business card, a little note and handed it to her. I’ll come by tomorrow, he asked. Kinsey smirked. For what, she teased. Lunch, he replied. Kinsey shook her head. I’m working on music. I can’t, Kinsey said. He walked her to the front steps. I’m spending what time I can on my music, Kinsey said. She could see a fire lit in his eyes. Lunch. You have to eat, he said. Really, Kinsey asked. Wherever you want to go, he teased. I don’t even know your last name, Kinsey said. He shook his head. What? He kissed her, leaning her up against the brick. Lunch, he asked. "Kinsey nodded not knowing what to say. He gave her a quick peck, helped her unlock the door and headed off. He got back in the SUV and left, heading back to his place.

The sun came up and Kris was determined to get information on the woman he’d met the night before. Kinsey Jameson. She’s been working for the company for 3 years. Never asked for a promotion or a raise, his security officer said the next morning. And, Kris asked. Single, lives with her friend Anna. They are both songwriters Kinsey submitted songs to her publisher in Nashville. Three were put aside by two of the big artists on our label but she doesn’t know yet, his security guy Jack said. Anything else, Kris asked. Still single by all counts. Parents are in Charleston. That’s about it, Jack said. I’m going for my run. See if you can get a reservation for lunch at Elizabeth or a private suite at the Marriott Riverfront. The one overlooking the water, Kris said. Anything specific for lunch, Jack asked. Fruit and salad. The same thing I always get. Just make sure there’s sweet tea and wine just in case, Kris said. Will do, Jack said.

Kris left and went for a run. The sun beamed down on him, even at 7am. He ran through the streets and over through the park by Kinsey’s house. He saw her leaving the park and walking back inside her place and almost tripped over his feet. He got back to his place and started his workout. Every time his thoughts came to her, he’d stub a toe or whack his finger. Distraction was an understatement, but one that he needed more than he realized. By 9, he had breakfast and went and got showered and changed. The suite you wanted is ready for you. The wine is being delivered to the hotel and the room is set up like you asked. They’ve included the attached bedroom since they wanted to ensure you had the penthouse suite. Is there anything else you need, he asked. Thank you, Kris said. You’re welcome, Jack said. He finished getting changed and went through his emails. Around 11:30, he left and got flowers for Kinsey then they headed over to her place, showing up a little before noon.

Hey, Kinsey said as she looked up from her notebook. Hey there yourself, he said as he handed Kinsey the flowers. Very sweet, Kinsey said. Come in so I can put them in water. He walked in behind her, noticing the flowy sundress. He saw the legs that showed off the morning runs she’d been on. The fact that he was almost drooling, made him stop himself from doing anything dumb. These are really beautiful, Kinsey said. Figured they’d brighten your day. So where’s Anna, he asked. She said she was going to Tybee beach with William. That’s the last I heard, Kinsey said. He came around behind her and she could feel his breath on her shoulder. What’s the name of the perfume, he whispered as goose bumps came up on her skin. Sud Magnolia, Kinsey said. He kissed her neck and she almost got shivers. So where are we heading for lunch, Kinsey asked. Surprise, he joked.

They headed out and Kinsey locked up, sliding her keys and phone into her purse. Figured you might like lunch with a view, he teased. I’ll get a view alright, she said silently to herself. What, Kris asked. Nothin, Kinsey said. He helped her into the SUV and hopped in beside her. You’re seriously not telling me where we’re goin, Kinsey asked. A getting to know you lunch, he said. The driver took them down to the hotel and pulled in. We’re going to a hotel for lunch. Not exactly what I was expecting, Kinsey said. It’s not what you think, he said. I think it’s lunch in a hotel room, Kinsey said. He kissed her hand and walked her inside. They went up the elevator to the top floor and down the hall to the penthouse suite. Kris, I get that… He opened the door and she saw the picnic lunch set up for them, complete with a bottle of wine. Wow, Kinsey said. Now what were you saying about lunch in a hotel room, he asked.

Since when do they cater picnic style, Kinsey asked. Since I asked. Best view in the hotel, he said. He walked her inside and Jack waited outside the suite. And why is he standing out in the hall, Kinsey asked. Because I wanted us to be alone, he said. For what reason, Kinsey asked. He walked her down to the balcony and she saw the picturesque view that people paid big money for. She could practically see to Tybee Lighthouse from that point. It’s beautiful, Kinsey said. Definitely, he said as he looked at her. I meant the view, Kinsey said. I know, he joked. Kinsey shook her head. So now that you have me up here, what exactly did you have planned, Kinsey asked. Lunch. Talking. Wine, he said. Kinsey looked at him and he just melted.

He took a step towards her and she went and looked out at the other part of the view. He had her nestled into a corner a matter of minutes later. Kinsey, he said. A shiver shot up her spine and she saw his hands on the railing surrounding her. She turned to face him. Yes, she joked. He kissed her again and her heart skipped a beat. We should probably have lunch, Kinsey said. He kissed her again and she could feel his heart racing. He leaned into her arms and her hands slid to the railing. His hands encompassed hers and pinned her hands in place. When they came up for air, he gave her that little grin and walked her inside for lunch before he got completely carried away.

Wine or sweet tea, he asked. Since I’m not driving, wine I guess, Kinsey said. He opened it, pouring them a half glass each. So what did you order for lunch, Kinsey asked. Spinach and peach salad with peach glazed grilled chicken, he teased. Kinsey smirked. Very cute, she joked. They had their salad and wine and fresh fruit and sat down on the sofa together. He couldn’t stop staring at her. She was breathtaking, even if she didn’t know it. Why are you lookin at me like I’m on the menu, Kinsey asked. Just taking in the view, he teased. So how long have you been at that label. Couple years actually. I figured it gave me a head start on getting my songs recorded, Kinsey said. From what I heard, you should’ve been promoted by now, Kris said. Oh really, Kinsey said. He nodded. What’s the ultimate dream, he asked. Getting my songs on the top 10. Making enough to get the house I always wanted, Kinsey said. So now that you got the 20 questions, you can answer a few. Where are you livin that you’re that close? All of 15 minutes by car away. At least that’s my place here, Kris said. How many places do you have, Kinsey asked as she sipped her wine. A few. So what are you doing tonight, he asked. Why, Kinsey asked. Had an idea, he replied.

Kinsey shook her head. And what is that idea, Kinsey said as they had their wine. You can come have dinner at the house then we can go out for a drive or something for a while, Kris said. So would that be you driving or your driver, Kinsey joked. You’ll see later tonight. So should I pick you up at 6, he asked. Kinsey smiled and got butterflies. I guess that’s yes, Kinsey teased. He got up and walked over, sitting down on the sofa beside her. What are you up to, Kinsey asked. He slid his arm around her. The look on his face said that she was in for more than she could ever expect. He shook his head. What, she asked. He slid her to him and kissed her. The kiss had her toes curling in her boots. Before I do somethin I shouldn’t, I need to get you home, he said. And what exactly were you worried about doing, Kinsey asked. He shook his head, kissed her cheek and helped her to her feet. She grabbed her purse and he walked her out, walking her to the elevator. She shook her head with a little grin. What, he asked as his hand rested in the small of her back.

This almost feels like a Fifty Shades moment, Kinsey said. He kissed her shoulder and they walked into the elevator. The perfume started to overwhelm him. He forced himself to have restraint. Thank you for lunch by the way, Kinsey said. He shook his head. Screw it, he said. He leaned her against the wall of the elevator and kissed her. He devoured her lips and his hands slid to her backside. They came up for air just as the doors opened. We should probably go, Kinsey said. He nodded. They headed out of the elevator and he walked her out to the SUV. They both slid in and the minute the door was closed, their hands were side by side. One finger at a time, his hand slid that much closer and by the time they pulled into her street, they were hand in hand in the back of the SUV.

So what are you up to tomorrow, Kris asked. Church then working on music. Why, Kinsey asked. I was going to head out for a boat ride for a while. Thought I’d see if you wanted to join me for a little cruise, he asked. Didn’t exactly take you for a fisherman, Kinsey teased. His driver almost laughed. Not exactly, he said. I guess I could so long as it doesn’t rain, Kinsey said. Well, if it does then I’ll make you dinner, he teased. At your place, Kinsey asked. He nodded. You are seriously up to something, Kinsey said. He kissed her hand. All that I’m up to is getting to know this beautiful woman at my side, he said. Kinsey got a big ole smile and almost blushed. What exactly did you want to know, Kinsey asked. He kissed her cheek. All about you. I just want to try and get to know you. Know more about you. That’s all, he said. Then I guess we’re having dinner, Kinsey said. He checked the weather as they pulled in and the weather said clear skies. We’ll come pick you up at 5:30. Is that alright, he asked. Kinsey nodded. Sounds like a beautiful night, Kinsey said. He kissed her cheek. They pulled into her driveway and he hopped out with her and walked her to the door.

So 5:30, Kinsey asked. They stopped on the front porch. I’ll get my driver to come meet you. I’ll get the boat prepared, Kris said. Prepared? What size boat are we talking about, Kinsey asked. You’ll see tonight, he said. He kissed her and headed off while Kinsey headed inside and uncurled her toes. So how was lunch, Anna asked. Since we’re goin out for dinner tonight too you mean, Kinsey asked. Okay so who exactly is that guy, Anna asked. He owns a couple labels supposedly. Something like that. Honestly, I kinda like that he’s trying to impress me, Kinsey said. So how exactly is he trying to impress you, Anna asked. Lunch in a private penthouse of the Marriott Riverfront, Kinsey said. Seriously? How on earth did he do that, Anna asked. No idea, but he even had my favorite wine, Kinsey said. Tryin to impress you with wine and fancy stuff? Really, Anna asked. He’s not trying to show off. It’s just sort of going beyond. It’s nice. The driver, the penthouse lunch, the park, the flowers. Anna, maybe this is just that stupid grand gesture you keep talkin about, Kinsey said. Just be careful alright, Anna asked. I will. So what are you doin tonight, Kinsey asked doing her best to change the topic.

Going out with Will. We’re going to the Crab Shack and then to a movie I think, Anna asked. Kinsey smirked. At least you’re getting what you wanted right, Kinsey teased. Just don’t get too far ahead of yourself alright, Anna asked. Kinsey smirked. Like that’s even possible. So what should I wear, Kinsey asked. Where are y’all going, Anna asked. Boat ride, Kinsey said. Really? What kind of boat, Anna teased. No idea, but we’re going for a boat ride. That’s all I know, Kinsey said. Then you’re definitely gonna need a sweater and probably jeans or something, Anna said. Kinsey found her jeans that were broken in just right, the sweater that she loved and her tank top. I swear. You are tryin to tempt fate with him, Anna said. And, Kinsey asked. So you like him, Anna asked. Kinsey nodded. All he’s done is kiss me. Nothing else. He’s not like that, Kinsey said. For now he isn’t, Anna said. She’d seen enough guys that acted right at the beginning then started acting a fool when they figured it was time to get some.

Kinsey had a quick shower, curled her hair and touched up her makeup. She slid into the jeans that hugged her curves, slid the lacy lingerie on with it, slid a lacy tank top on and grabbed her sweater. She came downstairs, slipping into her boat shoes. You look like yacht Barbie, Anna joked. Good, Kinsey joked. Anna shook her head. And if it is a yacht, Anna asked. Then I’m completely under dressed, Kinsey said. Ask him. What’s the worst that he could say, Anna teased. He said boat ride not dinner on a yacht, Kinsey said. Then put a skirt on or something, Anna teased. Kinsey grabbed her white skirt and slid it on, opting to bring the jeans with her. So now what, Anna asked. Now I can work on my music until he shows up. What time are you heading out with him, Kinsey asked. Probably 7. Late show, Anna replied. Just lock up. If you need me call me. I can figure out how the heck to get to you, Kinsey said. Just promise me that you don’t go overboard, Anna asked. Kinsey smirked. Funny, Kinsey replied.

She helped Anna get ready and they worked on the music half of the song Kinsey was writing. By the time it hit 5:15, an SUV pulled up out front. Kinsey shook her head. Alright. If you need me, call. Deal, Kinsey asked. Anna nodded and Kinsey headed out. Miss Jameson, I’m here to take you down to the pier. Mr. Garrison will be meeting us there. Is there anything you need to bring with us, the driver asked. One question. Is this like a fancy dinner thing or a speedboat type thing, Kinsey asked. Dinner but casual. He suggested you bring long pants to keep you warm, the driver said. Good thing I brought my jeans then, Kinsey teased. There’s a note there for you as well. We should be there in about 20 minutes, his driver said. Can I ask a really odd question, Kinsey asked. Sure, his driver said. First off, what’s your first name, Kinsey asked. Hendricks, he said. Kinsey smirked. Alright. So the next question…what’s his deal? Seems like he’s too good to be true. How can he be doin all of this, Kinsey asked. His deal is he’s extremely choosy on who he has in his life. That’s all. He just chose you, Hendricks said. Kinsey got a smile. Thank you for that. My roomie was startin to put doubts in my mind, Kinsey said.

They pulled up to the marina and Kinsey looked over. Little boat was an exaggeration. She stepped out and Kris walked over to meet her. Hey there beautiful, Kris said. He slid his hand in hers. His security guy Andrew walked down the dock behind them to ensure their safety and he helped Kinsey into the boat. Boat ride sorta entails a small boat not a massive yacht, Kinsey said. Two bedrooms doesn’t make this a yacht, he teased. Kinsey shook her head. He showed her around and they walked around to the back to see hurricane candles and a table set for the two of them, complete with chilling wine. This is beautiful, Kinsey said. Fresh seafood and spinach salad, he said. Cute, Kinsey said. He kissed her then poured them each a glass of wine.

Can I ask you a question, Kinsey asked. Which is what, he asked as they sat down on the sofa on the back of the boat. Why all of the fancy stuff? The fancy suite was beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but what is all of this about, Kinsey asked. I finally have someone to share it with instead of me going out on the boat alone and dinner alone. Honestly, I hadn’t even intended on going out with the guys the other night. Meeting you was worth spending a night watching them drink like fishes, he said. You know that all of this is great but I’m not buyable, Kinsey said. Another reason why I’m glad you’re here. I’m sick of people who take advantage of all of this. I just wanted someone to enjoy it with, he said. Kinsey got a little grin and he shook his head, sliding the wine glasses from their hands and putting them down. What, Kinsey asked. He kissed her. It wasn’t just a silly kiss. It was more like a knock your socks off, toes in permanent curl mode, heart racing so fast it almost exploded kind of kiss.

Sir, we’re leaving the dock now, the boat captain said. Thank you, Kris said. Wine, Kinsey asked handing his glass to him and waiting for her heart to slow down a little. She took a sip and he did the same. He kissed her shoulder. Kinsey looked over and they were going past the lighthouse. Where are we going, Kinsey asked. Little St. Simon’s, he said. Kinsey shook her head. A little boat ride, she teased. He kissed her again and they sat down at the table. They had their salad then the chef brought the seafood out. He fed Kinsey, she fed him and a matter of minutes after they’d finished eating, he walked her to the front of the boat. What are you up to, Kinsey asked. Better view from here, he said as they laid down on the oversized chaise. He refilled their glasses with the wine and laid down beside her.

What, Kinsey asked noticing the look on his face. I don’t think I’ve ever been this relaxed out here, he said. And why’s that, Kinsey asked. He kissed her. He put the glasses on the table and pulled her to him. He shook his head. What, she asked noticing the look of worry on his face. What am I gonna do with you, he teased. Meaning what, she teased. He kissed her again and pulled her to him. Kris, she said. Stay with me tonight, he asked. Where, Kinsey asked. Here. We can go down the coast of Florida, he said. Kinsey shook her head. "I

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