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The Art of Starting Up

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The Art of Starting Up

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"The critical, yet sometimes missed out on things in starting your venture!"

We all, at one point or the other, have fostered the idea of starting our own business. A lot of ideation, brainstorming, deliberation and preparation goes into it, and somewhere amidst all that hard work and excitement, the adrenaline rush is so high that we miss out on the supposedly common wisdom on how to go about the whole process. This book talks about those tiny nuggets, the common wisdom that is sometimes ignored, and sometimes even compromised upon.

Every year you see more and more entrepreneurs venturing out into the unknown, despite being fully aware that the journey is going to be arduous, tedious, extremely difficult, and full of unforeseen challenges. One of the prime reasons behind them doing so is the fact that despite all those hardships, the overall process is one of the most enjoyable, memorable, and yet enriching experiences you would be having in your professional life.

It accelerates your learning process, takes your career up a few notches in a really short period of time, and inculcates into you qualities that you never even knew you possessed, or could develop. But as with most of the new pathways, you would stumble multiple times during the course of the journey, and even find yourself unable to do things the way you think they should be done. Some of these setbacks you would be able to shrug off, some others would bring you down to your knees - albeit whether this 'being brought down to your knees' is temporary or permanent is something that will solely depend on you. This book makes an attempt to tell you of a number of scenarios you would be facing during the course of your startup, and make a recommendation on how to proceed for most of the scenarios, if not all.

And if you are on the fence over the decision on whether to go for this book or not, let me ask you a few questions:

1. Would you not prefer to be aware of some of the challenges that lie ahead of you? And if possible, know how to get past them once they do pose you in due course?
2. What if you had some idea as to the bottlenecks you can face, the reasons why you would be possibly facing them, and how could you possibly avoid them (or at least get out of the jam)?
3. There would be a lot of times when you would be posed with a question in the early stages of your startup, and the answer though right in front of you, wouldn't just feel right. Does it not make sense to see what are the supporting arguments behind each option at such junctures and then make an informed decision?

This book does exactly all that; it makes an attempt to touch-base on all points that goes on in your mind - be it as a startup founder, or as someone who is just contemplating to start on his own. Things that go on in your mind, things that you try talking to your friends and colleagues about - this book does that for you. It would act as that friend and converse with you on those very lines.

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