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Field of Orbs: Volume One “Battle for Innocence”

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Field of Orbs: Volume One “Battle for Innocence”

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“Field of Orbs” chronicles the life and legacy of David Banks, a prominent inventor, and industrialist.

In Volume One, “The Battle for Innocence,” David rises to dominance in industry by developing technology to help repair the world’s ecosystem. Despite lifetimes of damage to the environment by industrial exploitation and government corruption, he’s making progress.

On a planet determined to power-dive to oblivion through greed, overpopulation, and ignorance, David’s inventions repair many problems. He dedicates his career to solving problems threatening the wellbeing of life on his planet. Ecological issues, transportation woes, artificial environment management, and AI computer systems for space research vehicles top his list of products.

David built his companies by designing smart machines for managing the tasks of civilization’s everyday existence. The embedded AI controllers are his empire’s most pervasive product. He’s wealthy and influential within the realm he built, yet his life remains normal.

When the intelligence within the controllers forming his empire’s foundation interrupt production through their irrational behavior, he embarks on a journey to find a resolution. David learns, to protect his company and his pinnacle project, he must stop the hackers.

His cat-and-mouse attempts to apprehend the saboteurs drag him into an ecological cyberwar. They take him on a crazy journey to a reality he never imagined.

David’s best friend, Noa, an acclaimed scientist, confides in David his discovery their world will die in sixteen years. He claims nothing can change his assessment. David checks the data himself, using his company’s powerful machines. The results convince him the menacing threat is beyond their capacity to avoid.

Put yourself in his place. Would you give up, retreating to a quiet nook, until the end? Would you instead cut loose, living your life to extremes? Does your altruism surge, driving you to mitigate the disaster? Is saving your planet, a world determined to take a longer path to death through decades of neglect and selfishness, worth the struggle?

Your decision matters.

Noa, realizing the societal harm his discovery can inflict, conscripts David in his scheme to avoid anarchy by creating the illusion experts will avoid the disaster, while the reality remains secret. Nobody else can learn the truth.

David’s life is anything but ordinary.

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