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Saving Amy

Saving Amy

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Saving Amy

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Jan 26, 2018


Amy Jackson wasn't the type to wait around. She had dreams of Nashville and a way of getting there. After her friend Jesse talks her into one last bonfire, Amy isn't sure whether she's staying or going, but she knows that one way or another she's leaving town for good.

Zack Baker had a job to do. He was told to protect Amy at all costs. He wasn't allowed to tell her who his boss was, wasn't allowed to share details and she wasn't to be out of his sight, for her own safety. When he saw Amy he didn't seem to mind.... that is until he realized that she was truly in danger. The question was.... who was going to save Amy from herself?

Jan 26, 2018

Sobre el autor

Sue Langford started out with a dream. She'd been writing since she was young and always dreamed of seeing her books in a book store. When she finally gave in and got her first novel published, it hit the racks and was snatched up by everyone. When she made her first trip to Nashville, she was completely hooked. From that point on, her books were inspired by country music and the artists she loved.When she took on the topic of Anti-Bullying in her newest series - The Revenge Series - she found even more exposure than she could have imagined. The first of it's kind, she proved that everyone no matter their size, shape, opinions or even career deserves to be bullied. If you think she's stopping there, you will be happily surprised. She takes on a current topic with every book and every series. An author to watch and a bestselling one at that, Sue is a one of a kind author that all of us should check out.

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Saving Amy - Sue Langford


Chapter 2

Amy got back to her hotel after a day of shopping and relaxing, grabbed her Opry tickets, got changed and headed to the Opry. Miss Jackson, there’s a message here for you, the desk attendant said. I’ll get it later, she said. Just as she was about to walk out to the parking lot, she saw Brent pull in. She walked past him and got in her car. Where are you going, Brent asked. I have plans. She pulled out and took off for the highway. Brent tailed her all the way to the Opry House.

She parked and went inside and Brent grabbed her arm. What, Amy asked. Come with me. I’m going to sit Brent. He walked her down the backstage pathway and back to the dressing rooms. What the hell are you doing, Amy asked. Jason, this is Amy. Amy, this is Jason Callon, Brent said. Nice to meet you, Amy said. This is the woman you were talking about? Dang boy. You didn’t do her justice, Jason said. And just when was he talking about me, Amy asked. Every day since y’all met, Jason replied. And how do you two know each other, Amy asked. Friends for a while actually. We met up at a benefit and we’ve sorta kept in touch ever since, Brent said. Well, I have to go grab a seat, Amy said. You didn’t give her the VIP access tickets Brent? What the heck were you doing? Keeping them a secret, Jason asked. What VIP tickets? Brent handed one to her. It was a front row seat, backstage access and access to the opry wherever she wanted to be. I guess I should trade my tickets in then, Amy said. Stay here. I’ll take care of it, Brent said.

By the time he came back down, Amy was having a drink with Jason and his wife and talking music. Brent walked over to walk her out to the theater and she ignored him. When you get a chance, send them over to this address. I’ll take a listen. Some of them sound perfect for me, Jason said. Will do, Amy said. Babe, Brent said. Was nice meeting you guys, Amy said. You too. We’ll see you at the show on Saturday. Amy nodded, walked past Brent and went and sat down. He followed her out and handed her a Jack and Cola. What Brent? What do you want? You to stop acting like a spoiled rotten two year old. She got up and walked backstage and Jason offered her a seat with his wife.

When the show finished, Brent went backstage to find her and Amy was gone. He saw her tail lights pull out. He went and talked to Jason and headed out for a drink with them. Just go call her and get her over here for a drink, Jason said. Why? She wants nothing to do with me, Brent said. Whatever you damn well did, apologize. Figure out a way so she has to accept the apology, Jason said. They talked, then Brent headed to Amy’s hotel. She has on her do not disturb sir. I’m sorry. It’s an emergency, Brent said. They called up to her room and the attendant said there was a guest at the desk for her. I know who it is. Tell him to go home. I’ll also need the hotel bill. I’m moving into my apartment tomorrow. Will do, the attendant said hanging up. Well, Brent said. She asked you to go home. Brent noticed they were printing up her bill. He took a quick peek and went up the elevator to her room.

She opened the door and Brent kissed her, picking her up, wrapping her legs around him and walking towards the bed. He leaned her onto it and pinned her to it. Brent, stop. No. You need to go home. Then you’re coming with me. I’m moving into my new place tomorrow. Amy, I get you’re mad alright? What do I need to do to get you to take me back? Nothing. It’s not gonna happen. We had one stupid date and you disappeared. You don’t get to make an idiot of me twice. She tried to get up and he pinned her back down. We’re having a do-over. No. You’re going back to whatever you did before we met and I’m moving. She pushed him away almost knocking him to the ground. Amy. Just go. He grabbed her hand and walked her out the door. He put her in his car and took off. Where are we going? To do what we should’ve on our first date.

They got out to the farm where he’d wanted to take her. They rode for a while on a few horses his buddy had, then went for a walk through the field. She refused to let him hold her hand. Amy, I get you’re upset alright? "Nobody makes a fool out of me Brent.

Nobody. Please, just let me make it up to you. I’ll pass. She turned around and walked back to the barn. Just as she was about half-way there, the rain started. She got to the barn and was almost drenched. Don’t even think of suggesting that we stay here until the rain stops, Amy said. He turned her towards him and kissed her. I screwed up. I get it. Fact is that being in the military means being on call for that stuff. If I didn’t go, I would’ve been court marshalled. I didn’t mean for any of it to go like that. Brent, why can’t you just call it what it is and let go? This is where my life is now. You can’t just move the base here anyway. Then come back with me. No. Amy. Just go. She walked through the rain and got in the truck. He followed her and took her back to the hotel. Where are you moving to, Brent asked. A little place I’d been looking at just a little outside town. Amy. Go home."

They got back to her hotel and he wouldn’t let her go inside. Just give this a damn chance. I did. Goodbye Brent. Amy hopped out and went inside. She got to her room and started packing up and in minutes, Brent was back at her door. What, Amy asked. I don’t give up that easily, Brent said. He leaned towards her and kissed her, devouring her lips and walking her backwards to the bed. Brent, stop. Amy, I just wanted to try to make this work. Why can’t you just give it a chance? Because I’ve met guys like you before Brent. I’m not waiting around for years before you’re on leave again to pick up where we left off. I have a life to live and I’m doing it. Then let me be part of it. Why? He kissed her, devouring her lips and curling up as close to her as he could. They made love again and he zapped her of every ounce of energy she had. Just believe in someone. I get you don’t need a bodyguard, but let someone in Amy. Just let me be there. She fell asleep in his arms and he finally felt like he’d got through to her. Question was what was next?

Brent woke up the next morning to an empty hotel room. There was a note on the pillow beside him:

I’ll see you around sometime – Amy

He called her cell and didn’t get an answer. He got dressed and went down to the front desk and tried talking them into giving him a contact number for her. Instead, they called her cell and put Brent on the phone. Amy, where are you? Brent, this is just getting ridiculous. Then give me your cell number. No. She hung up and went back to unpacking. Brent took off to try and find her. He stopped off at a café he loved and had some breakfast and a half hour later, Amy walked through the door to get take-out. He saw her and got up, walking straight towards her, then before he could say a word, she was gone. He paid his bill and took off after her, following but from far enough away that he wouldn’t be spotted.

Amy pulled into the house, parked the car and headed inside. She turned her music back on then finished unpacking. A half hour later, there was a knock at the door. She walked towards it and saw Brent. Seriously. What are you doing? Stalking me now? You left without a damn word. Nice place by the way. You’re not coming in. Fine. At least give me your number in case something happens. She wrote it down on a piece of paper and handed it to Brent. Now will you leave me…. He picked her up and kissed her. He

leaned her onto the leather sofa and they ended up making out for hours. Next thing they knew, it was dark out and the food was almost ice cold. Dinner, he asked. I have to finish unpacking. I’ll be fine. You sure you don’t need help? Go home Brent. I’m staying a couple more days. I needed the break anyway. Just call me at the Delta if you need me. Amy nodded and he left. Finally, she thought as she finished the unpacking of the kitchen and TV room. She warmed up her lunch, ate, then worked on some music.

The next few days, Amy completely unpacked, then headed down to the record label to meet with Jason and the execs. Well, the songs you sent Jason are pretty amazing. We want all 4. If you want to look over the contracts, we can get this all handled today, the exec said handing her the contracts. I’ll have to get my lawyer to look them over, Amy said. We have our lawyer here if you want her help, Jason said. His wife came in and went through them with her. Kinda lowballed this didn’t you, Eve Callon said. Fine. We’ll up it to the regular amount. She crossed out one number and put in another. Within an hour they were signed, and Amy had made $150,000 on the 4 songs, plus royalties and a cut of the sales. She went to the bank, deposited the checks and took herself shopping for something to wear. She was gonna have one hell of a night out.

After the mall, Amy went home and got ready to go out. Single or not, she was gonna have a night out to remember. Just as she was finishing her makeup, her cell phone rang. Hello? Well hello yourself miss songwriter, Jason said. Well thanks. How are you two doing? Great. Thought I’d invite you for a drink. Eve and I thought that after the day we’ve all had you deserved a celebration drink, Jason asked. Sounds perfect. I’ll meet you at Tootsie’s. We’ll meet you in the upstairs area. Just give them your name and they’ll let you up. Thanks. Amy hung up, finished getting ready and went to leave and she was face to face with Brent. Where you off to, he asked. None of your business. She walked past him and went to get in her car. Amy. What Brent? What could you possibly have to say that will change anything that’s happened? He kissed her, leaning her against the side of her car and smearing the almost perfect lipstick. He didn’t let her up for air and had her pinned to the truck so she couldn’t fight him off. When she’d finally had enough, she found a way to get him to let go and took it. Her nails dug into his hands, then the heel of her shoe went into his foot. Ow. What the hell Amy? She got in her truck and left and went to meet Jason and Eve. A half hour later, she fixed her lipstick, parked and headed inside.

Well there she is, Eve said as she got up from Jason’s lap. Amy walked up the steps to meet Jason and Eve and within minutes they were laughing and having fun. Just what Amy needed. Within a few hours, the bar was getting busier and Jason and Eve headed home. Amy started getting an uneasy feeling the minute they left. She went and ordered a drink, but she kept getting the feeling that someone was watching her. An hour later, she was unconscious.

Amy woke up to a hotel room she recognized. She looked over and Brent was laying down beside her. She got up with one of the meanest headaches she’d ever had and saw a bottle of water beside the bed. She drank it and started getting dressed. Somehow, she’d even managed to lose part of her clothes. The ones she still had on when she woke up were the basics. She looked at the dress and saw it in a dry cleaning bag. On it was a note:

Got blood stain out. No damage to fabric.

What in the hell had gone on? She got dressed, put her heels on and left. She went downstairs and her truck was in the parking lot. She climbed in, then headed home to shower and try to get rid of the uneasy feeling. All the way home, she swore she felt someone following her.

Amy got back to her place, cleaned up and had a hot shower. What in the hell had happened? One minute she was having a drink with Jason and Eve and the next she’d lost 8 hours and was asleep beside Brent? She knew there had to be an explanation. She stepped out of the shower and got changed then went downstairs and made breakfast. She curled up watching an old movie and worked on some music lyrics. At noon, her phone rang. Hello? Where did you take off to, Brent asked. How the hell did I end up at your hotel? I was at Tootsie’s. Someone must have slipped something in your drink. You almost collapsed and I caught you and brought you to my hotel to sleep it off. I didn’t want something happening to you. For all I know it could’ve been you who did that Brent. Just go away. Amy hung up and tried to go back and concentrate on her writing.

A half hour later, Brent was at her door. She refused to answer. Amy, I know you’re home. Just answer the damn door. She went to the door. What? Are you alright? I wake up half naked in your damn hotel room and you ask me if I’m alright? Wow. Do me a damn favor alright? Go back to Virginia and stay there. She went to slam the door and he stopped it and walked inside. Amy, you need to listen to me. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. Don’t you know that yet? Brent, either you leave or… He kissed her and picked her up in his arms, then walked over to the sofa. He leaned her onto it, pinning her down. Stop, she said after almost taking his lip off. What? Leave me alone alright? Just go away and leave me alone Brent. I don’t need you or want you here. Tough. I’m gonna watch over you and make sure you’re alright. You don’t get to stop me. Fine. Would a restraining order help? She pushed him off her and walked into the kitchen. I didn’t do it Amy. I was there to make sure you were okay. You were spying on me Brent. You don’t get to do that. You don’t like it, then quit putting yourself in danger. Leaving the damn house is putting me in danger now? You want me to explain it, he asked.

Amy sat down ready to hear what she assumed would be the biggest lie ever told. When all that happened at the party, someone noticed Amy. Someone you don’t wanna mess with. He made threats against you. He was trying to get at me. That’s why I came here to watch over you. The guy is certifiably nuts. He had to have been there last night. That’s the only explanation. He wanted me to do something for him that I couldn’t do. Now, he’s taking people I care about and using them as leverage. Brent, you need to leave. Don’t you get it? You’re in danger. I’m trying to protect…. Now. "Amy, I’m not lying

to you. Someone needs to be here to keep you safe. I’m a single woman alone in Nashville and I need to be protected? From guys who want only one thing maybe. From guys who try to scheme their way into bed with me? Fine. From some imaginary person you made up that’s coming after me? Get over it Brent. Go home."

After a half hour standoff, Brent finally left, or at least she thought he did. She cleaned up the house, then had a quiet dinner alone, then decided to go out for a while. What’s the worst that could happen?

Amy went down to a few karaoke bars and almost knocked them off their feet. She had a few drinks, a bottle or 3 of water, then went to head back to her truck. She swore she felt someone behind her, but every time she turned around nobody was there. She got back to the truck and heard a fight ensue behind her. I said back off and leave her out of it. Brent’s already told you once. Don’t make me kick your ass for him. She got in her truck and left. Ten minutes later, she was on a quiet stretch of highway and she saw another truck following her. She pulled into a gas station and the truck passed her. She filled up and headed the rest of the way home. Within 5 minutes of pulling out, another truck was following her. She got home and saw 4 trucks parked on the road by her house. Nobody else was there, but she still felt like someone was watching her. She went inside, locked up and put the security alarm on.

She walked upstairs, got changed, washed off her makeup and went to bed. The minute she closed her eyes, she could smell Brent’s cologne. She flipped the light on and there was nobody there. She turned it back off and closed her eyes. Minutes later, she felt someone in the bed beside her. She felt around and there was nobody there. She shook it off and went to sleep.

The next morning she got up with what felt like someone holding her down. Something felt wrong. Really wrong. She got up and went downstairs and saw the same trucks there, but now there were cars as well. She walked outside and saw Brent talking to someone. She pulled her track pants on and walked outside. What the hell are you doing, Amy asked. You don’t want me watching over you, someone else will, Brent said. She walked back inside and he came after her. She slammed the door in his face and walked upstairs. She showered and got dressed, then left and went downtown.

She went through a few shops, then the rain started. She headed down to the mall and tried to relax. She kept turning and seeing someone behind her. Whether it was his friends or part of her so-called babysitters, she’d had enough. She walked into the lingerie store, then out the back and went to her truck and left. She went riding for hours, until her stomach growled so loud you could’ve heard it two states over. She went and grabbed something to eat from the truck and saw his friend’s car parked in the lot. She got back on her horse and took off through the fields. One way or another she was going to be able to be alone without someone watching or she was gonna do something big. Something big enough that Brent would feel it.

She got back to the house, then got changed and packed some clothes. She loaded up the truck. Where are you going, Brent asked as he pulled in behind her truck, blocking her in. Does it matter? I don’t need a damn babysitter Brent, and I damn well don’t need you telling me what to do. I’m an adult. Get used to it. She went to get in the truck and he grabbed her hand, walking her in the back door. What, Amy asked. Look at this and tell me there’s no reason for any of this. He handed her a handwritten note. It read:

Think you can get away with that? Here’s the deal. You back off or the next time you see your pretty little girlfriend, she’ll be in the morgue in pieces. They’ll have to put her back together like a damn jigsaw puzzle. Already proved I can get in that close without her noticing. Amy handed it to him. Now do you get why? She pushed him out the door, locked it, got in her truck and pulled out, going onto the front lawn to get around him. She was half way to Pigeon Forge when they finally caught up to her. A few quick turns through back roads and she’d lost them, then pulled into the cabin she rented. She parked the truck in the garage, then closed the door, went inside and got settled. Her phone buzzed. What? Where are you? She hung up. She’d watched enough shows to know that more than 20 seconds on the phone meant someone could find her. She made a fire in the fireplace, made dinner and sat down on the porch and ate. Never going home was an option she wished she had. She spent that night working on music and after that night and 3 more after it, she’d managed to get 5 songs done. She sent them off to the label and within an hour, she got a message back that they had 2 artists they’d be perfect for. They bought the songs and by the time she was ready to leave, the contracts were completed. Two of the chart topping artists wanted the songs. She got one or two more done, then by the weekend, headed home.

She got back and saw the trucks sitting out front and the cars, and Brent parked in the driveway. She pulled in and around him, then parked her truck and came inside, dropped her laundry into the washer, then went upstairs. A minute or two later, the doorbell rang. She went to the door and saw Brent. What? May I? No. Amy. You done trying to tell me what to do like I’m a damn child? Why are you doing this? You know I’m just trying to protect you. Didn’t ask for it. Leave me alone Brent. Maybe this will help then, he said handing her a letter from her parents:


She’s stubborn. We understand that she’s in danger. Please keep her safe. Tell her if it gets too much to come home and you won’t have any problem keeping an eye on her. Thank you.

Amy handed it back to him and slammed the door, locking it back up. She turned her movie on and made herself popcorn. She grabbed a drink and put her feet up to relax. The minute the movie was done, Brent called her. What Brent? Can we just talk? No. Amy, come on. I get you’re mad but the fact that he’s still out there is the problem. Until someone catches him, there’s nothing we can do. You’re gonna be in danger. What was the real reason you were at the party? I told you. I just went to see some old friends while I was on leave. And? Stop thinking what I think you are. Amy, this isn’t all about you alright? He’s out to get me. He’s already tried once. He’s proven that he can get to you when nobody is looking. That’s why I asked them to come help me. Don’t you get it? You done? Amy, just open the door so we can talk alright? My house. Can do whatever the hell I want to. Amy. No. You want to watch me like a freakin super spy, do it from there. I don’t want you, and I damn well don’t need you in my life Brent. She hung up. Ten minutes later, there was a knock at the door.

What, Amy asked. She opened it and Brent stuck his foot in the door and pulled her to him. He kissed her. One kiss led to two. She finally pushed him away. What do you want Brent? You can’t just demand your way in to my house. He kissed her again and picked her up, wrapped her legs around him and carried her upstairs to her bedroom. He pinned her onto the bed. Brent. No more stupid fighting. No more getting pissed off over nothing. Then let me up. No. Brent, let go of me. He kissed her again and leaned his body against hers. Every muscle rippled. He kissed her again and devoured her lips. Brent. What? Just go. No. Fine. She tried fighting him off and couldn’t. She tried breaking away and it was like he had a death grip on her. He kissed her again and it was the craziest, most intense kiss she’d had in her life. He peeled her shirt off. Brent. Shh. He peeled his shirt off, then her jeans, then his. We… He kissed her again and in minutes, they were having sex, so intense that neither one of them could catch their breath. Neither one of them could let go, and he intended it to stay that way.

Brent got up an hour later and she wasn’t in bed. He heard the shower running. He walked in and slid in behind her. She turned around and he kissed her. She pushed him away and stepped out. She got dressed, then went downstairs and made herself a cup of tea. He came downstairs a few minutes later doing his jeans up. Amy. Leave. We need to… Now. Get out. Take your stupid friends with you. Just go back to Virginia and act like you never knew me. Leave me alone. Amy, I can’t do that. Then I’ll call the police to remove you. Go. Amy, I made a promise. Consider it done. Get out.

She took her tea upstairs to her bedroom. She locked the door behind her. She curled up in bed and tried to relax. She worked on some lyrics, then a song or two. She got up to take her mug downstairs and he was sitting just outside the bedroom door. What part of go don’t you understand? He got up and kissed her. She pushed him away. She walked downstairs and saw suitcases packed by the front door. What are my suitcases doing here? You’re coming with me. Where? I’m keeping you safe one way or the other. I didn’t want to have to do things this way, but you left me no damn choice. She went to walk off and he grabbed her arm. Let go. We’re going tonight. I’m not going anywhere with you. Get changed. We’re leaving. He walked her back upstairs, handed her a pair of leggings and a sweater and sat there. Get out. No. She got changed, grabbed her toiletries, her phone and charger and her laptop and guitar. We need to go, Brent said. Where? Now Amy. He walked her downstairs, then out to a black SUV with tinted windows. They got everything into the back and pulled out. She refused to say a word to him. The entire drive she was silent. She put her ear buds in and cranked her iPod.

She woke up what had to be hours later. The sun was shining. She looked over and saw Brent asleep beside her. She went to try and get up and he grabbed her hand. Where do you think you’re going? To figure out where you dragged me… He kissed her. She pushed him away and got out of the SUV. Where the hell are we? Just outside Galveston. And the reason I had to come all the freakin way here when I should be in Nashville was? He handed her his phone and she saw a picture of the man that was coming after her. He looks like James, she said. That’s because he’s his brother. He got pissed off that you dishonored their family by blowing James off and started making threats. We found out who he was and I had to protect you. Then we can go back so I can work on my music. No. We need to stay here for a while until he’s caught. Meaning? Get in and we’ll head over to the cabin.

Within 15 minutes, they were at a cabin that felt far away from everything. Almost secluded. What are we doing out… Brent kissed her. Either you back off, or you’re gonna be sorry, Amy said. For someone who was supposedly protecting her, he seemed too damn excited about being out here. What happened to all business, Amy asked. We’re both under stress. I thought you could use…. "Well think again. I’m on the first

damn plane home. Amy. Don’t start with me. She grabbed her cell, called the airline and a cab to come get her. We just got here. Then you can stay. Within 20 minutes, the cab showed and she was gone. Fine. She wants it like that, then she can damn well have her way and get herself killed," Brent said the minute she left. That was just the start of the firestorm.

Amy got back to Nashville, unpacked and got to work on some more music. She kept feeling like someone was watching her. Somehow, some way, something was going on and she almost didn’t want to know what it was. She got people making a few demos of the songs, then kept working. One way or another she was gonna forget about Brent. She headed back downtown to meet up with some new friends. She had a drink or two, then came outside and saw a note on her truck:

Watch your step. Wouldn’t want you to get hurt.

Something told her that someone had messed with the truck. She got in and turned the truck on and a CD turned on. It was the song that was playing the minute Brent and James had been in the fight. This was just plain creeping her out. She drove herself home, and as she went to slow down going down the hill to her place, her brakes gave out. Thank goodness the emergency one was alright. She got home and called the police.

Someone has definitely tampered with the brakes, the officer said. And? And you need to take this truck in and get them fixed. If you’d gone one more step, you’d have flipped the truck. They towed her truck to the dealership, got the evidence they needed and drove Amy back to her place. Now she was scared. Who could be that mad at her? She had no enemies.

She tossed and turned all night. She woke up at 4:30 and started working on some music. She went outside and tried to get some air. She came back inside and her phone rang. Are you okay, Brent asked. What do you mean? I got a bad feeling that something was wrong. I’m fine. Someone is just messing with me. I’m coming to Nashville. I don’t need you here Brent. Go back to Virginia and go back to work. Amy. Goodnight. She hung up. Why did she get a sick feeling?

She finally got her truck back and went downtown for a while. She parked in the parking garage beside the security guard. Can you keep an eye on the truck for me, Amy asked. The man nodded and Amy went and tried to relax a while. She shopped, walked by the water, then went and tried to relax. She came back a few hours later and headed off to the salon to try and relax. She got a spray tan, her hair done and makeup and nails done then took herself out for a night out.

She hung out with a few girls she’d met and went to order herself a refill when the bartender handed her a drink. I didn’t order anything, Amy said. He bought it for you, the bartender said pointing towards the end of the bar. He was there, she said. Amy handed the drink back to her. He was, the bartender repeated. Did he touch the drink? She shook her head. Amy took the drink and walked back to the group of girls she came with. That was fast, her one friend said. In minutes, someone tapped her shoulder. She turned around and was face to face with him.

Couldn’t resist buying you a drink, the man said. And why is that, Amy asked. Most beautiful woman in the bar tonight. That’s why, he said flashing her the pearly white smile. Amy couldn’t help but smile back. Her girls scattered. So what are you doing in Nashville all by yourself? What makes you think I’m here alone, Amy answered. Well, first off, I know the Virginia accent anywhere. Second off, you’re standing alone. Well, you know that could just be a choice. He smirked. Come sit with me and we’ll talk, the man said. I don’t even know you, Amy said. Zack, he said as he reached out a hand.

Zack Baker was the country boy that Carrie Underwood songs warn you about. He was the tall dark and handsome type who looked like he walked out of a magazine. He had the pristine cowboy boots and the attitude to go with it. He’d worked on a farm until he hit his college years and was now working at one of the top music labels in town. He’d had his chance with every pretty girl he’d ever wanted, but he wanted the right one. He wasn’t about to give up. Even when he was in the National Guard girls were always following him around. Problem was, they only wanted something casual. He wanted someone to take home to his mom who was convinced he was going to become the next Hugh Heffner. His eyes were set on Amy now. Just one hot woman to distract him from his world.

So, since I know you’re not from Nashville, Zack teased. Very tiny town in Virginia. That’s all I’m saying, Amy teased. So what brings you here? Got a few songs sold to one of my favorite artists. Figured I’d make a career out of it, Amy replied. Not Jason Callon, he joked. He’s one of them. See that’s why you seemed familiar. I work at his label. Amy almost backed away. I help with the promotion part of the industry. I’m not an agent or anything. They sat and talked and an hour later, it felt like she’d known

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