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Impossible Fate

Impossible Fate

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Impossible Fate

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Jan 26, 2018


Have you ever wondered what caused that feeling of someone walking past you when there was nobody there? Have you ever smelled perfume when you were alone in a room?

Kelsey Baxter was just another single girl in the world. She'd go to bonfires with her friends and she'd work all day with the horses. It was her dream job. When she volunteered to help clear someone's name online, she got a lot more than she bargained for.

Wyatt Cage was a military man. He'd had the training to get almost any task done. When he joined in on the task of clearing someone's name online, he saw her picture. The only thing he knew was her name - Kelsey. When Wyatt started seeing threats against her, he decided it was his duty to protect her. What he didn't count on was falling for her. In this story of mystery, romance and the supernatural, things aren't always what they seem. People aren't what you think they are. It's a story of finding an Impossible Fate. A story of true love that will pull you in and not let you go.

Jan 26, 2018

Sobre el autor

Sue Langford started out with a dream. She'd been writing since she was young and always dreamed of seeing her books in a book store. When she finally gave in and got her first novel published, it hit the racks and was snatched up by everyone. When she made her first trip to Nashville, she was completely hooked. From that point on, her books were inspired by country music and the artists she loved.When she took on the topic of Anti-Bullying in her newest series - The Revenge Series - she found even more exposure than she could have imagined. The first of it's kind, she proved that everyone no matter their size, shape, opinions or even career deserves to be bullied. If you think she's stopping there, you will be happily surprised. She takes on a current topic with every book and every series. An author to watch and a bestselling one at that, Sue is a one of a kind author that all of us should check out.

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Impossible Fate - Sue Langford

Impossible Fate

Sue Langford

© Sue Langford 2011

All Rights Reserved

To the ladies who are more than just friends.

You are family to me. Thank you for reminding me that nobody can do anything alone.

For my true Grace.

Chapter 1

When you’re a single girl in this world, finding a decent man isn’t easy. You can hunt for days, weeks, years even and never come across a single person that you can imagine spending a lifetime with. Some guys are intent on perfection, others on looks. These two people were different. People said there was no way that two people could end up like this.

Kelsey Baxter had been in a little town outside of Nashville her entire life. She’d grown up surrounded by the horses from the stable down the road, the smell of the magnolia trees and surrounded by men who decided she needed to be taken care of. Even her parents tried introducing her to men. There were the tycoon types, the country music dreamer types and even the sport superstar guys. Nobody ever won her heart, though everyone tried.

She had the long blonde hair and the blue eyes that turned a head or two, the curves that had the boys whistling, but she didn’t want just a guy. She wanted the one that was going to hold her in his arms until she felt safe, until she felt whole again. She was almost 5 foot 7 and had a mean Stetson boot collection to suit every outfit. She was the laid back girl that every man dreamt of - the girl who could sing every country song, who could ride any horse and who could have every woman in the room in envy when she walked in. She had the smarts, the looks and the attitude. The only thing she didn’t have was someone who loved her back.

You realize that one more bad blind date and I’m gonna opt for the crazy cat lady status, Kelsey said as she spent another Saturday night out with her girlfriends at the honky tonks downtown Nashville. Girl, stop worrying. He’s out there somewhere and you know it, her friend Grace Jones said. Fact is, I think I’m done waiting for him, Kelsey joked. They got another Jack and Cola then sat down and relaxed. It was another night of that bar being filled with every tourist in the city. They sat up front in the VIP section watching the performer that night while the locals relaxed in the back. At some point you have to just give people a chance Kelsey, Grace said. Such as, Kelsey joked.

After a few drinks, they grabbed a cab and headed home. Girl, you need to find yourself a man who’s gonna make you forget all this single girl stuff, Grace said. When I find him, I’ll see if he has a twin for you. Grace headed home and Kelsey went inside and went back onto her computer. She’d decided to help out a friend with some online work, and spent an hour working on it before she finally turned in.

The next morning, Kelsey headed into work and was knee deep in the stalls an hour later. Grace came in around 10. Hungover much, Kelsey teased. Girl, you have like 3 messages on your phone, Grace said handing Kelsey her phone. And how did you know that? You dropped it in your car and I grabbed it, Grace said handing her the phone. Kelsey took one look at it and slid it in her pocket and got back to work. So, we’re going to a bonfire tonight. You in, Grace asked. What would the point be Grace? Really. You’re coming. Besides. Deacon is gonna be there, Grace teased. And that’s supposed to put me in a party mood? That’s the last person I wanna see and you know it. Kelsey, come on. He said he was sorry. You have to let it go.

Deacon Mason was the epitome of the western man. The tall dark and handsome man stood around 6 foot 3. She couldn’t remember one day where he wasn’t in his cowboy hat and boots. He owned more than one ranch in town and threw himself at Kelsey at every opportunity. Fact was, every time he got close to her it was like dynamite and fire. It always ended in a fight that could cause mass destruction. They’d ruined more than one bonfire with their fighting. Tonight wasn’t going to be any better. He was a mean drunk and one that caused more than his share of damage. He was crude, possessive and like a rabid dog on a bad night.

After working at the farm until after 3, Kelsey went home and showered and got changed for the bonfire that Grace wasn’t about to let her miss. She logged into her email and started going through messages. She came across one that had her intrigued:

Kelsey, I heard what you were working on. I need to talk to you. I have some information you might want. Call me – Wyatt Cage

She laughed it off. She logged into the site she’d been working on and there was a friend request from him. She messaged him back:

Appreciate the help, but I think I can handle this myself. I don’t need your help. Thanks anyway.

She finished getting changed and went to head out when a reply came up:

Just let me explain. Trust me on this. I got into this and I’m further ahead. Please – Wyatt

This guy just doesn’t freaking give up, Kelsey said as she logged out and took off.

She made it to the front steps of the house when she heard Grace pulling in. And why am I not driving, Kelsey asked. Because you’re gonna have fun tonight. I’m driving so you can have a few and chill out. I don’t need to be drinking with him around, Kelsey said. Yeah you do. They cranked up the country tunes, grabbed dinner and headed straight to the bonfire.

Grace noticed trucks pulling in a little while later. What, Kelsey asked. He’s here, Grace said. Who? Kelsey saw Deacon’s truck. Just promise me you aren’t starting the fight, Grace said. As long as I get to crank that playlist we made, fine. He starts it I’m damn well finishing it. Kelsey, for once can you not just let it go? Kelsey shook her head. She hopped out and grabbed the ice and the steel tub. Kelsey, Grace said. He touches the Jack I brought and it’s on, Kelsey replied.

An hour later, the sun was setting and almost 30 people had showed. The guys had the fire going, the girls were all joking around and having a drink or two. Kelsey’s phone buzzed in her pocket. She looked and it was another message from Wyatt:

I got to the bottom of it. Please call. Here’s my number.

Kelsey just shook her head. What you getting all bent out of shape about, Austin asked. Nothin, Kelsey replied. Then get down here and come have a drink with me, he said. Austin had always been a pretty good friend. He knew she needed a distraction. He grabbed her hand and walked her over to where everyone else was. He handed her a cup that was half-full with Jack. Well, you just know me so well don’t you, Kelsey teased. He leaned in to kiss her and Kelsey went to back away. In seconds, Deacon was pushing Austin. Don’t you dare make a move on my woman, Deacon said. First off dude, she ain’t your girl. She’s single. When you get that through your thick head let me know, Austin said. You really wanna pick a fight, Deacon asked. I swear if you even think about it, I’ll kick your backside myself, Kelsey said. Right. Woman, go stand over there before you get yourself hurt, Deacon said. Kelsey handed her drink to Grace. Kelsey, Grace said. She walked over to Deacon.

You don’t own me, Kelsey said. Woman, back away, Deacon said. Or what? A few of her friends tried pulling them apart, but the fire and the sparks were about to go off. Or what? You think I’m letting him make a move on you, Deacon said. No. I’m thinking that you’re going to get a serious ass kicking from my Stetsons in about two minutes if you don’t back the hell off. Kelsey, why don’t you go hit on someone else, Deacon said. No problem. She went and grabbed a cup of beer. We need to talk, Deacon said coming up behind her. You need to back away before I knock you into next week, Kelsey replied. He grabbed her arm and started walking her towards the trees. Let go, Kelsey said. He pulled her into his arms and leaned in to kiss her. Don’t even think it, Kelsey said. You know damn well you’re mine. Why do you have to go and start a damn fight? You don’t own me, Kelsey said. I want what’s mine, he said as he tried pulling at her shirt. Back off. No. She fought him off and threw the beer in his face. Kelsey. She walked back to the bonfire. He came up behind her, grabbing her around the waist and in minutes, he was flat on the ground with Kelsey’s foot across his throat. What part of don’t touch me didn’t you get, Kelsey asked.

Grace pulled her off Deacon and Kelsey walked off and went back to the party. Austin handed her a refill on her Jack. You okay, he asked. Think my Stetsons might need a polish but yeah, Kelsey joked. She had her drink. Dean wanted to talk to you, Austin said. I bet he did, Kelsey said. When you gonna give me a chance to take you out, Austin asked. You’re one of my friends Austin. Why would I mix up our friendship with something like that? He leaned in towards her and she got up and walked away. More and more people started showing up and she managed to blend into the crowd. She was dancing with her friends on the back of one of the pickups when a guy walked towards her. What, Kelsey asked when he looked right up at her. You need a refill, the man said. Triple Jack, Kelsey replied. My kind of girl, he teased. He walked off, filled her cup three quarters full with Jack and walked back towards her. He jumped up in the back of the truck and her friends took off, leaving Kelsey and this man alone.

He was the tall dark and handsome type. He had the beat up blue jeans, the boots and the Gibson guitar. Every girl at that party was trying to get his attention. Instead of paying attention to all the other girls, he was looking straight at Kelsey. Thanks, Kelsey said. So do I get to know your name, he asked. Why are you so eager, Kelsey asked. You aren’t even gonna give me a bone here are you, he asked. Just why do you need to know so badly, she asked. Because I wanna know who to ask for when I take you out next weekend, he teased. Funny, she replied. She went to walk away and he pulled her back to him. Come on, he said. You can let go, Kelsey replied. What is your deal, he asked. I don’t play the stupid games. I… He kissed her. Just as he did, Deacon started walking towards them. You do realize the shit storm is heading right to you, Kelsey said. You have your purse, he asked. She nodded. He hopped off the back of the truck, got in and pulled out. What are you doing, Kelsey asked. Taking my truck away from here until he chills out, the man said.

They drove down a backroad or two to the other side of the trees. He parked and turned up the stereo, cranking one of her favorite Jason Aldean tunes. What is your deal, Kelsey asked. He hopped into the back of the truck then walked towards her. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. Think you’re getting a little ahead of yourself, Kelsey said. Oh really, he said. You didn’t even tell me your name. You didn’t either, he replied. Nice, Kelsey said. She went to walk away and he grabbed her arm. What, she asked. Just tell me your name, he said. What’s the damn point? Why are you so damn stubborn? It’s Kelsey. Happy now, she asked. She pushed him away and got up and started walking back to the bonfire. Where are you going, he asked. She walked. He caught up to her then picked her up and put her in the truck. Do you…. , Kelsey said as he pulled her to him. He kissed her. She pushed him away. Get off me. She got up and walked off walking straight back through the woods to the bonfire.

She came through the woods and Grace saw her. Where did you go, Grace asked. Some stupid idiot thinks that he can just try stealing me away from everyone. This guy needs a serious kick in the butt, Kelsey replied. They went back to the party and not even a half hour later, the guy came back to the party. He grabbed Kelsey a drink and walked back towards her. What, haven’t had enough, Kelsey asked. Could’ve at least let me drive you back, the guy said. Grace smirked and left them alone. Don’t get in trucks with strange crazy people. I’m not. Right. Fine. Don’t believe me, he said. She walked away. Just as she was almost back to the bonfire, he came back up behind her. Are you seriously stalking me or what? One thing first, he said. Which is? He handed her another drink. Now you’re trying to get me drunk. Nice. I’m…. As he was about to introduce himself, Deacon came up behind him. He was about to turn around when Deacon took a swing at him.

The guy ducked then took a swing at Deacon himself. Move for move he took Deacon on. Crazy thing was, whoever this guy was he outwitted, outsmarted and out-fought Deacon. By the time the fight was over, he had Deacon pinned to the side of the car. Enough, Kelsey said. Why? Afraid I was gonna lose, Deacon asked. Fine. You two sit here and try figuring out who’s the bigger man while I get myself a drink. Kelsey walked back to the party.

Kelsey grabbed a drink and was dancing around with her friends when the guy walked back over. He motioned for her to come closer. She laughed it off. She went to turn back around and he was right in front of her. Why can’t you just take…. He kissed her again and literally it felt like lighting shooting through her legs to her toes. Um. Kelsey, I’m… Girl, I’m heading home. You coming, Grace asked as she interrupted their conversation. Coming. Nice meeting you, she said walking off. He tried catching up to her, but Kelsey took off.

Who was that, Grace asked. Some guy. I don’t know. Whoever it was, he was hot. You think everyone’s hot, Kelsey teased. They headed back to Kelsey’s and Grace dropped her off. Still wanna know what his name was, Grace said. Then go back and find out, Kelsey teased. Girl, what has got into you? I’m just sick of people telling me what I’m supposed to be doing. I’m not just gonna take off with some guy I met at a party. Give me some damn credit, Kelsey said. Maybe you need a hug, Grace joked. I need to get out of this stupid town. That’s what I need, Kelsey replied.

That night, Kelsey logged back into her messages and saw another one from Wyatt:

Just call me. I need to explain what I found.

She dialed. In minutes she heard his voice. What’s this so-called information that’s so damn important, Kelsey asked. First off, can the attitude. What was this information that I just had to have? Kelsey, please. Just hear me out. I have the names of the people responsible. I got that far into it, Wyatt said. Then send the info to the authorities. I know you’ve been doing all this work. Just let me work with you on it, he asked. Fine. You do your half and I’ll do mine. I don’t get why you need me to work with you. Because they pinpointed you as one of the people that is causing problems. I’m scared for your safety, Wyatt said. Whatever. Kelsey, these people aren’t thinking right. They’re crazy. And your point? I’ve dealt with crazy before, Kelsey replied. Kelsey, you aren’t safe. Fine. She hung up. She got changed and went off to bed. Something had her tossing and turning half the night -something about his voice.

The next morning, Kelsey got up and went for a run then headed to the farm to get the horses settled. She took her favorite horse for a good long ride through the hills. When she came back to the ranch, Deacon was talking to the ranch hand. Kelsey put her horse away, gave him a treat and cooled him down. She walked back towards the office area. I need her to come work at my ranch for a few weeks. I’m sure you can spare her, Deacon said. That’s totally up to her. She’s working here. She’s out with the horses half the day. I’ll ask her but I don’t think you’re gonna want hear the answer she gives, John said. He was a pretty amazing boss that way. He never made choices for her. It was just another reason why she loved working with him. What answer, Kelsey asked. Deacon wants you to come down to his ranch and help out with a few new horses, John said. As long as he stays on the other side of the damn farm and doesn’t talk or come near me, fine, Kelsey replied knowing full well that Deacon would lose it.

She turned around and went and cleaned up a few horses, got them all fed then took a few to the paddock to get some fresh air. When she turned around, Deacon was right behind her. Why can’t you just admit that you want me around, he asked. Why can’t you just get over the fact that I’d rather become a nun than be with you, Kelsey said as she walked off. Just as she stepped back into the stables to clean up, her phone went off with another message from Wyatt:

I reported the threats to the webmaster for the site. I tried to tell you that you weren’t safe. Please call me so I know you’re alright – Wyatt.

Kelsey finished cleaning up then got everything settled for the next day and headed home. Her phone buzzed with another message from Wyatt begging for her to call him. She went inside. She dialed and in seconds, he’d answered. Thank god you’re alright, Wyatt said. What is your problem, Kelsey asked. Did you look at what was on that site? She logged into it and saw threats. People hadn’t realized that she was the only one telling the truth other than some crazy guy they called Cowboy. They’re nuts. That’s all there is to it, Kelsey replied. Just promise me that you’re gonna stay safe. Why does it matter to you anyway? I don’t know you from a dang can of paint, Kelsey said. I couldn’t stop thinking about you last night alright? It was like you were haunting my dreams. Meaning? I heard your voice telling me I was being silly. That nothing was gonna happen, Wyatt said. You should get those voices checked out, Kelsey teased. What if I told you that I know that you were thinking about me? I’d say you were definitely crazy. Long blonde hair and blue eyes. A tough lady who doesn’t take crap from anyone. Someone who pushes everyone away, Wyatt said. I don’t have a picture anywhere on the internet. Probably have a supply of Stetson boots to kick ass with, he said. Do I know you or something, Kelsey asked. I saw you in my dream. You can call it crazy if that’s what you want. Fine. Go check yourself into the psychiatric ward. Are you always this much of a pain? You need to stop talking crazy and I’ll stop assuming you are, Kelsey said. Fine. You don’t believe the same things. What are you trying to say? In my background, when you meet your soul mate, you almost haunt each other’s lives. You can see each other in your dreams and even when you aren’t expecting it, Wyatt said. Now we’re soul mates? Just hear me out. Kelsey hung up. Talking to crazy wasn’t going to happen.

The rest of the week was a crawl. She didn’t answer one message out of the 3-times a day messages that Wyatt sent. It got to Friday night and she headed to a bonfire with Grace. Just as they were pulling out to head over, her phone rang. Yep, Kelsey said answering the phone. Thank God you’re alright, Wyatt said. You’re still on that? What part of go away don’t you get, Kelsey said as she hung up and cranked the music up. They got to the party and Kelsey grabbed herself a drink – a strong one. An hour or so later, everyone was dancing and having fun when that same man from the last bonfire showed up. He walked straight to Kelsey. She walked off and went and grabbed herself a refill and avoided him. Two hours later, she was joking around with some of the girls and they went silent. They motioned towards the man that was walking straight to her. Where are you going, Kelsey asked her friends as they laughed and hopped off the back of the truck.

The man walked over to her. What, Kelsey asked. Wanna come for a drive, he asked. I’m kind of hanging out here, Kelsey said. He grabbed her hand and it was like she was electrocuted. A surge went down her arm. I need to talk to you for a minute, he said. Just as he was about to make his move, Deacon started walking straight towards them. Might want to say whatever you’re gonna say before something else happens, Kelsey said motioning towards Deacon. Personal bodyguard, he asked. Jackass in training, Kelsey replied. Deacon walked up behind him. I need to talk to you Kelsey. Now, Deacon said getting in this man’s face. And why is that, Kelsey asked. I said now. Really. Girls respond to that do they, Kelsey said sarcastically. Now doesn’t mean sometime soon. It means now, Deacon said pulling her off the back of the truck and flipping her over his shoulder.

Put me the hell down, Kelsey said. Deacon walked far enough away from everyone that nobody was gonna hear a word and finally put her down. What is your damn problem, Kelsey asked. Who the hell was that guy, Deacon asked. Deacon, seriously. I’m not your damn property. I don’t want to be your girl, and I sure as hell don’t want you in my life in any way shape or damn form. Tough. You got me whether you like it or not. Deacon, screw the hell off and leave me alone. Who was he, Deacon asked getting even more mad. A guy. Don’t like him. You don’t like him because he got closer to me than you ever will. Just leave me the hell alone, Kelsey said. I want you out at my ranch tomorrow, Deacon said. No. Kelsey, I want you there. I didn’t say you had a choice. Really, seems to me I have a choice. My answer is screw you Deacon. Kelsey went to walk off and he grabbed her arm. Where are you going, he asked. Let go. You’re not going back down there until you get it through your head that we’re together. She flipped Deacon’s arm behind his back, kicked him and knocked him to the ground, pulling his arm until he was wincing. Kelsey, stop. Stop trying to force me into being with you or I’m busting your damn shoulders, she said. She walked off and went back to the party.

So you two kiss and make up, Grace asked. I swear, he has one hell of a death wish. What the hell is wrong with him anyway? He thinks he can bully me into going out with him, Kelsey said. Kelsey, you need to stop. You know damn well that you want someone in your life. Give the guy a chance. No. I don’t need someone declaring me his property. Kelsey, quit fighting with him, Grace asked. Then tell him to stop trying to get on my last nerve. I want nothing to do with him. Kelsey went back to the party, grabbing herself a drink and sat with her girlfriends. A little while later, she looked over and saw that guy staring at her again. Her phone buzzed with a message from Wyatt:

Are you alright?

She turned her phone off then took a gulp of her drink. They hung out and danced and had fun until someone started with the slow songs. She was about to head to the truck with Grace when the mystery guy came back up behind her. He grabbed her hand and turned her towards him. He danced with her to all the slow songs then tried to kiss her and she walked away. She got to Grace’s truck and they headed off.

So what did that handsome guy want this time, Grace teased. Would you just stop? He’s a freaking stranger. The guy creeps me the hell out to be honest. Kelsey, every time we go to a damn party, he’s there. Something’s up with you two. I don’t even know his name. Give it a rest, Kelsey said. Then find out his name and go out with him. Trying to marry me off? Funny. I don’t know what’s up with you two. All I know is there’s something strange about the way the two of you are, Grace said. Give it a rest for tonight. You coming out tomorrow night to the lake? I guess. I can promise you one thing though Grace. That creepy guy shows up again and I’m going home, Kelsey said. Girl, he’s hot. Give him a chance. Right. You’d say that about a psycho killer if he was good looking, Kelsey teased.

The next morning, Kelsey got straight back to work, taking the horse she loved out for another ride. She got all the way out to the back edge of the property when the horse reared up like it had been spooked. She calmed the horse down and hopped off. She looked and heard Deacon’s voice. You don’t get to lurk around here and try to take my woman away. She’s mine, Deacon said. No she isn’t. She’s not your damn property. Now back the hell up before I use this, the man said with a gun in hand. Right. Like it’s even loaded, Deacon replied. One shot into the air and the horse got spooked again. The two guys turned around and saw Kelsey. She went and got on the horse and took off and headed back to the stables.

Kelsey cleaned up then headed home before Deacon or whoever that was could find her. She got home and saw3 or 4 messages from Wyatt. She had a long shower then pulled on a sundress and curled up outside with dinner on the porch swing. Her phone rang as she was just finishing. Yep. It’s Wyatt. I’m sorry for calling you like this but I had to make sure you were alright. What is your deal? I get that you want to work on the stuff with me, but now you’re pushing yourself into my life. I don’t appreciate it, Kelsey said. Kelsey, there’s a guy that was threatening you and knew where you were. That’s why I’m worried. I don’t even know you. Yeah you do. Meaning what? Kelsey, please. Just hear me out, Wyatt said. When you stop being creepy as hell please let me know. I am who I say I am. I know you. Kelsey, I promise you that I’m not just causing… You’re crazy. You realize that? I don’t know you. At this rate, I don’t want to. She hung up.

She got a message not even a half hour later – Please call me back. I’m sorry. Just give me a chance to explain. She ignored it and tried getting some sleep. At 11, her phone rang. This better be good for this late at night. I met you at the bonfire, Wyatt said. What? I met you at the bonfire. That stupid Declan guy keeps causing a damn fight or a scene before I get to talk to you. Guess he spotted crazy then, Kelsey replied. Kelsey. Just come down to the lake. I’ll meet you at the rope swing. You think I’m coming down there at this time of night? She heard something moving in the bushes. Kelsey. Someone’s here. Kelsey, go. Now. You’re insane, she said. Kelsey, get in your damn truck and come down here. Before she realized it, she was running through the house throwing clothes and toiletries in to a bag. She took off just as she heard the glass at the back door break.

She was down at the lake in a half hour and was scared out of her wits. She pulled up to where she had hung out with her friends and saw the old rope swing. She hopped out and grabbed herself a cup from her bag and poured herself a drink to calm down. She sat down by the water and in minutes she heard someone coming up behind her. It’s me. Don’t worry, Wyatt said. She turned around and saw him. The guy that had been driving her nuts at every bonfire was right behind her. The one who when he touched her had caused shocks through her system. What are you doing here, Kelsey asked. What do you think? I told you to come meet me. She was almost shaking. I found out who that guy was that was coming after you. The cops just hauled him off, Wyatt said. So what exactly are you…. He kissed her and had shocks right

through to the tips of her toes. He let her up for air a few minutes later. I just want you safe. That’s all, Wyatt said. What are you doing down here anyway, Kelsey asked. I followed a lead. The guy that was causing all of that stuff online started threatening you. I had to make sure you were okay. You don’t even know me. I know enough to know that you were in danger, Wyatt said. You are seriously creeping me out. Honestly, I didn’t mean to. I just had this feeling that something was wrong. And that’s why you just started emailing me? The number you were calling from was a Virginia number, Kelsey said. I know. Aren’t you a little far away from home? Are you seriously mad, he asked. You practically stalk me then… He kissed her. That was the reason I didn’t go home, Wyatt said. What? The tingles down to my toes. You are… I know you felt it too. You’re seriously crazy, she said.

Kelsey went to get back in the truck and leave and Wyatt stopped her. You can’t go, he said. Why? Because the boogey man is gonna get me? Because I need to know you’re safe. You already said the police had the guy who was at my house, Kelsey said. And I still don’t think you’re safe. I need to know you’re alright. What is your deal? I’m not your damn girlfriend. Kelsey, please. She started the truck and left. There was no way in hell that this insane crazy person could be this crazy. He needed professional help, or at least Kelsey thought he did.

She got back to the house and went in and flipped the light switch. It didn’t turn on. She went to go into the kitchen and a hand was across her mouth and a knife to her throat. I said to stop looking into it. I said to stay the hell away from it and you kept going, the person said. First thing that ran through her mind is that Wyatt was right. She managed to bust the guy’s hand, get the knife away from him and have her boot heel on his throat in a split second. She called the police on her cell and in less than 5 minutes, they were there. They handcuffed the man and took him away. She cleaned up and fixed the wiring and went to lock up when she heard a truck pulling into her driveway. She turned around and saw Grace’s truck. What, Kelsey asked when Grace hopped out. That’s the second cop car I saw leave your place. What is up with that, Grace asked. Nice seeing you too, Kelsey said. Talk, she replied. Kelsey told her what happened, leaving out the Wyatt at the lake part of the story. You sure you’re alright? Why? Feel like a sleepover, Kelsey asked hoping the answer was yes. Depends. You getting up at the crack of dawn, Grace teased. I have to be at the stables by 6. Fine. I’ll crash on the sofa, but don’t wake me up. Kelsey hugged Grace and went upstairs to bed.

The next morning Kelsey got up and went down to the stables. She had breakfast with the horses and then got them all fed and washed up. She took the horses to the paddock and went for a ride with Lightning – the black stallion that she’d managed to break. He’d only let her ride him which worked out just fine since she’d bought him the day after she saw him that first time. They finally made it straight through to the back of the property and she hopped off to give the horse a drink from the river. They turned to head back and she saw the pure white horse coming towards them. What’s that, Kelsey asked. Lightning nuzzled her and she hopped on and went to head back. Kelsey, Deacon said. She headed back to the stables, bypassing Deacon completely, and got Lightning in the pen with the other horses then went to relax for a bit. Deacon came back around a half hour later and walked towards her. What are you doing here, Kelsey asked. We need to talk. Deacon, go home. What part of no don’t you get Deacon? I don’t want you around, I’m not helping you with your damn horses, and I’m not… He kissed her. You don’t get to go off and do what you want. You know damn well we’re together, Deacon said. Would you quit the crap already? I don’t want you here. I don’t want you near me, and I sure as hell don’t want you to be your girlfriend. I still despise you. That ain’t changing, Kelsey said. Then get used to it. She walked off and he grabbed her arm. You don’t walk away from me, Deacon said. Let go of my damn arm. No. Get it through your head that you’re my girl and that’s that. She kicked him clean in the stomach and he fell to the ground. You lay a hand on me again I’ll have you behind bars for assault. Kelsey walked back to the stables and checked on the horses then headed home.

Kelsey got back to the house and realized that someone had broken in. What in the hell, Kelsey said. She called the cops out to her place then once they left she started cleaning up. She finally managed to get settled again then saw someone at her door. She turned and saw a white rose on her doorstep. She walked outside and saw a note beside the rose – Come out to the lake.

She pulled on her cut-off jean shorts, her boots and a tank top, grabbed a sweater and a pair of jeans then grabbed her purse and went out to the lake. She got there and saw two fishing poles sitting by the tree. Nice, Kelsey said. She walked out by the water and slid her boots off. What you doin there lady, Wyatt asked coming up behind her. You wanna tell me why you keep asking me to meet you here? I’m staying at the campsite down the road, he replied. Couldn’t just spring for a hotel room? It’s quieter out here. I bet, Kelsey said. You fishing with me or what, he asked. She smirked. Why did you really want me out… He kissed her. Her toes curled. What were you saying, Kelsey asked. Fishing.

They spent the next two hours fishing. When she managed to catch something but he didn’t, it turned into a water fight. He tackled her into the lake which turned into making out in the water. Why did you really come here, Kelsey asked. Beautiful girl was a pretty great reason in my opinion, Wyatt said as they curled up in towels. Seriously though. Why? Because I wanted to make sure you were okay and I didn’t think you’d just tell me. I don’t even know you, Kelsey said. You know enough. Says who? "Kelsey, believe me that I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking some crazy guy from Virginia is intentionally trying to

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