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Making Choices

Making Choices

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Making Choices

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Jan 26, 2018


When Harlee finally made that hard choice, she knew that Grace would stand by her. Through the tears and the crying and the screaming in frustration, Grace always had been there. When a friendship turned into more, Harlee wasn't sure what to do. Should she run the risk of ruining a friendship she's had for 8 years just to try out a relationship? Does she take the chance when it could mean breaking up an 8 year team? A hard decision was an understatement but it was a choice she'd have to make.
Zack Walker had been part of Harlee's band for what felt like forever. When he saw her relationship with Jake crumbling around her, all he wanted to do was jump in and save her from it all. After telling her that he'd spent his life waiting for her to be single, Harlee almost laughed him right out of the room. He'd had the typical rock star past full of one night stands and girlfriends who didn't mean much to him, but would she really hold all of that against him? When the right time came, he'd jumped at the chance to be with her, and wasn't about to give it up.
When Grace saw Zack and Harlee together, part of her questioned it it was right, the other part questioned what Jake would do when he found out. She had to put her feelings aside when her relationship was rekindled with Kevin, but would she be able to hide Harlee's new love from Jake? She had to hide a lot from Kevin and Jake, but she knew that there was that chance that Harlee was going to lose it all.
When you have to make the hardest choice ever, it better be what you want. Living with the hard choices was easy if it was the right choice and the right man.

Jan 26, 2018

Sobre el autor

Sue Langford started out with a dream. She'd been writing since she was young and always dreamed of seeing her books in a book store. When she finally gave in and got her first novel published, it hit the racks and was snatched up by everyone. When she made her first trip to Nashville, she was completely hooked. From that point on, her books were inspired by country music and the artists she loved.When she took on the topic of Anti-Bullying in her newest series - The Revenge Series - she found even more exposure than she could have imagined. The first of it's kind, she proved that everyone no matter their size, shape, opinions or even career deserves to be bullied. If you think she's stopping there, you will be happily surprised. She takes on a current topic with every book and every series. An author to watch and a bestselling one at that, Sue is a one of a kind author that all of us should check out.

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Making Choices - Sue Langford




Copyright © 2016 Sue Langford

All rights reserved.

ISBN: 1530951100

ISBN-13: 978-1530951109


To the people who helped when the choices were hard and when I needed a friend.

To Leanne, Nadine, JJJ and Lorri

And to the cities that have always inspired me:

Nashville and Savannah

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"Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions

that can change your life forever."

-Keri Russell

Chapter 1

I didn’t say a dang word. There’s no way I would. We already had this fight. You really think I’d leak this to the dang press without talkin to you? Yeah I do. You wanna tell the world something? Tell them that we’re done.

* * * *

What do you mean Jake knows, Harlee asked. He went postal and tried to break into the house Harlee. I had to come home and make sure that the house was safe, Grace said. I’ll send the officers back over to deal with him. You don’t need to be there in your condition. You could get hurt Grace, Harlee said. I’m already here anyway. If you can call the officer guy you’re friends with it’ll help, Grace said. You’re coming straight back right, Harlee asked. Yep. Should be back by 1:30. I sent over the itinerary for today, Grace said. Thanks. If you need anything else just let me know, Harlee said. I will and don’t take it out on him, Grace said. Funny, Harlee said. I know you Harlee. No more fighting. Your rules, Grace said. See you in a couple, Harlee said. Zack knocked at her door.

Harlee shook her head and answered. So what’s goin on, Zack asked. Harlee shook her head. What, he asked. Well, that whole keep it to yourself stuff just blew up in your face, Harlee said. Meaning, Zack asked. It got back to Jake. You happy now, Harlee asked. She grabbed her things and headed downstairs with her bags and Grace’s, got it loaded onto the bus and hopped on. Zack followed her. Talk, he said. Harlee shook her head. Go away. You’ve done enough, Harlee said. Meanin, Zack asked. The only way he found out was if someone told him. I didn’t tell anyone. You told your parents, you told the guys and you could’ve told the entire planet for all I know, Harlee said. He shook his head. What part of I didn’t don’t you get, Zack asked as he followed her into the stateroom. The part where it got back to him after you said over and over you wanted to tell him, Harlee said. You can’t blame me for that happening. Harlee, my folks wouldn’t be talkin about it, Zack said. You could’ve just stuck with what I asked Zack. You could’ve just not said a word like I asked you to, Harlee said. Harlee, we don’t know who it was. You aren’t gonna just blame this on me, Zack said. Harlee shook her head. What, he asked. The only person that knows is you and me and the guys and your folks and Grace. She’s not gonna turn around and tell him, Harlee said. Before you go blamin it on me, find out where he heard it, Zack said. He walked off and went and sat down on the sofa alone.

Grace called maybe 5 minutes later. What’s up, Harlee asked. He finally stopped freakin out. The cop arrested him believe it or not. I’m at the airport, Grace said. Did he mention how he found out, Harlee asked. TMZ questioned him. I have no idea where they got it from, Grace said. Great, Harlee said. The only person I can think of is one of the guys, Grace said. Harlee shook her head. I’ll find out, Harlee said. Just don’t start another fight, Grace said. See you in a few, Harlee replied. So, Zack asked. TMZ. We’re havin a band meeting in private on the bus no driver, Harlee said. He got the guys together once they got there and the driver hopped off. Harlee got all the guys together and shut the door. What’s up Harlee, her drummer asked.

Okay. So here’s the situation. TMZ got hold of info they shouldn’t have. They leaked it to Jake that Zack and I were together. Tell me none of y’all said anything to anyone, Harlee said. You said not to tell anyone. I didn’t say anything, her drummer said. The other guys agreed. None of us said anything Harlee, the guys said. Someone had to have said somethin. I wanna know where they got the information, Harlee said. It wasn’t from any of us, the guys agreed. Harlee, Zack said pulling her into the stateroom. And you don’t think that Grace might have said it? She’s with his brother. She could’ve said it and Jake heard second-hand, Zack said. Harlee shook her head. She came back out and sat with the guys. Since it’s out now, I’ll warn you that there’s gonna be a ton of questions and paparazzi, Harlee said. If you need us, say the word, the guys all agreed. Harlee nodded, they all hopped off and went inside to do their sound check.

As soon as they were done, Harlee went into hair and makeup and got changed and started the 5 interviews she had that afternoon. Once they were done, Harlee went in and had something to eat then went and washed her makeup off and got changed into what she was wearing on stage that night and Zack came in, closing and locking the door behind him. What, Harlee asked. Just automatically assume that it was me, Zack said. You’re the one that said you wanted to tell the world Zack. You got your way now. TMZ did it for you, Harlee said. He tried to pull her into his arms. Harlee shook her head. Just stop, Harlee said. She unlocked the door and went into hair and makeup and he followed her. I am capable of doing this on my own, Harlee said. Not until you talk to me, Zack said. Not right now Zack. After, Harlee said. He shook his head and walked off. Grace came in and sat down with Harlee. So, Harlee asked.

At least I know how he found out, Grace said. And how was that, Harlee asked. He said he saw the two of you at a restaurant downtown, Grace said. Harlee shook her head. I was with the entire band not just Zack, Harlee said. Well, he took it differently. I told him that y’all were all there and not just the two of you and he backed down. He asked and I told him that you and Zack were friends period. He didn’t believe it. He demanded to go into the house and that’s when the cops showed up, Grace said. Harlee shook her head. Just let Zack know, Harlee said. Grace nodded, they finished with Harlee’s hair and makeup and she put her perfume on and went to go have a drink. Zack walked in and looked at her. So Grace told you, Harlee asked. You just automatically assume, Zack said. I’m sorry for assuming alright, Harlee said. He nodded. I wouldn’t do that to you and you know it, Zack said. We keep it quiet. Deal, Harlee asked. He kissed her cheek and nodded. You’re makin it up to me tonight, he whispered in her ear. Harlee shook her head and headed down to the meet and greet with Grace.

As soon as Harlee finished with the fans, she headed to the stage and freshened up, grabbed her water and Zack stopped her and pulled her back to the empty corner where nobody would see them. What, Harlee asked. He kissed her, kissed the tip of her nose and she got the lipstick off his lips. She fixed her lipstick, they headed back to side stage and Harlee got ready to go on. Zack grabbed his favorite guitar and smirked. What, Harlee quietly said. He looked at her and winked. Harlee shook her head and the guys headed out. The crowd started roaring and Harlee headed out. The fans were unbelievable and as soon as Harlee was done, they all headed off stage and Zack came up behind Harlee and picked her up and walked her to the dressing room. What are you doin, Harlee asked as he put her down and Grace closed the door. Tell them what you told me, Zack said. So I found out that Jake saw all of us out and assumed that something was going on. He has no proof of it. We’re all good so long as we still keep it quiet, Harlee said. Someone’s gonna find out at some point Harlee. Why not just tell people, the drummer said. Because they’ve barely handled me and Jake breaking up. If we tell people too early, they assume that I was cheating on him. That’s not what I need, Harlee said. Okay, the guys all said. Now, back to the good stuff. Y’all were amazing tonight, Harlee said. You were on fire, her other guitarist said. Well thanks y’all. I couldn’t have done it without you guys, Harlee said. They all hugged and Harlee got changed, putting her things in her case and they headed to the tour bus. Harlee, Grace said. Yep, Harlee replied. Grace handed Harlee her phone.

Yep, Harlee said. You wanna tell me why you’re dating him, Jake asked. First off, you lost the right to ask. Second off, you’re the one that got her pregnant. Thirdly, you have no idea what the hell you’re talkin about. Try water instead of Jack, Harlee said. I thought we were gonna work through this, Jake said. And I thought you understood what a divorce was, Harlee replied. I need you back, Jake said. Not for sale, Harlee replied as she hung up and blocked his number. She got on the bus and instead of a drink with the guys, Harlee walked straight back to the stateroom pissed as hell and closed the door. Zack shook his head. He hopped on and they all sat down to have a drink. When Harlee still hadn’t come back out, he walked back to the stateroom and knocked. Harlee, Zack said. Not now, Harlee said. He shook his head and went in anyway.

What, Harlee asked. What’d he start with now, Zack asked. Just go hang with the guys. I’ll be fine, Harlee said. He shook his head. Just say it, Zack asked. I’m not discussing it Zack. It gets brought up I’m gonna be pissed off all over again, Harlee said. Then just tell me what he said, Zack replied. He figured we’d find a way to work things out. You and I both know that’s one giant mistake, Harlee said. He knows that his little dream isn’t comin true right, Zack asked. Doesn’t stop him from annoying me, Harlee said. He looked at her. What? You alright, he asked. Harlee shook her head. You get why I said that I didn’t wanna do anything yet, Harlee said. The sooner he knows, the sooner he’ll back off. If you tell him, he’ll stop the crap Harlee. You know that, Zack said. Still not gonna happen, Harlee said. Why? Tell me why, Zack said. You already saw him flippin out when he assumed something was up. If he knew, he’d go postal, Harlee said. You can’t keep tip toeing around this. At some point we have to say somethin. We’re doin it together Harlee. He’s already told the dang press. I say we tell him the truth and let him handle it alone, Zack said. We aren’t havin this discussion, Harlee said. Yeah we are. He’s not messin with you anymore. He’s messin with us. Nobody does that especially him, Zack replied. He grabbed Harlee’s phone and she shook her head.

Hello, Jake said. You done goin after Harlee now, Zack asked. Why the heck do you care? It’s not like you have any choice in the matter, Jake said. Actually I do. We’re dating Jake. She moved on. Leave my woman alone or else, Zack said. Meaning what, Jake asked. Meaning leave my woman alone. She doesn’t want you, she doesn’t wanna work on your dead marriage that you walked away from and she wants to forget y’all were ever together. Leave her alone. Got me, Zack asked. Since I know she still wants me? Heck no, Jake said. She doesn’t want you anymore Jake. Might want to acknowledge that and get used to it, Zack said. I need to talk to my wife. Jake said. She wants nothing to do with you, Zack said. Then give her the phone, Jake said. Zack handed Harlee her phone. What, Harlee asked. Didn’t have the guts to say it to me yourself, Jake asked. It’s none of your business anyway Jake. You’re not allowed back on my property or anywhere near me or the house or Grace. Got me, Harlee asked. Depends. Why the heck didn’t you tell me yourself, Jake asked. Because I didn’t want to. That’s why, Harlee said. The real reason, Jake asked. Because I know you’re pissed off and feel like makin me look like crap to the rest of the world. That’s why. You already started a problem before you even knew, Harlee said. I want you back, he said. I’m not comin back Jake. I told you I was done. We’re done. Whatever you thought this was is done, Harlee said. So if I said dinner you’d say what, Jake asked. Harlee hung up.

Zack looked at her. What, Harlee asked. Someone had to, Zack said. Harlee shook her head. He sat down and Harlee walked off into the sitting area and made herself a drink. The guys finished theirs and they were all joking around when Zack came into the sitting area. He grabbed Harlee’s drink and walked her back to the stateroom and closed the door. What, Harlee asked. Just say whatever the heck it is that you wanna say, Zack said. Thanks for completely ignoring what I asked, Harlee said. She walked off and sat back down. Grace was out cold. When they got to the next venue, they stopped at the hotel and Harlee hopped out and got settled. Grace followed Harlee. They got things up to their floor and Harlee went into her suite with Grace and closed the door behind her. Grace went straight to bed and Harlee went and washed up and got ready for bed. Within a matter of minutes of slipping on her satin pajamas, Zack was knocking at the door. Harlee shook her head. She pulled on a hoodie and walked to the door.

What, Harlee asked. He grabbed her hand, pulled her to him and he kissed her in the middle of the hallway. Harlee shook her head and walked back into her suite. Harlee, Zack said. She closed the door. He stopped it and came inside. You can’t just ignore me, Zack said. Go to bed and leave me alone, Harlee said. Then come to bed, Zack said. Harlee shook her head. Go back to your room Zack. I need actual sleep, Harlee said opening the door to the suite. Then come with me, he said. Harlee pushed him out the door and went back to bed.

The next morning, after her run and workout, Harlee ordered breakfast for herself and Grace and Zack showed up. What do you want, Harlee asked. We’re talkin, Zack said. No we aren’t. I’m finishing breakfast and I’m doing a bunch of interviews. I don’t have time for this, Harlee said. You keep pushin me away, you aren’t gonna have a choice but to talk, Zack said. Harlee shook her head. She went and showered and got dressed and did her hair and makeup. When she came back out, Grace was hanging with Zack and talkin. Harlee grabbed her phone, purse, keys and her bag and headed downstairs. She got an SUV to the venue and hopped out. She got her bags loaded and went into do the first of many interviews. By lunchtime, she was finally done the in person interviews and went and grabbed something for lunch. By the time Zack and Grace and the guys showed, Harlee was sitting and enjoying the sunshine. So the interviews finished, Zack asked. For now. Sound check then two more radio ones, Harlee said. Zack walked towards her and Harlee walked off and went and got warmed up on stage. The fans were starting to show and Harlee saw them from the bus. She smirked and hopped onto the bus and figured out what she was wearing that night for the show. She opted for beat up blue jeans and a sexy top, grabbed it and put it together on a hanger and went to hop off the bus. Zack had her cornered. What, Harlee asked.

You that dang pissed off, he asked. Yeah I am, Harlee said. She walked passed him and went back down to the stage and got the set list together and started sound check. They changed up the set list for that night and got goin on sound check so the opener could get ready. As soon as they were done, Zack grabbed Harlee’s hand and walked her onto the empty bus while the guys hung out and relaxed. What, Harlee asked. He sat her down in the stateroom. You can’t just cut me off because I told him. He stopped callin. That’s what I wanted, Zack said. Harlee shook her head. You just completely ignore me when I talk don’t you? We agreed not to say anything and you just blurt it right out. You aren’t the only one in this Zack. You want this to last then you have to stop pushing me into doin what you want. You’re pickin a fight with me. Of all people Zack, why are you doin this when I asked you not do, Harlee asked. Because he needed to be set straight. He showed up at the house and started causin problems with Grace. If tellin him set him in his place then so be it. If it didn’t, he knows now to back the heck off of you. Either way there’s somethin good comin from it, Zack said. The press is gonna start askin a million questions. I didn’t need that, but I guess that didn’t matter, Harlee said. She got up and walked off. Zack shook his head and went and sat with the guys.

Harlee got back on the bus, put her running gear on and went for a run with the security guys. When she got back, nobody had even realized it was her. She got back, got showered, did her hair and put on some makeup and went and headed over to catering. You have two more radio interviews, Grace said. Can I grab a drink first, Harlee asked. Grace nodded and handed her a Jack and cola and Harlee smirked and headed over to meet up to do the two radio interviews. Once those were done, Harlee headed back to catering, grabbed herself something to eat and went and ate on the bus. Hair and makeup got goin doin their thing and once that was done, Harlee got changed and headed off to do her sound check with the fans. Once that was done, Zack pulled Harlee aside. What, Harlee asked. We’re off tomorrow. We’re havin a just us night, Zack said. I’ll pass, Harlee said. She went out and grabbed herself a drink and headed inside. Harlee, Zack said. She shook her head, touched her makeup up, got ready to head on and warmed up and Zack kissed her. Harlee shook her head, he rubbed her lipstick off his lips and she walked off.

They finished the show to a crowd that was roaring and begging for more. Harlee did one last song acoustic and headed off. She walked passed Zack, completely ignoring him, and went and got on the bus and once everyone was on, they headed to the next stop. Having three full days to herself was what she’d been waitin on. They got to the next stop and Harlee got checked into the suite with Grace. What, Harlee asked noticing Grace lookin at her. You two need to talk, Grace said. Nope. We get 72 hours to ourselves. You and me. We’re booked into a spa. You get a mani and pedi and a facial. After that, you have your ultrasound and stuff with the doctor then we have a day or two to relax. I need it and so do you, Harlee said. How’s this sound? You go talk to him, Grace asked. Harlee shook her head. Grace, don’t worry about what’s not happening with him, Harlee said. You’re pissed. I get that. He overstepped with Jake. I get that too Harlee. At some point, you have to stop keepin him at arms length and just let him in, Grace said. And at some point he has to learn that when I say no it doesn’t mean yes, Harlee said. She hugged Grace and went to go to bed when there was a knock at the door.

Harlee answered it. What, Harlee asked. We’re talking, Zack said. He pushed his way into the suite. Zack, I’m goin to bed. Get out, Harlee said. Nope. Neither one of us is goin to bed until this is handled. We need to stop fighting over this stupid crap, Zack said. Then stop doin stuff when you dang well promise you won’t Zack. I tell you that I’m not sayin anything to anyone until I’m ready and then you turn around and do it anyway like I never said a word, Harlee said. Zack shook his head. I was tryin to fix things so he’d leave you alone for good. What’s wrong with that, Zack asked. You ignored me. That’s what, Harlee said. I said I wanted him to back off. That’s the only way I can think of to get him to back off and leave you alone. You know that’s what you wanted, Zack said. That’s what I wanted, but kickin him into lava while he’s down isn’t my dang style Zack. You just pushed way too dang far, Harlee said. Then tell me why he finally backed away. You can’t keep kickin my butt because you’re mad, Zack said. Zack, stop tryin to make this go faster than I want. Than we want. I get you wanna jump full speed ahead. I already did that once. I’m not doin it again, Harlee said. He kissed her. What, Harlee asked. Talk to me, he said. What’s the point when you don’t even listen, Harlee asked. She got up and walked over to the door and opened it. What, Zack asked. I’m going to bed Zack. Goodnight, Harlee said. He shook his head and closed the door. I’m not goin anywhere, Zack said. Yeah you are. Go, Harlee said. He shook his head. Not until we finish this stupid fight, he said. Then it’s finished. Happy, Harlee asked. He shook his head and Harlee tried to push him out. He wouldn’t move. What, Harlee asked. We’re talkin until we’re done talkin, Zack said. Then we’re done. Goodnight, Harlee said. I’m not leavin," he said.

Harlee shook her head. Either you’re leaving or I am. Choose, Harlee said. Why can’t we just stop fightin about this, Zack asked. You started all of this Zack. You not being able to keep this to yourself and having to start world war three with Jake to feel better, Harlee said. Zack shook his head. You can’t keep tellin me off because I told him. He started a problem and I fixed it, Zack said. One that I was meaning to fix on my own Zack. You just disregard everything I say. Just go away Zack. Leave me alone and go to bed, Harlee said. Then come with me, he said. Harlee pushed him out and closed the door. Grace shook her head and went to sleep and Harlee went into her room and went to bed.

Harlee got up the next morning and after her run and workout, she came back to her suite and Zack was sitting there with Grace. Harlee shook her head, walked passed him and washed up, had her shower and got dressed. She came out and grabbed her purse and room key and her phone and went to leave when Zack got up. Where are you goin, he asked. Out, Harlee replied. Grace shook her head. We’re booked for noon, Harlee said to Grace. Okay, Grace said. You have 3 dang days off and you’re gonna just blow me right off aren’t you, Zack asked. The guys are goin home to see the family. You’re welcome to join them, Harlee said. Harlee headed out the door. Zack followed her, grabbed her hand and walked her into his suite and closed the door.

What, Harlee asked. You’re not leavin until this conversation is done. You can’t just walk out on me, Zack said. How many times am I gonna have to say this? How long does it take to get you to understand that all of this is gonna end up in a trash magazine? I have to handle this right. You have to stop pushin so dang hard Zack. Stop tellin me what you’re gonna do. You wanted this so bad that you pushed me right out of all of this. Do whatever the heck you want Zack. Just leave me the heck out of it, Harlee said. She walked out and went down to the SUV that was waiting and left and went shopping on her own. Being around Zack was the last thing she wanted.

Harlee got a few things, and made a dent on her credit card, then came back and picked Grace up and went to the spa. After an hour massage and mani and pedi’s, Harlee and Grace grabbed lunch and they headed back to the hotel. They got there and Zack was sitting in Harlee’s suite. Harlee shook her head. I’m ordering dinner, Harlee said. She walked off down the hall and Zack took off after her. Harlee headed down to the ground floor. She went and ordered something to eat for them for dinner and went and relaxed. Zack came downstairs not long later and saw Harlee checking emails by the pool. The minute he walked in, Harlee walked out and went back up to her suite. Zack was lookin for you, Grace said. I don’t wanna deal with his crap tonight Grace, Harlee said. Okay, Grace said. Remember when I said a long time ago that I needed to take a break, Harlee asked. Yeah, Grace replied. Starting now, Harlee replied. You can’t just walk away from him, Grace said. I can. Grace, I tell him to back off and stop pushing to tell people and then he just busts out and blurts it out to him. I can’t do this, Harlee said. A little late, Grace replied. I can’t keep doin this over and over again. He pushed so dang hard that I’m not even part of the dang relationship anymore, Harlee said. Harlee, come on now, Grace said. He makes the decisions on his own Grace. I’m not part of the decisions, Harlee said. Then talk. Harlee, you can’t walk away from this and let it go. He’s part of the band. You’re on this tour and so is he. Either get past the stupid fight or y’all talk this through, Grace said. Harlee shook her head.

Within a matter of minutes, Zack was knocking at the door. Harlee shook her head. What, Harlee asked opening the door. Come with me, he asked. Harlee shook her head. Forget it, Harlee said. No. Come with me, he said. He linked their fingers and walked her into his suite. What do you want, Harlee asked. I get it. I went too far. I should’ve let you deal with it your way. Harlee, I can’t sit there and let him push you around, Zack said. Zack, I manage him. That’s the only thing I can handle. You pushin your way in and try to make me do something like that just makes me wonder why I even trusted you, Harlee said. I made a mistake. I got over-protective and I tried to hurt him back for what he did. I don’t know what else you want me to do, Zack said. It’s too late now to change anything, but you have to stop pushin so dang hard. I can’t do this with you pushin the other way, Harlee said. I just wanted us to do this without having to hide it, Zack said. We can’t go and just run off and tell the world Zack. You have to accept that, Harlee said. Not if I’m losing you, Zack said.

You can’t keep causing a problem Zack. I get you want me all to yourself. I get that you hate him. He caused so much stress and drama that I’m not surprised that you wanna kick his butt. You have to stop worrying about him. You have to stop being so pushy about all of this, Harlee said. I want us to be okay Harlee. I want a future with you but if you’re gonna keep pushin me away, what’s the dang point, Zack said. Fine, Harlee said. He kissed her. I want you in my life, but you have to stop causin a dang problem. Stop pushin me away and treating me like I don’t even matter, Zack said. You have to stop pushing me into things, Harlee said. I just wanted him to back off. That’s all, Zack said. I know that, but you have to stop, Harlee said. He kissed her and pulled her to him. Promise me you aren’t gonna push me away, he said. Then you have to start listening to me, Harlee said. I don’t know what to do with all of this. I want people to know. You said to wait. I’m not waiting 4 months until she has the baby to tell people. I want the dang world to know Harlee. What’s wrong with that, Zack asked. I’m not ready to tell people. I’m not ready for the world to know, Harlee said. Why, Zack asked as they sat down.

I just broke it off with him Zack. I can’t just forget what happened with him Zack. I just can’t. I know there’s no reason to think you’re gonna do something like that. You have to accept that I need time to get all of this out of my system, Harlee said. What happened to we do this together, Zack asked. I can’t keep pretending that I can move on like nothing’s wrong, Harlee said. I love you, he said. I know you do Zack. I care about you, but pushin me into telling the world when I’m not ready yet is a mistake that I’m not willing to make, Harlee said. Then just be with me and quit pushin me away, Zack said. If you actually hear me, we can. If you don’t hear me out, I can’t, Harlee said. She went to head out and he pulled her into his arms. What, Harlee asked. He kissed her, devouring her lips. I’m not letting go. We’re havin dinner here alone, Zack said. Harlee shook her head. Dinner. You and me and that giant soaker tub, he said. Zack, I have plans with Grace, Harlee said. Sit down with me, he said. Harlee shook her head. I’m… He kissed her, devouring her lips and pulled her into his lap, wrapping her legs around his hips. Zack, Harlee said. Stay in here with me, he asked. She tried to get up and he pulled her to him. I love you, he said. Harlee shook her head. Still nothin, he joked.

Just promise me that I’m not gonna have this fight with you again, Harlee asked. He kissed her, devouring her lips. I don’t wanna fight with you about anything. I can’t fight with you when all I want is you in my arms, Zack said. I can’t keep fighting about him Zack. I can’t. If you can’t handle that he was part of my life… He kissed her. I love you, Zack said. Then stop with the stupid fighting and pushing. I can’t do this if that’s what’s gonna happen every time he causes problems, Harlee said. I’m gonna defend you when he causes fights and tries to push his way back into your life. You deserve to be happy without him ruining it, Zack said. Let me fight my battles with him, Harlee asked. He kissed her again and peeled her shirt off. What you want, Harlee asked. You naked. For now, get in the tub and go relax. I’ll get us a drink and meet you in there, he said. Harlee shook her head. He kissed her, Harlee got up and he grabbed the drinks while Harlee curled up in the massive Jacuzzi tub.

Zack slid in and pulled Harlee into his arms. He was about to kiss her when Harlee’s phone went off again. Every dang time, he said. Harlee snuggled up to him and he handed her cell to her. When Harlee saw Jake’s name, she ignored the call and put her phone onto the towels. You sure, Zack asked. Harlee nodded. They relaxed and had their drinks then there was a knock at the door. What’s that, Harlee asked. He kissed her and wrapped himself up in a robe and answered the door. Harlee heard a roller table and glasses and the door closed. He came back into the bathroom just as Harlee was wrapping herself in a towel. What are you doin, Zack asked. Since I’m smelling seafood pasta you mean, Harlee teased. He kissed her and went and locked the door. Harlee slid into a robe and they curled up together and had dinner and relaxed. I hate fighting about him, Zack said. I can’t change things Zack. He wants me back. I can’t make him stop, Harlee said. They were just about to flip a movie on and Harlee’s phone rang again. Zack shook his head. Harlee kissed him and looked at it and saw the hospital phone number.

Hello, Harlee said. There’s a tiny problem, Kevin said. Which is what, Harlee asked. He’s back in the hospital. He got in an accident on the way home. Someone side-swiped him, Kevin said. He’s not my problem anymore, Harlee said. I told him I’d call and see if you’d be here. He knows you’re on tour. Harlee, just talk to him, Kevin asked. Not happening. He doesn’t get that privilege anymore Kevin. He lost that when he slept with her and got her pregnant while we were married, Harlee said hanging up. No more phones tonight, he said. Harlee shook her head. Babe, just relax. How? He is getting Kevin to do his dirty work now, Harlee said. Don’t tempt me. If you want me to do somethin about all of this just tell me, Zack said. I just don’t want another phone call about him being an idiot, Harlee said. Babe, tell me if you want me to do something, Zack said. It won’t change anything Zack, Harlee said. Then I make you feel better, he said as he snuggled her to him. I don’t get why he just assumes after everything that I’m going to just show up after that, Harlee said. He kissed her. His loss. You don’t deserve that, Zack said. Harlee went to get up and he stopped her. Where are you goin? To bed in my own room, Harlee said. He kissed her and pulled her back to him.

Chapter 2

I’m not… He kissed her, devouring her lips. You’re stayin with me, he said. Zack, Harlee said. Stay with me, he said. Harlee got up and shook her head. She went and poured herself a drink and he kissed her. Harlee had her drink and he sat her on the counter. Zack, stop, Harlee said. Why, he asked. "Zack, just stop. He’s

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