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The Choice

The Choice

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The Choice

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Jan 26, 2018


When Harlee met Jake, she knew life would be different. She had someone who loved her even with the crazy schedule and the tour stops. She'd been left with one of the biggest decisions she'd ever have to make. When she finally made it, it meant she might just lose him altogether. Schedules were always going to conflict, but she thought it would've been easier.

Jake knew being with someone who was constantly on the road meant a lot of time alone, and he expected it. What he never expected was missing her so much the minute she had left. Would he be able to stand being alone for months while she toured the country? He thought diving into a new job would help but he only missed her more. It's when he was confronted with a mistake from his past that he started to worry if she could accept him.

Grace thought she had it all. She married the perfect guy and ended up having to make the hardest decision she'd ever made. Watching Jake and Harlee was enough to make her see what she wanted, but would the choice she made ruin any chance at being happy?

Mistakes are made, lessons learned and heartache suffered, but would the choice they made get them through it all? A story of love on the rocky road to happiness.

Jan 26, 2018

Sobre el autor

Sue Langford started out with a dream. She'd been writing since she was young and always dreamed of seeing her books in a book store. When she finally gave in and got her first novel published, it hit the racks and was snatched up by everyone. When she made her first trip to Nashville, she was completely hooked. From that point on, her books were inspired by country music and the artists she loved.When she took on the topic of Anti-Bullying in her newest series - The Revenge Series - she found even more exposure than she could have imagined. The first of it's kind, she proved that everyone no matter their size, shape, opinions or even career deserves to be bullied. If you think she's stopping there, you will be happily surprised. She takes on a current topic with every book and every series. An author to watch and a bestselling one at that, Sue is a one of a kind author that all of us should check out.

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The Choice - Sue Langford

The Choice


Copyright © 2016 Sue Langford

All rights reserved.

ISBN: 1522718605

ISBN-13: 978-1522718604


To the friends who stood by me

no matter what choices I made,

and who helped me live with the consequences.

To Nadine and Leanne

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"Fact is, love and relationships are complicated. Your feelings and the choices you ought to make won’t always be clear and often will even conflict. It’s ok to feel confused and uncertain. Take all the time you need to come to the right decision.

Believe me, the wrong one can ruin you."

- Beau Taplin

Chapter 1

She had 48 hours. That’s all. 48 hours to make a decision that could make or break her love life and make or destroy her career. She thought being with Jake would be a lot easier, but it ended up being 50 times harder. When he wouldn’t let her go on tour without world war 4, Harlee knew she was in for the fight of her life. Little did she know that Jake was poised to fight.

Harlee looked at him while they sat in the TV room of her Georgia cabin. Tell me that you’re gonna at least try, Jake asked. Taking turns flying back and forth is the only way you’re gonna be able to be with me side by side Jake. Flying home means skipping interviews and not having any downtime at all. As it stands now, both of us are gonna end up asleep through Christmas, Harlee said. If you have to be on the tour until May then we figure it out and try to sleep when you’re home, Jake said. Harlee shook her head. Are you tellin me you’re just gonna put your life on hold to be on a tour that you aren’t part of, Harlee asked. I am part of it. You’re part of it and you’re part of me. I love you. You don’t get this do you? I asked you to marry me because I love you. Because I wanted a future with you. Because I wanted us to be together. I thought that’s what you wanted too, Jake asked. I do Jake, but you knew when we met I was doing this tour. It’s not like I hid it, Harlee said. He kissed her. Close your eyes Harlee. Close your eyes and picture something. When you look 5 years down the road, am I still there, Jake asked as his eyes started welling up. You’re there Jake, but how many stupid fights do we have to have about this, Harlee asked. Do we have kids in that vision, Jake asked. Harlee shook her head. Do you want kids, Jake asked. Not immediately Jake. When we figure us out then yes. When we figure the schedules out. I don’t know how long I’m gonna be top ten enough to do those tours. I don’t know how long those fans are gonna want me on a stage, Harlee said. If you take a break, you release videos and keep things going. Means they want you that much more when you do come. Means you and me having more dang time to ourselves, Jake said. And me waitin on you instead of the other way around, Harlee asked.

Sitting there talking their lives through felt like a broken record, but Harlee knew deep down that she couldn’t just take off and go on tour when he felt the way he did. Harlee looked at him, realizing that he had tears in his eyes. Jake, it isn’t that I don’t want you with me. I love you, I just know you’re gonna end up miserable, Harlee said. I already am knowing that you’re gonna be gone. I don’t wanna spend the rest of my life waiting on you to come home, Jake said. And I don’t wanna end up spending the only time we do have together in a fight every time I’m going on a tour. Jake, after Christmas we can figure it out and the label will work with us. I just can’t think straight enough for us to figure all of this out, Harlee said. Do you love me, Jake asked. Harlee nodded. Enough to get married now instead, Jake asked. Harlee shook her head. Jake, we planned the wedding for December. Why do you wanna rush it all now, Harlee asked. Because a stupid little piece of me thinks that it’ll fix this, Jake said. Stop tryin to fix it Jake. It’s not a band aid problem, Harlee replied. Meaning what, Jake asked. Meaning you can’t just fix this and think it’s just gonna go away. It’ll happen every dang time I leave to go on tour. Jake, we need to just stick to our plan for the wedding. You can’t patch this with a wedding, Harlee said. He kissed her. We’re still okay right, Jake asked. That’s up to you Jake. It really is, Harlee said. Harlee kissed him and went upstairs. She slid into a hot bath and tried to relax for a while just clearing her head of all the mess that just had landed in her lap.

Jake came upstairs and handed her a drink. What, Harlee asked. I don’t want you goin while we’re fighting. Can we just try to be okay before you disappear from my dang life, Jake asked. Tell me if you wanna come meet me. That’s the only way I can do this right now, Harlee said. If I send you a ticket in November would you come home, Jake asked. November is Thanksgiving Jake. I’ll be home the day before, Harlee said. Then I’ll send you one for before Halloween, Jake said. Just come meet me in LA before Halloween. The week before I play L.A. then Sacramento then Houston, Harlee said. Then what, Jake asked. Dallas, Fort Worth, Oklahoma city, Tulsa then New Orleans, Harlee said. Jake kissed her. Then I’m takin a week off and going with you, Jake said. You’re supposed to be working Jake. You can’t just take off when you have patients, Harlee said. I’ll find a way. This is the only way we can make this work, Jake said. Harlee took a gulp of the drink. As long as you’re sure. Jake, if somethin changes just say so, Harlee said. He nodded. I just wanna be with you. Two weeks is gonna be hard enough. Longer than that and I’m gonna find a way one way or another, Jake said. Harlee smirked. Jake, it’s a long tour. You’re gonna get just as sick of flying out as I am. We can take turns, but I can’t promise to be here when I’m exhausted, Harlee said. He kissed her. We okay, he asked. We are, but don’t freak out when things don’t work the way you planned. Things never go the way I planned, Harlee said. Jake kissed her, kicked his jeans off and pulled his shirt and his boxers off and slid into the tub with her.

The rest of the night, they both stopped the fighting and tried to make the most of the days off. She only had 24 hours left of her own bed, of her own space and of her own life before she was back on the road and living for the fans again. They curled up together in bed and Jake held her tight. What’s wrong, Harlee asked. I am gonna miss havin someone to snuggle with, Jake said. Harlee smirked. I’m not gonna be gone forever, Harlee said. Jake kissed her. What time is the bus comin Sunday, Jake asked. 5am Monday morning, Harlee replied. Jake snuggled her in close and kissed her. Why, Harlee asked. Means we have one more day before reality starts, he said. Means we have one more day to do whatever we feel like doin, Harlee said. Church, he asked. Harlee nodded and kissed him. One kiss turned into them making out and making love. After, Jake conked out and Harlee couldn’t sleep. She got up and worked on some music on the back porch. Around midnight she headed back upstairs and Jake was sort of awake. Where’d you go, Jake asked. Workin on music, Harlee said. He kissed her and pulled her back into the bed with him. They both managed to fall asleep and were out cold together not long later.

Harlee was up the next morning early, went for her run and came home and started getting things together to head out for the tour. She knew that Jake was dreading every second and was trying not to make it all worse. Harlee was just making breakfast when Jake finally headed downstairs. What you doin, Jake asked. Breakfast before church, Harlee said. He kissed her, picking her up and sitting her on the counter in the kitchen. What, Harlee asked. He kissed her again, peeling her shirt and sports bra off. Jake, Harlee said. He kissed her again, peeled her shorts off and carried her upstairs. They barely made it to the bedroom and ended up curled up among the pillows. The sex was way past anything they’d had before. Her legs were still shaking after and he wouldn’t let go of her for anything in the world. What are you up to, Harlee asked. He kissed her again. Makin up for all the time we’re gonna lose, Jake said. Harlee shook her head and kissed him. Jake, at the rate you’re goin, we’re never gonna make it to church, Harlee said. He kissed her again. She could barely move. Harlee finally managed to get up and they showered and got dressed then had their breakfast and headed to his mom’s to pick her up for church. Jake wouldn’t let go of her hand and his mom noticed. They got to the church and Grace and Kevin were there waiting and holding a spot for them.

Once they were all finished at church, they headed to his mom’s and had lunch then Harlee headed back to the house with Jake. Grace headed back to Kevin’s and they hung out one last night before they left. So what exactly did you have planned for tonight, Harlee asked. Was thinkin dinner in bed and we could go for a drive tonight, Jake asked. We could, Harlee said. He kissed her. So what you wanna do for dinner, Jake asked. Chinese or Pizza since I can’t have either one on tour, Harlee said. He kissed her again. Pizza it is, he teased. He picked her up and walked upstairs. What are you up to, Harlee asked. Since we’re stuck with the stupid tour for however long, I’m makin up for all the lost time, Jake said. What are you really up to, Harlee asked. He kissed her. I’m gonna have to be without you for a month at a time, Jake said. Harlee shook her head. She walked downstairs and grabbed herself a drink. Harlee, talk to me, Jake asked. You actually thought that you could just screw me until I left and it wouldn’t be that hard, Harlee asked. He kissed her and leaned her against the counter. It’s gonna be the hardest damn time of my life Harlee. I can’t figure out how to make it hurt less, Jake said. Harlee shook her head. What, Jake asked. I’m goin for a drive, Harlee said. Then I’ll come with you, Jake said. Harlee shook her head. She finished her drink and Jake took her keys. Talk, Jake said. Right. Talk to the guy who thinks having sex until the minute I leave is gonna fix all of that, Harlee said. You’re not drivin after drinkin an entire glass of Jack, Jake said.

Harlee shook her head. I can drive myself, Harlee said. He wouldn’t let her and grabbed her hand and walked her outside. What, Harlee asked. Tell me how I’m supposed to deal with losing you for 3 dang months then, Jake asked. You said yourself that we were gonna take time to be together and fly back and forth. That we’d figure it out together. What happened to that, Harlee asked. Still means the rest of the entire dang month alone, Jake said. Harlee shook her head. You think it’s that easy on me Jake? I’m gone and away from you and my family. I’m sleepin in random hotels and on a tour bus, Harlee said. And I’m here alone surrounded by memories of us. How fair is that, Jake asked. Harlee shook her head. What’s the point of us being together then Jake? You’re miserable here, I’m on the road. Jake, what am I supposed to do? Cancel a tour that millions of fans have been waiting on for months, Harlee asked. You aren’t seriously thinking of callin it off, Jake asked. You’re that upset that you can’t handle it, I’d rather it be whatever it is before I leave instead of when I get home, Harlee said. That’s what you really think I’m doing, Jake asked sarcastically. Harlee went to go inside and he stopped her. What are you doing, Jake asked. You can’t handle me being gone then say it now Jake, Harlee said. He devoured her lips. It’s not that I can’t handle it. It’s that I don’t want to. I missed you when you were in Nashville for 2 days. Two months is gonna kill me, Jake said. You can’t just sleep with me until I don’t go, Harlee said. Then be with me like it’s the last time for 2 months, Jake said. He kissed her and picked her up, carrying her upstairs to bed and leaning her onto it. Jake, Harlee said. I know that we are gonna try to do this but what happens if something gets messed up, Jake asked. We figure it out. Jake, I’m on tour not moving to the moon, Harlee said.

He peeled her dress off little by little and curled up among the blankets and pillows. They spent all afternoon in bed, planning the little details of the wedding and trying to come up with a way to see each other as much as they could. You sure on all of this Jake? I mean if you can’t come, it’s fine, Harlee said. He kissed her. You really think I’m passing up being with you, Jake asked. If you have to, yeah. Jake, you’re working remember, Harlee asked. I’ll make sure I can. I don’t wanna lose you, Jake said. Harlee shook her head. Remember what I told you okay? If you start thinking it’s too much for you just say it. You can be with someone normal, Harlee said. He shook his head. When are you gonna get that I don’t want someone else, Jake asked. When you figure out what you’re getting yourself into. Jake, it means I’m on the road and in the studio and writing and rehearsing. It’s a hard life Jake, Harlee said. We’ll figure this out together right, Jake asked. We’ll try. That’s all we can do Jake, Harlee said. He snuggled her in close. If something happens and you need me just say it alright? Jake nodded and kissed her.

He grabbed them dinner and they curled up in bed just like he’d planned. They had dinner, watched an old movie or two and he handed her something. What’s this, Harlee asked. Open, he said. Harlee smirked and shook her head. Jake, she said. His arms snuggled around her waist and she opened it. Harlee opened it and saw the necklace. Jake, Harlee said. And one other little piece to it, Jake said. He slid a pendant onto it with the diamond and it was a small heart. What’s this, Harlee asked. To remind you someone loves you, Jake said. Harlee smirked. Then I guess you might want this, Harlee asked as she handed him a box. Harlee, Jake said. Just open it, she asked. He opened it and saw the watch with the inscription. Inside it, the watch said ‘It’s Only Time’. Jake kissed her. Promise me something, Jake asked. What, Harlee asked. Promise me that if you miss me you tell me, Jake asked. Harlee nodded. If you get sick of waiting you have to tell me, Harlee said. He devoured her lips. Not gonna happen, Jake said. They curled up together in bed and Harlee and Jake fell asleep curled up together.

The next morning, before Jake even woke up, Harlee went for her run and came back to the house. By the time she got there, Kevin dropped Grace off and they were kissing goodbye when Harlee got back. Harlee went inside and had a quick shower in the guest bathroom and grabbed her super stretchy jeans and a tank and got dressed. She made a quick breakfast and coffee, ate and took a coffee upstairs and put it on the bedside table by Jake. She was just about to head out when he pulled her back to him. Where you goin, Jake asked. Bus is here. I have to go, Harlee said. He kissed her and pulled her back into bed with him. Jake, Harlee said. He devoured her lips and started undoing her jeans. Jake, Harlee said. They’re downstairs waitin on me Jake, Harlee said. Then you should probably hurry up, he teased. Jake, Harlee said. As in hurry up and get the jeans off, he teased. I have to… he kissed her. The fastest sex in the planet was an understatement. He smirked as she got re-dressed. He kissed her again and Harlee headed downstairs and headed on the bus with Grace. You okay, Grace asked. Harlee nodded. She went and curled up on the bed in the stateroom and went back to sleep. Grace came in a half hour later. What’s wrong, Grace asked. Nothin, Harlee replied.

You worried, Grace asked. Harlee nodded. I love him Grace, but after last night…what if it doesn’t work Grace? What if 3 months from now instead of getting married I’m alone, Harlee asked. Grace hugged her. Then we figure it out together. He’s not gonna leave Harlee, Grace said. He’s gonna try Grace but that isn’t a guarantee for anyone, Harlee replied. He loves you Harlee. You have to start believing in someone at some point, Grace said. Grace, I love you like family but you have to let me be realistic. Name one time that I ever tried to make this work where it didn’t completely backfire in my face, Harlee asked. Jake’s not like that and you know it, Grace said. Says who, Harlee asked. This some insane test Harlee? Is that what you’re doing, Grace asked. No Grace, but you know dang well that being gone from him that long is gonna ruin everything. I’m gonna lose him Grace. Only good side I can even think of is that it’ll make for some great songs, Harlee said. Grace hugged her. Quit worrying that he’s gonna walk away Harlee. Trust me that he won’t or Kevin will kick his butt to the moon, Grace said.

Harlee smirked and hugged Grace and they relaxed a little before they stopped for lunch. They were half way into a movie when they finally stopped. They headed inside and grabbed lunch, brought it on the bus and they headed off. They kept driving and around 3, Harlee’s phone rang. Miss me already, Harlee joked. Locked up and turned the alarm on at the house. Heading over to my mom’s for dinner then goin back to Nashville. Start Wednesday. How goes the drive, Jake asked. Good. We were just talkin, Harlee said. I love you, Jake said. I love you too, Harlee replied. You still worried that I’m not gonna be here when you’re home, Jake asked. Until I see if for myself I will be Jake, Harlee replied. And when I’m sittin right here waitin on you, then what, Jake asked. Then we’re eating cake, Harlee said. I love you. No more worryin or else, Jake said. So I’ll see you in a week or two, Harlee asked. Can’t wait, Jake replied. Gimme a shout once you’re back in Nash. We’ll probably just be getting to the first hotel stop, Harlee said. May stay at mom’s. Honestly, I’m not lookin forward to sleepin alone again, Jake said. You and me both, Harlee replied. See you soon baby, Jake said. Love you back, Harlee replied. They finally hung up and Harlee looked at Grace. What, Harlee asked. Can I say I told you so now, Grace joked.

They got to the hotel a couple hours later and were out cold in a matter of minutes. Grace talked to Kevin before bed and Harlee could barely keep her eyes open long enough. So I guess they’re okay now, Kevin asked. They’re cracking jokes about the wedding and stuff so they must be, Grace joked. So what you up to tomorrow, Kevin asked. We should be in Portland tomorrow afternoon in time for sound check. Long ass day tomorrow too. I gotta get some sleep before we have to be back up to head out, Grace said. Miss you, Kevin said. Miss you back. I’ll let you know when he’s comin. Either you come or I go to you, Grace said. See you when I see you then, Kevin teased. So where are you now, Grace teased. In bed. Your pillow still smells like you, Kevin teased. Sweet dreams handsome, Grace said. You too beautiful, Kevin said. They hung up and Grace conked right out.

The next day, they got to the venue a little early. Harlee had a long run before sound check, had lunch with Grace and did sound check super early. They hung out and relaxed for a while and watched the opener do their sound check. Around 5, Jake called. Hey handsome, Harlee said. So how’s the horrible weather, Jake asked. Kinda nice today, Harlee said. Couldn’t sleep, Jake said. Last night, Harlee asked. Just ended up curling up together with your pillow. Couldn’t sleep if it killed me. I ended up drivin back last night, Jake said. So what ‘s goin on in Nash, Harlee asked. Nothin. Makin dinner on the barbeque. I still can’t believe that I have to be without you that dang long, Jake said. Then we figure out another day for you to come out even if it’s just overnight, Harlee teased. I’ll hold you to it, Jake teased. I know. Whenever you start missin me just come overnight, Harlee said. Okay, Jake replied. I love you too, Harlee joked. Call me after, Jake asked. It’ll be like 2am Nash time, Harlee said. Don’t care. Just call when you’re done, Jake asked. Okay, Harlee replied. I love you beautiful fiancée, Jake said. Harlee smirked. Back at ya handsome, Harlee said. They hung up and Harlee and Grace grabbed dinner.

They had dinner together and hung out and tried to relax before Harlee headed on. They finished dinner and Harlee went in and got her hair and makeup done and got changed to go on stage. Grace intentionally caught a picture or two just so Jake could see it. Grace pressed send just as Harlee was about to head on. What you doin, Harlee asked. Sending a picture to Jake for you, Grace teased. Harlee shook her head and headed on stage. The crowd was amazing and loved every second of the show, even trying to convince Harlee into two encores. After she finished up, she headed off stage, got her things from the dressing room and hopped back on the bus. They got their things from the hotel and headed off to the next stop.

The minute she washed off her makeup and got her hair back to normal, she called Jake. What took you so long, Jake asked mid-yawn. Shouldn’t you be sleepin, Harlee asked. Fell asleep at 8. I have to get up in an hour or two anyway, Jake said. Go get some sleep Jake, Harlee said. How you doing? How’d the show go, Jake asked. Went pretty good. Not the same without you here, but good, Harlee said. Where you two headed next, Jake asked. LA then Sacramento then Houston and Dallas and New Orleans, Harlee said. I’ll meet you in Houston, Jake said. Harlee smirked. Sounds perfect, Harlee said. I love you, he replied. Love you back. Go get some sleep baby, Harlee said. Okay. Night babe, Jake said. Night fiancée, Harlee teased. They hung up a minute or two later and Grace smirked. What, Harlee asked. I knew the second we were back on the road that you’d call him. You still scared, Grace asked. Harlee nodded. Grace, I get that it’s easy at the beginning, but when he goes a month without being here or being with me, then what, Harlee asked. He loves you Harlee. Y’all know that you’re getting hitched like it or not, Grace teased. Grace, he’s gonna hate me and you know it, Harlee said. Says who, Grace said. You tellin me that you could go 8 months without him and still want him, Harlee asked. Hell yeah I would. Harlee, you can’t turn him off. You can’t turn what y’all have off. You two are gonna be fine, Grace said. You sure, Harlee asked. Grace nodded. Just stop worryin. Concentrate on the wedding and marrying him and being happy. Y’all are fine and you know it, Grace said. I’m still kinda worried Grace. Me being on the tour is gonna mess him up and you know it, Harlee replied. Grace hugged her. Accept it already Harlee. You’re marrying him, Grace said. She went and changed for bed and conked out and Harlee fell asleep.

The next morning, they’d got to the next stop and Harlee saw the sun coming up. She got changed and went for a run then grabbed coffees and walked back to the bus and hopped on, giving one to the driver and putting one in the microwave for Grace. She sat down and had her coffee and got showered and dressed and Grace woke up. Where are we, Grace asked. LA, Harlee said. You went for a run in LA, Grace asked. Went for a run around the field 3 or 4 times, Harlee aid. So you feelin any better, Grace asked. Like I said, until we get through the tour I’m not gonna be sure, Harlee said. Grace shook her head and texted Kevin. Harlee made breakfast for them and they relaxed a while as the stage crew was getting things set up. Harlee went into the stateroom and did some radio call in interviews and then called Jake. Hey gorgeous, Jake said. Guess you got some sleep, Harlee joked. Just about to walk into an appointment. Cutest little kid ever, Jake said. And, Harlee asked. Long story. She’s going in for surgery for a busted leg, Jake said. Well go fix the adorable one and gimme a call later, Harlee said. Love you, he replied. Love you too, Harlee replied.

Harlee came into the sitting area and sat down with Grace as she went through what looked like a million emails. What, Harlee asked. 20 interview requests for you and Jake, Grace replied. They’re gonna have to wait then. If I do get him to myself for a few days I don’t want it all interviews, Harlee said. Pick three then and I’ll fit them in during the break mid October, Grace said. Harlee chose three and shook her head. What, Grace asked. Tell me this isn’t a mistake, Harlee asked. Stop freakin out. You know when y’all get married it’s gonna be the Jake and Harlee show and everyone’s gonna want y’all for interviews. Just get used to it, Grace teased. Harlee smirked and shook her head. So what’s the plan for tonight, Grace asked. A friend of mine is comin to sing the acoustic one with me. Honestly, I’m thinkin that the entire crowd will be in shock, Harlee said. Who’s coming, Grace asked. Remember Brad Green, Harlee asked. Seriously? How on earth did you talk him into coming, Grace asked. His wife is coming out to LA for a show, Harlee said. Grace shook her head. What, Harlee asked. How on earth did you talk him into singing on stage with you, Grace asked. He’s a friend and you know it. He told me about when they got engaged and he was worried about the same thing. Honestly, it kinda makes me feel better knowing I’m not the only one, Harlee said. Grace shook her head. Guess you’re doin interviews before the show and we’re giving press passes to the extra press that will be there, Grace said. Harlee smirked.

She did a few more radio interviews hinting at a surprise guest that night and there were a ton of press requests for the show within a matter of minutes. So you have 3 interviews before the show now. What time are they comin, Grace asked. He should be here around 3, Harlee said. Grace smirked. So which one do you want first, Grace asked. Whichever, Harlee said. Grace smirked and booked the interviews and set up the interview space and went through Harlee’s wardrobe that was in the dressing room and tried to figure out what worked for the interviews. She came back to the bus with the outfit and ran it by Harlee. What you think, Grace asked. Love it. Perfect for tonight, Harlee said. Interview, Grace said. Harlee grabbed a top she’d brought with her. Much better for the interviews, Harlee replied. Grace smirked and realized it was a top that she’d bought Harlee. I love it. So they’re comin in 3 hours. Sound check then interviews right, Grace asked. Harlee nodded and hugged Grace. What, Grace asked. Bein a voice of reason. Talkin me down when I start freakin out about all of this, Harlee said. I get why you’re scared Harlee. This is the first time that you had to believe in someone else that wasn’t trying to use you. Just remember that he’s with you because he loves you and not for anything else, Grace said. Harlee nodded, hugged her and Harlee went and did sound check with the band. Once that was finished up, Harlee went into hair and makeup and Brad showed with his wife.

Good timin, Harlee said giving them both a hug. You were pretty great in sound check there lady, Brad teased. Well thank you. How are y’all doin, Harlee asked. Just pretty dang perfect, Savannah said. I still can’t believe that we’re doin all of this today, Harlee said. Kinda glad we’re getting to do this too. Honestly, I don’t think Savannah has stopped playin your new CD, Brad teased. I’m kinda lovin yours, Harlee teased. Well thank you miss Harlee. So a little bird told me about your cabin in GA. Is it the cabin I think it is, Brad asked. Maybe 20 minutes from yours, Harlee teased. ‘Had to didn’t ya, he joked. Harlee smirked. You made it look too dang tempting, Harlee said. Brad smirked. As long as you love it. It’s like a totally and completely polar opposite to Nash right, Brad teased. Harlee nodded. Completely and totally addictive. Didn’t wanna have to leave, Harlee joked. We never do," Savannah joked. They hung out while Harlee and Brad got their hair and makeup done then Harlee went into the interview. Grace hung out with Savannah and watched and when the interviewer asked who the surprise guest was, Harlee smirked and Brad came walkin in.

Well y’all, I have the biggest news of the entire week. I just found out the secret surprise guest for tonight. All I know is if the tickets aren’t sold out now, they will be. Trust me, this guest is well worth the drive or ticket money, the interviewer said. So when did y’all decide on this, the interviewer asked. It was a crazy idea that we came up with, Brad said. They finished up the interview and Harlee and Brad got a few photos together then headed into the next interview and the one after that. Harlee intentionally teased the fans by posting a photo of their two ring fingers side by side with the words:

Special guest star is my dream duet partner. #LuckyLady #GuesstheSurpriseGuest

Brad smirked. Kinda like it, Brad joked. They can all guess all they want this afternoon. So long as nobody knows before the show, we’re all good, Harlee said. They hung out after all the interviews and Grace came and sat with them along with Brad’s wife. So now that all your fans know, what’s next, Savannah asked. We’re releasing another 150 tickets and the rest will no doubt be hanging around hoping to get an autograph or two. It’s up to you, but I’m sorta thinkin keepin out of sight and surprising all of them, Harlee suggested. Brad smirked. Meanin I get a date night with Savannah before we head on, Brad joked. Harlee nodded. So where’s the fiancée? Home workin. He’s up at Vanderbilt kids hospital, Harlee said. Big leagues, Brad said. Harlee nodded. He’s doin great, but honestly, I’m scared he’s gonna hate me being on the tour at all, Harlee said. It’s not the easiest thing in the world but if y’all choose each other it’ll work Harlee. I promise you it will, Brad said. I’m so totally not used to bein with someone when I’m out here. I’m used to bein happy with what I have with my friends. I just don’t know what I’m supposed to do, Harlee said. Then be you and be the best you that you can be, Savannah said as Brad wrapped his arms around her and kissed her neck. Are y’all gonna hang out for a bit, Harlee asked. Brad shook his head. We’re doin a little Christmas shoppin while we’re here and goin to dinner. We’ll be back around 8, Brad said. Harlee smirked and nodded and headed back to the bus. When she got there, Grace was answering Harlee’s phone. She’s right here Jake, Grace said handing the phone to Harlee.

Hey handsome, Harlee asked. Hey beautiful fiancée of mine. So am I getting this right that Brad Green is playin the show tonight with you and I’m missing it, Jake asked. Yep, Harlee teased. I do get off work at 5, Jake teased. You workin in the mornin, Harlee asked. Nope. Not until 2, Jake said. I’ll send a ticket. Get on the plane, Harlee said. Lookin forward to it, Jake said. Within maybe 15 minutes, Jake texted her that he was at the airport. Harlee smirked. She sent a text back and he said he was gonna take a plane whether she said to or not. He called her back. You were already at the airport, Harlee asked. Yep. Was gonna tell you that I was on my way, Jake said. I haven’t been gone that long, Harlee said. Day off. It means I’m comin to see you, Jake teased. I guess I’ll see you in a little bit, Harlee said. Definitely. We’re taking off in like 10 minutes, Jake said.

Chapter 2

They hung up and Harlee tried to have a rest. He comin, Grace asked. Harlee nodded. Kevin’s comin with him I gather. They’re sitting beside each other on the plane, Grace said. Harlee smirked. Go figure, Harlee joked. Grace teased her, Harlee had a shower and grabbed something to eat then went into hair and makeup and Grace grabbed her outfit for the show. She intentionally had on black leather pants and a top that would’ve had Brad laughing. By the time Harlee was going into hair and makeup after dinner, Jake and Kevin were just landing at the airport. By the time Harlee’s hair was done, they were pulling in. By the time Harlee’s makeup was done and she was changed, Jake was waitin for her in the dressing room. Harlee walked in and saw the flowers and smirked. Good timin, Harlee said. Jake got up, walked towards her and kissed her. Hey beautiful, Jake said. Hey yourself. How was work, Harlee asked. Long. Really, really long. I sorta got my second wind on the plane, Jake teased. What happened, Harlee asked. Doesn’t matter. I’m here. That’s all that matters, Jake said. Harlee shook her head and kissed him and once the opener was done, Harlee and Jake walked towards the stage. We have plans tonight by the way, Jake said. We’re heading to the next stop and staying at a hotel. It’s like maybe 3 hours, Harlee said. I know, Jake teased. Harlee

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