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Choose Me

Choose Me

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Choose Me

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Jan 26, 2018


When Harlee Brooks became a big country music star, she knew that a lot would change. Her personal life would be public and every move would be watched. The only thing she didn't count on was not being able to date anyone without the press and the paparazzi in her face. She opted to make a huge change. She hoped the move to a tiny town in Georgia would give her the freedom she'd lost, but instead she's confronted with the same old guys. Just when she was about to give up, a man is put in her path that makes her re-think everything. Only one problem....he's a doctor.

Jake Thompson was handsome, tall, buff and everything else a woman could want. He'd been single for so long he forgot what dating was even like. He wasn't about to give up the single life for just any woman. She had to be pretty special. When Harlee showed up at his hospital that day, he didn't waste a single moment. She was gonna be his next girlfriend. He would bypass whatever he had to for just one date....that is until he learned why she was single.

A choice had to be made whether their lives went on apart or together. A choice they both had to make. The choice was harder than either of them would ever realize.

Jan 26, 2018

Sobre el autor

Sue Langford started out with a dream. She'd been writing since she was young and always dreamed of seeing her books in a book store. When she finally gave in and got her first novel published, it hit the racks and was snatched up by everyone. When she made her first trip to Nashville, she was completely hooked. From that point on, her books were inspired by country music and the artists she loved.When she took on the topic of Anti-Bullying in her newest series - The Revenge Series - she found even more exposure than she could have imagined. The first of it's kind, she proved that everyone no matter their size, shape, opinions or even career deserves to be bullied. If you think she's stopping there, you will be happily surprised. She takes on a current topic with every book and every series. An author to watch and a bestselling one at that, Sue is a one of a kind author that all of us should check out.

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Choose Me - Sue Langford

Choose Me


Copyright © 2015 Sue Langford

All rights reserved.

ISBN: 1519340486

ISBN-13: 978-151340481


To the choices we’ve all made

Whether they were right or wrong

And to the best friends who always helped us through

To Nadine, Leanne and my girlfriends

who’ve been my rock from day one.

I chose the best girlfriends a girl could have.

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"In the end…We only regret the chances we didn’t take, the relationships we were afraid to have,

and the decisions we waited too long to make."

Lewis Carroll

Chapter 1

When she walked into that bar that night, she knew life would be completely different. Signing a record contract was gonna change everything. What she didn’t count on was all the craziness and insanity fame brought. Being alone was fine, but going home to an empty bed after every show was killing her. She hated being alone, but going without the dream and the music wasn’t what she wanted at all. She wanted the guy, the life and peace and quiet. One of those things was dang near impossible since she’d won her third award. Even going back home was hard when everyone was following and stalking her for that one moment that she let her guard down. She was petrified that when the music was gone and when the fame faded that she’d just be the same old Harlee. Nobody was gonna accept her as anything else and she knew it.

Harlee headed off to talk to her label about things and they dropped one heck of a surprise on her. Well, I’m kinda glad you came in. Good timin. We actually just found out that you got nominated for an award. They’re requesting a performance of the new single then a co-headline tour with Luke Jacobs. What do you think, her manager asked. How long are we on the road for, Harlee asked. 3 nights a week for 8 months I think. We can organize a plane for the long distances so you can come home when you need to. That sound alright, her manager asked. Harlee nodded. Only request I have is that the meet and greet is an acoustic warm up private thing for the fans. I don’t want 50 of them either, Harlee said. That I can arrange, her manager said. And if possible, I fly back every week or two for a few days. That work, Harlee asked. Definitely, her manager said. He handed her the contracts and she read through it. Because of the awards, she got more money for the tour, but did she really want to give up her life for another 8 months on tour? She remembered back to the old days where she was lucky if she got on a tour for 4 months. 8 just seemed like she was giving her life up. She looked at her lawyer. So the up side is if you want to hop off the tour for a while. If you can’t do the entire thing, it’s alright. You can do a couple months on, a couple off, her lawyer said. That works, Harlee said. He nodded and she signed the contract. They finished up the meeting and she left to go meet up with the stylist.

Harlee Brooks had the perfect size 5 body with curves most women would pay for. She had the perfect summer glow, thanks to a little spray tanning, and was almost 5 foot 8. The long blonde hair and crystal blue eyes were what guys drooled over, but none of them ever measured up to what she wanted or needed. She had been singing and writing for years, but until she’d got that one crazy record contract she never thought anyone would want to hear any of it. The only saving grace she had was her friend Grace with her and on the tour to keep her sanity intact. She needed the piece of home and was more than happy that Grace was that piece.

So we’re back out on tour. What’s wrong with that, Grace asked as she sat down with Harlee on the sofa. Meaning I have no social life. Meaning I have no life, Harlee said. You could take a break, Grace said. Not when I have number one hits and fans begging me to do shows, Harlee replied. Grace smirked. And you have a great house that most of us only dream of and a life most people wish they could have. Count your blessings, Grace said. I am. I’m just sick of having people ask about my love life when I don’t have even a trace of one. People are trying to fix me up that don’t even know me Grace. I’m sick of spending my life working. I miss having a date night, Harlee said. So what do you want me to do about it? I can set you up, but you’re still not gonna be happy. The way you are, you need to meet guys on our own instead of someone else thinking you’d look good together, Grace said. Exactly. When am I supposed to be starting the tour, Harlee asked. According to the contract, you have three months. Why, Grace asked. What if I just went off the radar for a while? I could go down to Georgia and get that cabin I always wanted. Whatever happens after that happens, Harlee said. You think nobody will recognize you right, Grace joked. Not when I don’t have the glitz and glam that I do everywhere else, Harlee said. You’re just gonna go down and blend in? Harlee, what are you supposed to do down there, Grace asked. Go and be normal instead of all of the fame. Even if it’s only for a month or two, Harlee said.

Harlee had a million ideas. She’d live in a cabin in a tiny town, she’d shop in the tiny shops and stay as far away from the limelight as she could. She’d even stay away from the big town stuff just to avoid anyone spotting her. You couldn’t sit still in one place that long and you know it. You really that convinced that you’re gonna end up alone, Grace asked. Harlee nodded. So what next, Grace asked. I’m taking my best friend with me and we’re goin house shopping, Harlee teased. She shook her head. What you gonna do about the fancy car there super spy, Grace teased. Takin the truck. I don’t need the big fancy SUV Grace, Harlee said. She smirked. Harlee went onto her laptop and found a few options and made an appointment for the next morning. What, Grace asked. Get packed. We’re leaving tomorrow, Harlee said. When are the awards, Grace asked. Three months, Harlee said. Promise me we get back to normal by then, Grace asked. Harlee nodded and hugged her. Then you’re gonna need to start packin now or you aren’t gonna have enough time to pack, Grace said. Harlee hugged her and grabbed her suitcases. They both spent the night packing up and bringing what was important with them. They got the truck loaded up and Harlee booked a hotel room in the town that she was looking in under Grace’s name. Why me, Grace asked. So that nobody is gonna know where we are, Harlee said. Grace smirked. Fine, Grace said as she continued to pack.

The next morning as planned they got everything into the truck bed and headed off. Grace had a smirk ear to ear and they had Starbucks in hand. Grace was content until they got somewhere that Starbucks didn’t exist. So where are we going anyway, Grace asked. Little tiny town far enough away from stuff. It’s fine, Harlee said. Closest Starbucks, Grace asked. Doesn’t matter. We have enough coffee to get us through Starbucks addict, Harlee teased. Coffee I’m not worried about. The latte is another problem altogether, Grace said. I have the espresso maker. It’s fine. We can make them if it’s not close, Harlee said. So what else are you springing on me, Grace asked.

Harlee pulled into the hotel a couple hours later and they got their stuff to the rooms. As soon as everything was unloaded, they headed off to meet up with the real estate agent. So I have 5 cabins that are what you needed. I have two in Jefferson and three more in the area. We’ll find something one way or another, the real estate agent said. So where’s the closest Starbucks, Grace asked. Harlee smirked. Maybe 15 minutes. Not a problem and it’s a 24 hour one, the real estate agent said. Grace smirked. Thank god, Grace said. They went and looked at the first one. It included 5 acres of land and the cabin was huge. Exactly what Harlee wanted. They looked at the rest of them and Harlee was stuck. So is there anything you liked, the real estate agent asked. The first one is exactly what I was looking for. It’s out far enough that I’m away from everything. So what kind of price are we talking, Harlee asked. They went back to look at it again and Grace wandered around while they talked money. So when do you want to move in, the agent asked. If it’s wired in the morning, Harlee asked. She nodded. Then tomorrow morning it is, the real estate agent asked. Harlee signed the papers and called her banker to wire the money over. She negotiated the best deal, and it was worth it. This place was gonna be her port in a storm and her chance at normal.

They went back to the hotel and Grace laughed. What, Harlee asked. You bought a cabin in the dang woods with 4 bedrooms. You think that’s normal, Grace teased. Harlee nodded. Considering the price, yeah, Harlee said. So what time do you get the keys, Grace asked. 7am right after my run, Harlee said. We’re livin in the woods. Fun, Grace said. We’re 15 minutes from Starbucks. Can’t be that far out, Harlee teased. They went and grabbed some lunch and got some groceries. They got wine, Jack, Cola and the major stuff they needed. They got back to the hotel and nobody even bothered to notice. That’s exactly what Harlee wanted. So what else do we need, Grace asked. Dishes, but I have that packed up. The only thing I think we’re missing is furniture. The big sofa and chair was included. The bed I loved is being delivered at 8 tomorrow, the other bed at the same time, the bedroom furniture comes with that and the kitchen table that was there is ours, Harlee said. So everything you wanted is gonna be there, Grace replied. Harlee nodded. We have everything and we can work from there, Harlee said. They had a relaxing afternoon and wandered around town. Nobody even stopped them. Nobody asked for an autograph or even tried taking a picture. Harlee relaxed finally. She started feeling normal again.

The next morning, Harlee got up and went for her run. When she got back, the agent was waiting with the keys and the deed to the house. She got the furniture delivered and put exactly where she wanted it as Grace started unpacking. By the time they were starving for lunch, it was almost 2 and they were completely unpacked. I still can’t believe you’re walking away from that huge house, Grace said. So here’s the plan now that everything’s all good here. If you get sick of the sticks, you can go back to Nash and stay at the house. You get free reign of it until I head out on the tour. What do you think, Harlee asked. Could work. I still don’t know what you’re gonna do down here all day, Grace said. Write and have a normal life. Think of the music I can write when I’m away from the city Grace. I can relax and concentrate and be normal like I was before the music, Harlee said. Grace smirked. If that’s what makes you happy, Grace replied. Harlee smirked and went and put something on for dinner. What are you gonna do when it snows, Grace asked. Get a snow blower, Harlee teased. Grace, it barely even snows here. It’s fine. This is really what you want, Grace asked. For now, yeah. I need to do this Grace. I’m beginning to get sick of the town I love. Nashville is home and it always will be, but I need some way to ground myself again, Harlee said. If this amazing cabin is what it takes, okay, Grace said.

They cleaned up and by the time dinner was ready, the house smelled like roast beef. You made the mouthwatering roast again didn’t you, Grace asked. Harlee nodded. First perfect meal, Harlee said. They sat down to the best meal they’d had in a long time. It even tastes better than usual, Harlee said. Grace nodded. They finished up dinner and Grace smirked. What, Harlee asked. I think we need to go and see what there is to do at night. You know you’re gonna get bored if there’s nothin to do, Grace said. I always find things to do, Harlee teased. Maybe you should just see, Grace said. Harlee nodded. Fine, but no tellin people where we are okay, Harlee asked. Grace nodded. They cleaned up and went and found something to wear and got ready to go out. They found a place to go and ended up watching a pretty amazing jam session on the little stage. As Grace put it, it was the Georgia version of a honky-tonk.

They had a drink and were hanging out when a drink showed up for each of them. And where’d this come from, Harlee asked. The guy at the end of the bar in the ball cap, the bartender said. Harlee shook her head. What, Grace asked. A random guy in a ball cap. Just what I needed, Harlee teased. Doesn’t mean he isn’t a good guy, Grace whispered. Harlee nodded. She finished her drink and they went to go to the next place they found. They headed in and grabbed a seat in the back. As they did, the waitress came straight over and took their order. Harlee and Grace ordered and noticed someone walking towards them. What, Grace asked. Think we have a stalker, Harlee teased. She got up and the guy walked straight over to Grace. Hi, he said. Well hello. Didn’t we just see you down the street, Grace asked. Was about to come over and talk to you when y’all took off, the guy said. So now that you found me, Grace teased. Bo Reynolds, he said. Nice to meet you Bo. I’m Grace, she said. Much better. Now can I get you that drink, he asked. Grace smirked and nodded and they went and sat at the bar.

Harlee saw her and texted her that she was heading home. She headed outside and went to walk back to the truck and saw someone coming up behind her. She kept walking and when she got to her truck, whoever it was had gone. She headed back to the house and opted to stop off and grab some gas. Just as she headed in to pay, there was a guy in the little shop getting what looked like provisions for a huge party. Go ahead. I have a lot more here than you do, the man said. Looks like one heck of a party, Harlee said. It will be tomorrow night, the man said. Harlee went and paid for her gas and the man came out just as she was filling up. Let me do that for you, the man said. Thank you but it’s… I got it, the man said. He took over and pumped her gas for her and it gave them a chance to talk. So you must be new around here. How long you been in town, the man asked. Just moved in today actually, Harlee said. You moved into that big cabin? One lady all alone in that big place, the man asked. Harlee got a bad feeling. Room mates come in pretty handy in a place like that, Harlee said. Was just gonna say, you should come to the party tomorrow. Meet some of the people around here. Our age, he joked. So you’re inviting a total stranger to your party, Harlee asked. It’s a bonfire. It’s kind of whoever wants to come can come hang out and enjoy the music and stuff, he said. I don’t even know your name, Harlee said. Wade Jackson, he said. Harlee Brooks, she replied. Nice to meet you, he said. He put the gas pump back and smirked. The party is just down the street at the old farm, Wade said. He drew a map on the gas receipt and smirked. We’re meeting up around 8. Bring a friend or two if you want even, Wade said. Harlee smirked. Might be able to. We’ll see what happens, she said. He smirked and Harlee headed off. She got back to the cabin and checked her cell. 10 missed calls and they were all from ex-boyfriends and her manager. She called her manager back and leaned back on the porch swing.

So where’d y’all decide to disappear to, her manager asked. Tiny town in Georgia. So what’s goin on, she asked. Okay, so the song is number one again, they’re now asking for you to perform and present. That work, her manager asked. Three months here then fine, Harlee said. You sure? I mean that is a little tiny town. Can they handle you, her manager joked. Is it insane that a little piece of me wants to change my number? 5 ex-boyfriends called. What the hell, Harlee said. They asked. I said to leave you alone and they called anyway, her manager said. Then I need to change the number, Harlee said. I’ll get it done in the mornin. I guess I’ll see you when y’all get back, her manager said. Just text me in the mornin and let me know, Harlee said. Will do, he said as they hung up. Harlee went and grabbed a bottle of water and went upstairs and slid into a hot bath. Not 15 minutes later, she got a text with the new phone number. She smirked and sent it to Grace and relaxed in the tub. Not 5 minutes later, Grace texted back:

So, I met a guy. We’re goin to hang out by the water for a bit. Got my phone if you need me

Harlee smirked and went and slid out of the tub and dried off. She got changed into her leggings and a hoodie and went outside to the porch swing and worked on some music. She played around with a song or two and still nothing. She went inside and grabbed a glass of Jack and came back outside. She finally got an idea and ran with it. She got a good portion of the song done and even got the melody going. By midnight, the song was almost done. She had idea after idea. Around 1, she finally finished up and turned in for the night. She needed that peace and quiet something bad. She curled up in her new bed and was out cold not long later.

The next morning, Harlee woke up to see Grace curled up on the sofa out cold. She got changed into her running gear and took off and went for a run. Half-way through, she saw Wade. What you doin out here, Harlee asked. He smirked. Was just about to ask you that. What you doin up so early, Wade asked. Morning run to start the day off right, she said. He smirked. Want company, he asked. You’re gonna run in work boots, Harlee teased. I have runners in the truck. Want company, he asked. Wade, go home. Let me finish the run, Harlee said. Depends. You comin tonight, he asked. I have to go Wade, Harlee said. She took off and headed back to the house and smirked. She got back and Grace was just waking up. Good timin there lady, Harlee teased. You actually got up and went for a run, Grace asked. As usual. How was the party last night, Harlee asked. He’s okay. Definitely a totally different species of guys around here, Grace said. Jack or Shine, Harlee teased. Stop screamin, Grace said. Shine, Harlee joked. She went into the kitchen and made some pancakes and bacon and handed it to Grace and had some herself. So since you intentionally ducked out early, how’d the songwriting go, Grace asked. Got a song finished up. Got invited to a bonfire tomorrow, Harlee said. You actually gonna go to the bonfire, Grace asked. Since you’re coming with me, Harlee said. Then I guess we’re goin to a bonfire, Grace replied. So, who was the guy last night, Harlee asked. What a damn loser and a half, Grace said. So you two didn’t get along, Harlee teased. Grace smirked.

They both got dressed and showered and headed downtown to get a few things together for the house. They found pictures, frames, ways to dress it up their own way then headed back to the cabin. Long time no see, Wade said as Harlee headed to her truck and saw him. Hey there. So, Grace and I are comin tonight. You sure you don’t need me to bring anything, Harlee asked. Just come down and hang out. Maybe a little OFF spray so y’all don’t get eaten by mosquitos, he teased. Harlee smirked. Will do. See y’all tonight, Harlee said. He gave her a hug and opened her door for her. Ten, he asked. Harlee nodded, waved goodbye and headed off. So that’s why you wanted to go tonight, Grace teased. You said meet new people, Harlee teased. Grace smirked and they finally headed back to the cabin. They got there and unloaded the truck and headed inside. They put up the new pictures, put the pillows and the decorations out then put on some lunch. So what exactly you wearin tonight superstar, Grace joked. Jeans and a shirt and a tank. My boots. Normal stuff. Why, Harlee asked. Sounds pretty good, Grace said. Meaning, Harlee asked. You’re the one that said you wanted to fit in, Grace teased. I have been to my share of bonfires Grace, Harlee teased.

They hung out the rest of the afternoon and Grace got a call. What’s up, Grace said. I need you in Nash for a couple days. That alright, her friend asked. Depends on why, Grace teased. He freakin dumped me over nothing. I need girl time, her friend replied. I can come up there for a while but I kinda have to come back down, Grace said. I need some quality girl time. I need to get his crap out of here too, her friend said. I’ll head up Sunday if that’s alright, Grace said. I really appreciate it, her friend said. See you Sunday after church, Grace said hanging up. So you’re ditchin the cabin are you, Harlee asked as she worked on some music. Means you having to make nice with the locals, Grace teased. You still comin tonight or are you chickening out, Harlee teased. Just promise me you won’t let me talk to the sleazes at the party, Grace teased. How am I supposed to be able to tell them from the psycho’s, Harlee teased. Funny. I mean it. That guy last night was an idiot Harlee. I can’t deal with that again. This was supposed to be fun, Grace teased. We’re like the blind leadin the blind Grace. I’ll help you and you run interference for me, Harlee joked. Grace smirked and Harlee got back to working on some more music. The closer it got to dinner time, the more Harlee’s stomach was growling. So are we eating here or dinner at that other place downtown, Grace asked. Dinner here. If we go downtown, you dang well know you’re gonna end up meeting someone again. Then what, Harlee teased. We’re goin out. I need a drink, Grace teased.

They got to the restaurant and headed inside and grabbed dinner. So what’s next, Harlee asked. We’re gettin changed and figuring out what to bring to the party, Grace said. He said we didn’t need to. We’ll go get changed and head over. It’s fine, Harlee said. Grace smirked. Call him and ask if he needs anything since every party I’ve gone to they always forgot somethin, Grace teased. Harlee texted Wade and they headed home. Within maybe 15 minutes, he replied back:

Need cups and ice. Nothing too exciting. You could just come early and help me set up. May need hay bails.

Harlee got home and saw the text and replied back that they were on the way in a half hour. She got the bails loaded into the truck and stopped off on the way to get the cups and ice. When they got there, Wade was getting everything together and Harlee helped him out. Just intentionally helpin, he asked. Harlee nodded. She looked at her phone and it said 9:55. Anything else, Harlee teased. He smirked and shook his head. What, Harlee asked. You stayin in town for a while, Wade asked. Why do you ask, Harlee replied. He smirked. Figured I’d ask. There aren’t many single women around, Wade teased. I do believe that you’re trying to ask me out, Harlee said. He smirked. You never know, Wade teased. Everyone started showing up and the fire was lit – in more ways than one. The music cranked up and everyone had a drink. Around midnight, Harlee saw Wade walking towards her.

And what do you want, Harlee teased as she took a sip of her Jack and Cola. So, instead of just sittin around, come dance with me, Wade asked. Harlee smirked, he took her hand and he was dancing with her. Thank you for the help by the way, Wade whispered as he pulled her in close. Harlee smirked. Thank Grace. She thought you might have forgotten a few things, Harlee said. He smirked. Good timin then, he joked. Just as he was pulling her in close, he heard a fight starting. You do realize that world war three is starting over there, Harlee asked. He grabbed her hand and they walked over.

Get your damn hands off my woman, one man said. Right. That’s why she was hittin on me. She ain’t your girl, the other man said. It came down to blows a couple minutes later and Wade pulled Harlee back away from them and behind him to make sure she was alright. Wade went over to the woman they were fighting over. You seriously causin this and you aren’t even gonna say anything, Wade asked. We broke up and he keeps tellin people that I’m his damn woman, the woman said. He shook his head. I’ll go sit with Grace, Harlee said. He stopped and kissed her. I’ll be back in like 5 minutes, he asked. She looked at him. What was that for, Harlee asked. He kissed her again and she walked back to her truck and he went off to put a stop to the fight. What was that, Grace asked. Harlee smirked. Normal. For once, completely freakin normal, Harlee replied.

Wade walked over to the guys and managed to get them apart. Jack, she isn’t your damn girl anymore and you know it. As for you Sammy, go and get her out of here before she causes another damn fight, Wade said. He went and walked off and Sam turned around and hauled out and punched Jack so hard he fell to the ground. Enough. Get a damn drink and walk off, Wade said. He walked back over towards Harlee and smirked. What, Harlee asked when he got over to her. Need to finish that talk, he teased. Harlee walked with him. They got all the way back to his truck and he pulled her to him and kissed her again. So now that I know why you really wanted me here, Harlee teased. He kissed her again. What you doin tomorrow, he asked. Run, work, dinner, Harlee teased. He kissed her again. You gonna let me take you to dinner, he asked. Harlee smirked. You sure you wanna do that Harlee teased. His hands slid down to her backside. I am so sure it’s crazy, Wade said. He got that smirk on his face. And by the way, I know you hunted down the run route this mornin, Harlee said. He smirked. You did look pretty hot in those shorts, he said. Harlee shook her head. You can bypass the route tomorrow, Harlee replied. As long as I get you for dinner, he replied. Fine, but…. He kissed her again and the kiss was so hot her toes curled and her knees started goin to jelly.

What, Wade asked as he leaned her against the tailgate of his truck. I’m not that easy if that’s what you’re thinkin, Harlee said. Meanin what? I don’t want to be over there when they’re gettin stupid. Curlin up in the bed of my truck and makin out isn’t hurtin anybody, Wade said. Harlee shook her head. What, he asked as he pulled her closer to him. You really are determined to get me in the bed of your truck aren’t you, Harlee asked. He kissed her and sat her on the tailgate. I really should get goin, Harlee teased. He kissed her again and Harlee got up. See you later, Harlee said. She walked back towards her truck. Harlee, Wade said. She got in her truck, Grace hopped in and they were gone. What happened, Grace asked. Doesn’t matter, Harlee said. They pulled back into the cabin about 45 minutes later and Harlee still hadn’t said a word. What happened, Grace asked. He’s no damn different than any of those other idiots, Harlee said. You were fine with him. What the heck happened, Grace asked. Harlee shook her head and went inside and washed off the makeup and went to bed. Grace knew better when she wouldn’t say anything it meant to stay away.

Harlee got up the next morning and went for an 8 mile run and came home. Grace had already headed to Nashville to meet up with her friend but left Harlee a note:

He showed up lookin for you. My friend Amy had a meltdown this mornin. Headed back. I’ll call you when I’m there. Call me when you get your butt out of the runners.

Harlee went and got some breakfast and curled up on the sofa. She got breakfast cleaned up and worked on the music for a bit then opted to go for a drive. She ended up off on an old dirt road and was passed by a biker who not 5 minutes later dead stopped on the side of the road. Harlee went to go past and saw one heck of a gorgeous man. Harlee headed down to a little farmer’s market that was down the hill and parked and the guy on the bike pulled in behind her. Nice truck, the guy said. Thanks, Harlee said. She went into the market, locked the truck and got the groceries that she needed and went to head out and the biker guy was sitting on her tailgate. Do I know you or something, Harlee asked. Nope. Was just complimenting the truck, he said. Harlee shook her head, put her groceries in the back and put the tailgate back up. What’d I say, he asked. Harlee shook her head and went and got in the truck. I was gonna ask if you wanted to come have a coffee with me, he asked. Harlee got in the truck and left to go home. Half way back to the cabin, her truck started acting up. Just freakin great, Harlee said. She pulled over and the motorcycle guy came up behind her. Somethin wrong with the truck, he asked. Harlee opened the hood and checked it. She played around for a minute and went and got the truck started then closed the hood. You’re that stubborn, he asked. I know my truck. That’s all, Harlee said.

You won’t even give me 5 seconds, the biker said. You following me kinda put the creep on a bike attitude up, Harlee said. I’m Cash, he said. Harlee. Nice to meet you, Harlee said sarcastically. Not so creepy am I, he asked. I really need to head back. See you around, Harlee said. Coffee, he asked. I would love to any other time. I need to get back, Harlee said. And, he asked. Answer’s no, Harlee replied. She got in the truck and headed off, attempting to lose him altogether. When she finally did, she headed back to her place. She got there and Wade was sitting on the front porch. I swear, it’s like security and privacy are outlawed out here, Harlee said. You gonna tell me why you took off, Wade asked. From now on, just assume that you aren’t getting laid period with me alright, Harlee said. She walked past him, took her bags inside and locked the door. I’m not leavin until you talk to me, Wade said still sitting at the front door. Harlee got things put away and went out back with a sweet tea in hand. You are seriously gonna get pissed at me for kissing you, he asked. I’m pissed off that you just assumed since I went to the party that you were gonna get laid. Nice try though, Harlee said. She took a sip of her sweet tea and he walked over and sat down beside her on the porch swing. Kissin where nobody can come bug us isn’t being a jackass you know, he said. Right. Next time, don’t bother inviting me if that’s why, Harlee said. Then a real date. Drive in and we can hang out in the bed of the truck and watch the movie. I can bring blankets to lean on, he said. Wade, you need to go, Harlee said. He stood in front of her. I’m bein honest with you. Talk to me, he said. Wade, I was coming to the party. You went too damn far. What’s there to talk about, Harlee asked. "The

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