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My Kind of Crazy

My Kind of Crazy

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My Kind of Crazy

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Jan 26, 2018


When Emma James left home to be with Wade, she had no idea what she was really getting into. When she ended up being a hostage instead of a fiancee, she knew she had to find a way out and fast.

When Luke Williams made that stop on his normal tour, he headed straight down to his favorite lake. Even if it was cold, he was getting some perspective on things. That is, until he bumped into Emma. She needed his help. Who was he to say no? She was the first woman in years to catch his eye. Now, all he had to do was hold onto her. Sometimes people get themselves in a situation that nobody can fix. That was Luke's kind of crazy.

Jan 26, 2018

Sobre el autor

Sue Langford started out with a dream. She'd been writing since she was young and always dreamed of seeing her books in a book store. When she finally gave in and got her first novel published, it hit the racks and was snatched up by everyone. When she made her first trip to Nashville, she was completely hooked. From that point on, her books were inspired by country music and the artists she loved.When she took on the topic of Anti-Bullying in her newest series - The Revenge Series - she found even more exposure than she could have imagined. The first of it's kind, she proved that everyone no matter their size, shape, opinions or even career deserves to be bullied. If you think she's stopping there, you will be happily surprised. She takes on a current topic with every book and every series. An author to watch and a bestselling one at that, Sue is a one of a kind author that all of us should check out.

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My Kind of Crazy - Sue Langford

For the friends who never gave up, the friends that saved me,

and for the friends who never stopped believing in me.

For Silvia, Leanne, Charlene, Nadine, Johnny Joe, Wayne and Jennifer

You changed my life by drying my tears. You are all amazing

Chapter 1

When you’re face to face with your future, a woman should never ask why. She should never be questioning whether she can live like that, whether she can handle all the drama that the relationship means or whether she can put up with him forever. She should be looking into the eyes of the man she marries and be happy to be married to him, not dreading it.

When Emma James first met her fiancée, they’d been talking for months and she had fallen hard for the man she thought she knew. When she showed up in his life, the long blonde hair, blue eyes that were the color of the ocean and the cute little body had him almost choking on his snuff. The fact that she’d come all the way there just to see him showed that she was determined. That was just the start of it. Emma stood around 5 foot 7 and could’ve been a supermodel according to her fiancée. He showed her off to everyone in town and one look from her got him horny. She was tempting and could get any man she wanted. Her fiancée’s question – why him?

Wade Brown had been living in that little town his entire life. The dream of moving to Nashville was starting to slip from his fingers, but seeing Emma had him re-thinking the idea. She sang like an angel and had a way of making him nervous with one look. He was almost 5 foot 10 and had never really bothered to work out, but she had him thinking that it was a good move. They just fit together like a perfect fitting glove. How he ever got lucky enough to have a woman like that at his side, he’d never figure out. Fact was that was the first time in his 33 years that he was speechless at the sight of a woman.

So when did you think we should make it official, Wade asked. Leah sat on the other sofa, far enough away that he couldn’t see her trying to come up with an answer. You know, we haven’t really known each other all that long. Getting married is a big thing, Leah said. Meaning what, Wade asked glaring at her. He had beady little eyes that almost scared her. Meaning we have all the time in the world. Why are we rushing into it, Emma asked. What are you trying to say Emma, he asked getting up. I’m just saying. I’m kinda liking just spending time alone together, Emma said. You decide you want to back the hell out, he asked. Why can’t we just wait until we have the money saved to do it right, Emma asked. He grabbed her arm and pulled her off the sofa. Wade, Emma said. You wanna leave then get the hell out. Doing the opposite of what he wanted wasn’t a good move, but marrying a man she was scared of was just plain stupid. Fine, Emma said. She walked into the bedroom, grabbed her suitcases and was about to walk down the hall when he came up behind her, grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her back and leaned her onto the bed. I’m going, Emma said. Not right now you aren’t, Wade said pulling her jeans clear off.

This is how it always ended. She’d be determined to leave and instead of just letting her walk out, he’d get caught up in having sex with her and exhaust her so she couldn’t leave. When he’d fall asleep, Emma would get dressed and try sneaking her things to her car. He’d catch her and she’d end up on the sofa being pinned down. She’d replayed it over and over in her mind, but she had to leave. If she didn’t, the cycle would never end. Emma, he’d say. She got dressed, grabbed her purse and walked out the door.

Emma took off to the one place she knew there was no cell service. Making sense of what was happening with Wade was going to take peace and quiet. She got down to the lake, put the blanket down and opened her coffee. What’s wrong, a man said from behind her. Peace and quiet was all I needed, Emma said. Look like you need someone to talk to, the man said. Emma shook her head. Hold on. You’re that chick who’s with Wade, the guy said. Great, Emma said. She got her coffee, the blanket and walked back towards the car. I didn’t mean for you to take off, the guy said. Alone. That’s what I wanted. Just heard that the nut case had a new woman. That’s all, the guy said. Emma looked at him. And you know him how, Emma asked. He’s a friend of a guy I know. That’s all, the guy said. And you are, Emma asked. Luke. Luke Williams. The… no. I didn’t know you… And you would be, Luke asked. Emma James, she said. Trust me. Whatever drove you this far off from crazy town tells me that you two shouldn’t be together. Do you want my help, he asked. Meaning, she asked. He likes holding people hostage. The man needs his own wing of the psychiatric ward. You need help getting out of there or no, Luke asked. Think so, Emma said. We’ll drop your car off at the concert and I’ll go with you to get your stuff, he said. Concert? They’ll put the car up on the trailer so you’ll be safe. Deal, Luke asked. Emma nodded.

Luke Williams was a songwriter that Emma loved. She’d written songs hoping to be even close to what Luke had written through the years. He was a bad boy who could write and sing and Emma had always dreamed of meeting him. This was just crazy. He was almost six foot and had been working out and had a body to show for it. The tattoos, the attitude and the look had girls wishing to be with him. Still, Luke had been single for years. He’d always said in interviews that he was looking for the right woman. One look at Emma and that theory might be shot altogether. His rough and tough exterior was perfect armor for the heart that had more than one heartbreak. He always was a sucker for a damsel in distress.

Emma followed him back to the concert, he dropped her car off and they drove to the trailer. You wanna go in and talk to him or do you want me to come with you, Luke asked. Backup, Emma asked. He hopped out of his truck, he opened her door and helped her out and they went into the trailer.

Where the hell did you go, Wade asked. Lake, Emma replied. He went to grab her arm and Luke walked in. What the hell are you doing here, Wade asked. Helping Emma. She needed help with her things, Luke said. Wade’s grip got stronger. Ow, Emma said. You aren’t going anywhere, Wade said. Yeah she is jerk off, Luke replied. Emma broke away from Wade and walked down the hall. She got her things, threw them into her bags and she made sure there was nothing else of hers there. She walked back into the main room with her things and Wade started freaking out again. You aren’t leaving, Wade said. Luke handed Emma his truck keys. She’s leaving. Get used to it jackass, Luke said. You’re just gonna walk in here and take my girl? Just like you did 10 damn years ago, Wade said. You fucked my sister. I know what you’re about Wade. Get some damn help, Luke said. He walked out and Wade tried to strangle him. One kick strategically placed by Luke and Wade was on the floor. He helped put Emma’s things in the back and they left. He dated your sister, Emma asked. Long story. Let’s just get you out of here, Luke said. They pulled out and he headed back to the concert hall.

What were you doing down at the lake, Emma asked. Come down there whenever I’m back. Sort of a tradition, Luke said. Guess I owe you one, Emma said. Just make sure you get home in one piece. Avoid him. Best thing you could do, Luke said. They got back to where he was doing the show and Emma went to load her suitcases into her trunk. Luke came and helped her. Thanks, she replied. You staying for the concert, he asked. He took the only money I had. How exactly was I going to watch… He grabbed the backstage pass and VIP access card for the concert. There’s two seats front row that they reserve for family. They’re yours if you want them, he said. I owe you, Emma said. When the show’s done, come on back. We’re heading towards buffalo, he said. Oh really, Emma replied. Closer and involves less gas money, he joked. Thanks, Emma replied. He walked her around, introduced her to a few people then went and started sound check. Emma watched. She was almost in shock. The one concert she’d kill to get tickets for and now she was not only hanging out with Luke, but she was touring with him? All of it was too much. Emma. Need your opinion, Luke said.

She walked out in front of the stage. Fall into me or Break Away, he asked. You doing Kick back, Emma asked. Good point, he said. Emma got a grin ear to ear. Okay. Honest opinion on the new one okay, Luke said. Emma nodded and sat down to watch. He sang through the song he wanted to add into the show. Emma smirked. Well, he asked. Emma nodded. That simple, he teased. I love it, Emma said. He handed off the microphone and hopped off the stage. Thanks, Luke replied. You were that worried, Emma asked. Always need an objective opinion. Nobody else can be honest, Luke said.

They hung out a while, going for a walk through the county fair, and headed back down to the stage to get some dinner. Luke was a true gentleman the entire way through dinner. Still don’t get it, Emma said. What, Luke replied. How is it that you’re single, Emma asked. Long story. How’d you end up with him, Luke asked intentionally changing the topic. Bad judgement. Found out what a dick head he was after I got there, Emma said. He’s pretty much the worst jackass you could’ve chosen, Luke teased. Funny, Emma said. Just promise I’m not gonna have to save you again, he teased. Really think I’ll see you again do you, Emma teased. He smirked and got up. Come on shit disturber, Luke said. What, Emma asked.

They headed back to his trailer. If you want to change, just let me know, Luke asked. Leah went over to her car, got a change of clothes and walked back towards Luke. Trailer’s yours. Just have to grab something, Luke said. Emma changed and Luke headed back over. He grabbed Emma a t-shirt and hat etc. from the merchandise pile and walked back towards her. Emma came out in black heels, a black leather mini skirt and a black and silver top. Luke looked over and he almost tripped over his feet. Wow, Luke said. You okay, Emma asked. Yeah, Luke said licking his lips. What, Emma asked. He gulped. Grabbed these for you just in case, he said. He handed her the merchandise. Thank you, Emma said. Grabbed us drinks. Come sit. Have to get changed, Luke said. Emma went back into the trailer with him. He put the drinks down and went to the back to change. He looked himself in the mirror.

He tried talking himself out of what he was thinking but he couldn’t. She was gorgeous. The perfect tan, the holy shit legs and that mini skirt. He grabbed a change of clothes, showered and came out in his jeans minus the shirt and walked over to sit down and have the drink with Emma. So, hanging out for a couple shows…. I walk out in a mini skirt and you’re asking me to hang out, Emma teased. That a yes, Luke asked finishing his soda. You didn’t just drink a jack and coke that fast did you, Emma asked. Don’t drink, he replied. So, Emma said. Doing a show in buffalo and one in New York, Luke said. Next thing you know you’re gonna ask me to stay with you on the trailer, Emma joked. You’d be safe, Luke said. Emma laughed. What, Luke asked. You’re being serious? Luke nodded. What are you trying to say, Emma asked. You don’t want to its fine, Luke said. He got up and pulled his shirt on. You just met me. How could you know that I can be… Emma, you put up with crazy train. You’re trustworthy. If you don’t want to just say it, he said putting his cologne, wallet chains and necklace on. He pulled his hat on. Okay, Emma said. What, Luke asked. Okay, she repeated. He walked over to her. Seriously, he asked. Emma nodded. Then I can do this, he said. He kissed her and her toes curled in her heels. Wanted to do that all damn day, Luke said. Emma sat down before she fell down. You okay, he asked. Emma nodded. Come on. I’ll get security to walk you to your seats, he said. Emma slid the hoodie on and he walked her to the gate. Emma, Luke said. Yep, she replied. He kissed her again. Lipstick, Emma said. He rubbed it off and smirked watching her walk off with security.

Dude. Seriously? You just met… His guitarists were two of his best buddies, but they had crappy timing. She’s cool. Just stop, Luke said. She’s hot. I’ll give her that. Just don’t jump in and get in over your damn head. Luke nodded. He still liked her. They headed on stage and he got that rush again. The rush of a crowd screaming his name. What topped it was that Emma was standing front row. He kept looking over at her. He sang through the set list. When they got to the one that he knew everyone would be going off the rails for, he smirked at Emma. He finished up and on the last song motioned for Emma to come closer. She walked up to the stage and he kissed her cheek. Girls were pissed, but Emma still had a goofy grin. When the show finished, security walked her back to the back and Luke walked straight over to her. Pretty good, Emma said. Come with me, Luke said walking off away from everyone.

Where are we going, Emma asked. He stopped when they were out of the prying eyes of everyone. What, Emma asked. He kissed her again. This time her knees almost gave out. Now. About that whole not gonna be around theory you got going. Still think that, Luke asked. Um, Emma said. He kissed her again. The guys want to head into town a bit. Wanna come watch a movie, he asked. Emma nodded. The English language vanished from her brain. He slid his hand in hers and walked her back to the trailer. Security got your bags and brought them in. Don’t get mad, Luke said. Okay, Emma replied. He couldn’t help the silly smirk coming across his lips. He changed into his beat up blue jeans and came out in a tank top. Emma kicked her heels off. Am I allowed to say you looked pretty hot tonight, he asked. You were pretty great on stage yourself, Emma said. He sat down beside her and flipped a movie on. Emma still was stunned that she was sitting there with Luke.

They watched the movie, but Luke was looking at Emma. What, she teased. Sitting on the other side of the damn room, he said. And where did you want me to sit, Emma asked. He put his hand out and sat her down beside him. What, Emma asked. Much better, he teased. When his pinky finger grazed her leg, goose bumps invaded every inch of her skin. He got them both a drink. And what we drinking, Emma asked. Yours is Jack and Coke, he replied. You trying to get me drunk or something, Emma teased. If two drinks get you drunk then yeah, he teased. Funny, Emma said.

So why were you really with him, Luke asked. If I’d known that everything was a lie and he needed his own wing of the psychiatric hospital I wouldn’t have gone there, Emma said. Just promise I won’t have to save you again, Luke joked. No prob, Emma joked. Just make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. That’s all, Luke said. And you walking me out there to kiss me meant what, Emma asked. Meant you deserved a kiss from a real man. Oh really, Emma said. What you getting at. Luke asked. Nothing, Emma replied. He put the movie on pause. He turned towards her. Come here a sec, he said. What, Emma replied. He kissed her again and saw her toes curling. He took her hand in his and walked her into the back then put the movie back on. What are you… He kissed Emma again, kicked the door shut and curled up on the bed with her. Now what were you saying, Luke asked. I can’t just tour with… Yeah you can. You want to be here you can, he said. Work, Emma asked. He smirked. Okay. I’ll drive myself… He kissed her again. We’ll figure something out, Luke said. Quit with the dirty mind then, Emma said. Quit walking around in a leather mini skirt in front of me and I would, he teased. Fine. I’ll go change, Emma said. He pulled her back to him and kissed her again.

Emma got up. She went and grabbed her leggings from her bag and he looked over at her. Stop staring, Emma said. Stop walking around in a mini skirt then, he teased. She snuck off, away from his prying eyes, and changed into her leggings. You think leggings are gonna make a difference, Luke asked. Leah walked back into the state room. What, Emma said. Right. Should’ve left the skirt on, Luke joked. Emma threw a pillow at him. You’re seriously starting a damn pillow fight, Luke asked. Quit taunting, Emma said. He got up and walked towards her. Emma backed up until she was up against the seats at the table. Now, what were you saying, Luke asked. His body leaned into hers. When you’re done teasing, Emma said. He kissed her. He pulled her to him, picked her up and slid her legs around his waist. He walked back into the state room, kicked the door closed and laid her onto the bed. Now what was that about the two stops, Luke asked. Five, Emma asked. He kissed her again and curled up with her watching the tail end of the movie. Still don’t get it, Emma said. He kissed her from her shoulder up her neck. What don’t you get, Luke asked. How I’m sitting here right now, Emma said. You don’t wanna be, Luke asked. I walked out on him. Next thing I know I’m sitting here with you, Emma said. Things happen for a reason, Luke said. Then why do I keep getting the feeling that this is… Emma, stop worrying. You’re safe and nobody is starting any more trouble. That’s all that matters, Luke said. Emma got up. Where you going? She walked out and grabbed herself a drink from the fridge.

What are you worried about, Luke asked. Take a wild guess, Emma said. He’s not getting anywhere near either of us. Relax. I can’t just jump from one man to another, Emma said. What are you trying to say, Luke said. Maybe I should just go, Emma replied. That was the last thing he wanted. What do you want me to do, he asked. Emma slid her flip flops on and walked out of the trailer. He grabbed his sweater and went after her. Emma. This was a mistake, she said. Walking out on him wasn’t a mistake. It was the best move you ever made. If you don’t want to stay with…. That’s not it, Emma said. Then what? I can’t just walk away from him and jump into… He kissed her. Not what I was suggesting. You think that I was gonna sleep with you? Five minutes after you walked out on crazy train? Emma. She walked and he went with her. Ten minutes later, he grabbed her hand and pulled her back to him. What are you worried about? I just… He kissed her. You’re safe here with us. Nobody is hurting you or making you do anything. It’s just us. I thought you’d feel safer with someone beside you. Trust me that everything is gonna be okay. How? How the hell is it supposed to be okay, Emma asked. Nobody is hurting you, locking you away from the damn world and nobody is making you do anything. I got you and you have us. That’s it, Luke said. You really think he’s gonna let go that easily? I know better, Emma said. You know why I went with you? Because I’ve already done this before when he tried trapping my sister. He’s not about to mess with me, Luke said. He slid his hand in hers and walked her back towards the trailer.

Just as they were about to walk back in, Emma heard gunshots. In. Now, Luke said. He grabbed his handgun from the trailer and called the security guys - no response. Stay here. Don’t leave. He took off. Emma sat in the trailer and had a drink. Her hands were shaking. When she heard two more shots, she locked herself into the state room of the trailer.

What the hell do you think you’re doin, Luke said as he noticed Wade with the handgun. Where is she, Wade asked. Gone home. Saw her turn onto the highway myself. You really think showing up here with a gun is gonna change anything. When Wade pointed the gun at Luke, Luke had the gun right against his forehead. And, Luke said. I know she didn’t go home. Then go screw yourself and get the hell away from here before you get yourself some air into that thick ass head. Wade put the gun down. Now, Luke said. Wade left and Luke walked back to the trailer. He stepped inside and saw the door to the state room closed. He walked back there and went inside and saw Emma shaking. He’s gone, Luke said putting the gun back in the lock box. Emma was still shaking. He sat down beside her and kissed her head. He wrapped his arms around her. He’s gone. It’s okay, Luke said. He’s never gonna go away. You know that as well as I do. Emma, he’s not gonna come after you. It’s alright," Luke said. Emma shook her head. A little while later, the guys got back. He kissed Emma and got up. He walked into the other area of the trailer and talked to the guys.

Tell me you didn’t take in another baby bird, his guitarist said. Wade came after her. She’s not safe on her own. She’s hanging for a little while, Luke said. You did, his drummer said. Just stop being a dick. She’s stayin. Luke walked back down to the state room. Emma was just sitting there. Come, Luke said putting his hand out. What, Emma asked. She got up and walked into the sitting area. Guys, Emma. Emma, this is Jake, Owen, Jay and Greg, he said. Jake smirked. Promise I’m not staying long, Emma said. You can stay as long as you want to, Luke replied. Emma nodded. Can stay as long as you want, Jay said. Thanks, Emma said. They headed off to the next stop. The guys all hung out and Emma went back to the state room with Luke following her.

You okay, Luke asked. Just need sleep. Couldn’t sleep when I was there. Close your eyes then, Luke said pulling her into his arms. I got ya, Luke said. She managed to fall asleep with his arms around her. He looked at her and started wondering. How could someone hurt her? How could Wade even think of putting his hands on her? He fell asleep a little while later.

The trailer stopped the next morning and they were in New York City. Emma tried getting her mind off of everything but she couldn’t. They walked around, Emma watched sound check and she tried relaxing but she couldn’t. Everything that had gone on the past two days was hitting her all at once. Luke walked over to her, took her hand in his and walked her to the truck. What, Emma asked. We’re going for a drive, he said. They went downtown, got something to eat and went for a walk for a while. Nobody stopped them and nobody bothered them. He took her downtown and she got a few things then they headed back to the concert. He did a few interviews. Just the change of scenery had her feeling better. Emma walked around a bit then had a hot shower while Luke was meeting with the press. She came out and started getting dressed when Luke walked in. He walked back to the state room and saw Leah in cut-off jean shorts and a tank top. Um, Luke said. Emma stood up and turned around. Can I help you, Emma asked. Something I need to do. Just don’t get mad, Luke said. What, Emma asked. He kissed her, leaning her onto the bed and leaning on top of her. He didn’t come up for air for an hour. He wanted her. It was obvious to him that letting go for even a second wasn’t possible. He wanted her. Her leaving wasn’t happening either as far as he was concerned.

Dinner, he asked kissing the tip of her nose. It’s dinner time, Emma asked. He kissed her again and his hand slid up her silky smooth legs. Now you’re just teasing me. You intentionally taunting me, he asked. I shaved my legs. There a problem with that, Emma asked. He kissed her. Before I do something crazy, we should go, Luke said. He got up and pulled her to her feet. What, Emma asked. He shook his head with a grin that made her think that he was planning something in that head of his. She slid on her sandals and walked over to dinner with him. Tell me you’re changing before the show, Luke begged. Just putting my hoodie on, Emma said. He shook his head. They walked to dinner and he tried his best to keep his hands off her. Dinner’s on the plate, not on my ass, Emma said. He couldn’t help himself. They finished eating and he walked her back towards the trailer, intentionally letting her walk ahead. Stop staring, Emma said. He walked up behind her when they got back to the trailer and he slid his arms around her waist. What, Emma asked. Worse than the mini, he whispered. Emma turned towards him. He kissed her, picking her up and wrapping her legs around him then walked onto the trailer. He walked her into the state room and pinned her to the bed. What are you… He kissed her again, devouring her lips. When he went for the buckle of her shorts, Emma tried to break free and she couldn’t. Stop, Emma said. I… She broke away, got up and walked off the trailer. Emma, Luke said. He came after her, that was until she walked off outside where the rest of the people were for the show.

He went to security and asked them to try tracking Emma down. If we go confront her, they’ll be a scene. You want that, security asked. Just get her back here. I need to talk to her, Luke said. Security headed out and found her. They walked her back to the back. Emma, he said. She walked past him, got on the trailer and grabbed her bags. Emma, I’m sorry, Luke said. She walked past him. Emma, he said grabbing the bags. I’m not a fuckin groupie. Got me? That’s not what… You don’t get to do that, Emma said. And what do you think I’m gonna do, Luke asked. Where’s my car, Emma asked. No. What makes you any fucking better than he is, Emma asked. Stop this alright? I just went too far, Luke said. I’m going, Emma said. Don’t go, Luke replied. I’m not playing this stupid game. I’m not sleeping with you, Emma said. She went to walk off and he stopped her. I got carried away. Understatement, Emma said. Don’t leave, he said. I’m not that far from home. I’m… He kissed her. Please don’t, he asked. I’m not gonna just sit here while you… He kissed her again, putting her in a lip lock. Please don’t, he asked again. Why, Emma asked. Because I need to know you’re safe, he said. Right. You kissing me and making a move on me is protecting me, Emma said. I promise you, he said. Emma shook her head. Please, he begged. Not if… He kissed her. Just stay. I need to just go home, Emma said. I’m not going on there until you say you’re gonna stay. Fine, but… He kissed her. I have to go on. Walk with me, he asked. Luke. I’ll stay but all of this is too much, Emma said. I got carried away. That’s it, he said. Emma shook her head. He kissed her and headed on stage. Emma got her things out of the trailer. She watched part of the show and left as he was finishing the last song. He got off the stage and saw her wheeling her bags.

Where are you going, Luke asked. Home, Emma said. You told me you weren’t… I’m going home, Emma replied. Why? What are you scared of, Luke asked. You doing whatever the hell you want and leaving me behind. That’s what, Emma said. She kept walking. Emma, he said asking her to stop. She walked and he got in front of her. Please, he said again. Why? What do you want Luke, Emma asked. I’m sorry, Luke said. You think that sleeping with me is gonna do what? Make me feel better? Luke, I’m not here for you to play with. When you figure that out, let me… He kissed her. I know you aren’t. Emma, for the first time in a long time I actually found someone I can talk to. Give me a break, he said. And what happens when I do go home, Emma asked. Please, he asked. There’s no point. I’m going home, Emma said. Emma, please. I’m gonna end up worried all night, Luke said. And what’s supposed to make you feel better? Screwing me on the tour bus, Emma asked. She started walking. Emma. I’m leaving. That’s all there is to it, Emma said. I need you to be here. Tough, Emma said. Please don’t go, Luke said. Emma kept walking. Stay. Just until we get to Buffalo, he asked. Same difference, Emma said. He grabbed her hand. What, Emma said. He kissed her. It was a kiss that could knock anyone out. Please don’t go, he said holding her face in his hands. I need to go, Emma said. He kissed her again. She let go of the bags. He pulled her to him. Please, he said. What then, Emma asked. He kissed her. He walked her bags back to the trailer and he picked her up, wrapping her legs around him and walked onto the trailer. He leaned her back onto that bed. When you say it, we go past this, he said. He kissed her again, got up and grabbed her bags.

He walked back to her, closed the door and sat down on the edge of the bed. You want to get mad at me, get mad. I’m not him and I’m never gonna be. I’m not making you be here. I’m not making you sleep with me either. I want you safe. That’s all, Luke said. I can’t just be another notch, Emma said. I haven’t dated or even wanted to date anyone in years. Until I met you, people almost thought I didn’t even like women. Emma, I can’t turn off what happened. I care about you alright, Luke said. After two days, Emma asked. The second I knew he was the one causing the stress I could read on you I wanted to help. When I realized what he did to you was worse than what he’d done to my sister, I couldn’t stop myself from caring. Now….now I know why he wanted you there. You’re an amazing person Emma. I just want the chance to get to know you, Luke said. Without sex, Emma said. If we have to, he replied. Luke, Emma said. He looked at her. Okay. He turned towards her and looked at her. Emma I’m… She kissed him. Just do me one favor alright? No lying to me. If I need to go, you have to let me alright, she asked. He kissed her, devouring her lips and kicked the state room door shut. Starting tomorrow, he teased. Making out was an understatement. The fact that she was in short little cut-offs was still driving him crazy. Short shorts, he commented. It was hot out, Emma said. He kissed her again. Unless you want me tackling you every time you put them on, Luke said. Funny, Emma replied. You’re asking for it, he said. Funny. He kissed her and had to find a way to stop himself. Go out with me, Luke asked. What, Emma asked. One date, Luke said.

Emma couldn’t help but laugh. How could a man like Luke Williams not even date? Luke. Say yes, he asked. Or what, Emma asked. One real date. We have a day off in between. And where were we going on this date, Emma asked. "I’ll figure it out

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